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Evidence of insider trading ahead of 9/11

“Marc Chesney, professor at the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich, and his colleagues Remo Crameri and Loriano Mancini have published a new version of their scientific long-term project in econometrics, ‘Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Options Markets.’ One more time the three scientists present evidence for insider……

Get rich: Invest in the prison industry

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In U.S., war more important than education

The next time you hear U.S. politicians say “we don’t have enough money for that…” when talking about education, healthcare, affordable housing or renewable energy, just remember that more than 50% of federal discretionary spending goes to “national defense,” in other words, wars waged in other countries, wars fought in Americans’ names that……

This time, it’s gonna be different

Most Americans think the form of government we have in the United States is a Democracy. They are wrong.

The United States of America is a Republic. The dictionary defines a republic as “A political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president…in……