Monthly archives: January, 2016

Another mass shooting averted (planned?) by the FBI

Gather round, boys and girls, its story time. Today’s psy-op comes from the sleepy state of Wisconsin, known for its cheese and snow. Less known is that it is also home to the global Masonic control grid.

The villain in this story is called Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, a 23-year old chin strap-bearded……


In October 2015, on a quiet Sunday morning in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, a brawl erupted between Turks and Kurds in front of the Turkish embassy. About 600 people were involved in the fight, which broke out as the two groups were set to cast absentee ballots in the Turkish general election:

Conspiracies: Fantasy or felony?

If you saw the staged and scripted exchange between President Obama, Mark Kelly and Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “Guns in America” propaganda broadcast, you were supposed to be led to believe that conspiracies (i.e. Obama’s secret plot to take our guns away) are absurd and the people who perpetuate them are……