Monthly archives: May, 2016

Free from the need to be free

Are any of us truly free? Would we know if we weren’t? What does freedom even mean?

When I was young, I was told that money was the most important thing in the world, because without money, we aren’t free to do anything in life.

If we have money, we are……

The system is working just fine

Given that the U.S. election in November looks like it will be between Clinton and Trump, it is time for Americans to demand a third ballot option: none of the above.

It really says something about the gullibility and ignorance of the American people that, once again, they are being offered two……

Weaponized entertainment

As much as I dislike most of the music of the 1980s—despite the sentimental effect it has on me—it appears this was the last decade of anything new on the American music scene. In the 1990s, we began to see a rehashing of what had come before. In the 2000s, rap versions of……