Monthly archives: November, 2016

Power, pedophiles and pizza

For parents, there is no greater fear than that posed by the threat of harm to one’s children. Children are the most vulnerable members of society, requiring love, guidance and protection. These are the primary duties of all parents, who are genetically predisposed to put the well-being of their children before themselves in……

The war on truth in a time of universal deceit

The recent claim that “fake news” is an existential threat to American democracy is particularly troubling for those of us that aim to shed light on the dark and dirty underbelly of the military-industrial-corporate-banking-political complex. Unsurprisingly, even President Obama is pushing this false narrative:

Smartphones are making us dumb

Yesterday, our family spent the day in nearby park enjoying the stunning orange, red and gold autumn leaves. I enjoy sitting outside and simply taking in the sights while listening to birds sing. I also enjoy people watching. We have been going to this particular park for more than 15 years, and lately……