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Another mass shooting averted (planned?) by the FBI

Gather round, boys and girls, its story time. Today’s psy-op comes from the sleepy state of Wisconsin, known for its cheese and snow. Less known is that it is also home to the global Masonic control grid.

The villain in this story is called Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, a 23-year old chin strap-bearded……


In October 2015, on a quiet Sunday morning in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, a brawl erupted between Turks and Kurds in front of the Turkish embassy. About 600 people were involved in the fight, which broke out as the two groups were set to cast absentee ballots in the Turkish general election:

Conspiracies: Fantasy or felony?

If you saw the staged and scripted exchange between President Obama, Mark Kelly and Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “Guns in America” propaganda broadcast, you were supposed to be led to believe that conspiracies (i.e. Obama’s secret plot to take our guns away) are absurd and the people who perpetuate them are……

Community (communist) oriented policing

Note: Although my goal is to generate as much original content as possible, the following article is too compelling to simply embed as a link. Written fifteen years ago, this detailed analysis sheds light on the agenda being forced upon us today. While I do not necessarily agree with everything the author contends,……

Don’t appropriate me, bro!

When I see social justice warriors (SJW) pontificating and throwing temper tantrums, I can’t help but think they must never have traveled or spent an extended period of time living in other countries, speaking a second language or struggling to adapt and survive outside their cultural context.

In my experience, traveling to……

98.29% Japanese

Twice each year, Japan’s Ministry of Justice publishes statistics on foreign residents in Japan (current as of June 2015).

Population of Japan: 126,958,000
Non-Japanese residents: 2,172,892

Non-Japanese (NJ) residents make up just 1.71% of the overall population. Not surprisingly, the majority of these are from Asia, which……

Why is the U.S. government staging mass shootings?

Mounting evidence suggests that the mass shootings/mass casualty events in the U.S. that have become almost a daily occurrence in recent years are either hoaxes, false flags or a combination of the two. Let’s start with a definition of those terms:

1. An act intended to deceive……

Obama: A better actor than Ronald Reagan?

This is the most disgusting piece of political theater in recent memory. Barack Obama is a mendacious phony. If you haven’t seen this already, get a bucket ready because it may make you vomit:

Obama shedding tears over the college kids at Blacksburg and Santa……

The Dubai miracle

A miracle occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Despite being engulfed by a raging fire, the 63-storey Address Downtown hotel in Dubai did not collapse (disintegrate into dust?) at free-fall speed, through the path of greatest resistance, landing neatly into its own footprint. Suffering a fire that was more extensive and burned longer……