Monthly archives: December, 2015

Corporate media as a weapon

The lies and deception being force fed to populations in the U.S., France and around the world are delivered through the corporate media. The corporate media has been weaponized and is waging a war on our minds. None of the paradigm shifts already underway would be possible without the complicity of these giant……

TV, a weapon of mass delusion

To paraphrase Mark Twain: if you don’t get your news from the corporate media, you’re uninformed. If you get your news from the corporate media, you’re misinformed.

Despite the rise of the internet, the primary tool of the corporate media is still the television. By 2013, four out of five homes on…… censorship will decide what you can and cannot read. Jeff Bezos, CIA asset, evil overlord of and owner of the propaganda-packed Washington Post newspaper, has flagrantly raised a middle finger towards the U.S. Constitution and further subverted our right to free speech and open debate.

About one month after James Fetzer’s Nobody……