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Community (communist) oriented policing

Note: Although my goal is to generate as much original content as possible, the following article is too compelling to simply embed as a link. Written fifteen years ago, this detailed analysis sheds light on the agenda being forced upon us today. While I do not necessarily agree with everything the author contends,……

Don’t appropriate me, bro!

When I see social justice warriors (SJW) pontificating and throwing temper tantrums, I can’t help but think they must never have traveled or spent an extended period of time living in other countries, speaking a second language or struggling to adapt and survive outside their cultural context.

In my experience, traveling to……

98.29% Japanese

Twice each year, Japan’s Ministry of Justice publishes statistics on foreign residents in Japan (current as of June 2015).

Population of Japan: 126,958,000
Non-Japanese residents: 2,172,892

Non-Japanese (NJ) residents make up just 1.71% of the overall population. Not surprisingly, the majority of these are from Asia, which accounts……