Does freedom still exist in our modern world? With every passing day, “civilization” is closing in on us like a prison door slowly slamming shut. More and more of our freedoms are being curtailed in the name of security, convenience and comfort. Sadly, very few of us notices or even cares. This is the end result of an education system designed to make us ignorant and helpless. This is the disastrous consequence of chemical-laden food, beverages and “medicine” scientifically engineered to make us stupid and sick. This is the goal of popular culture designed to destroy all intellectual pursuit and traditional values.

We are being mentally conditioned, socially engineered and herded like chattel toward a very grim future. We are easily duped into believing we have choices and freedom in our lives. The truth is, we actually have very little choice or control over how we live our life—or even what we are allowed to think.

Given these constraints, how can we take control, decide for ourselves and exercise what little freedom we have left? It is actually much easier than we might think.

Corporations, banks and the government all want one thing: money. They don’t care whether we receive anything of value in exchange for our money. They lie, cheat and deceive to ensure fools and their money are soon parted

Many corporations give us substandard products designed to be used a short time, then break or otherwise require replacement (planned obsolescence). They create Frankenfood that addicts us and make us sick, causing cancer, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. Then, they create a “medicine” to treat the symptoms of those illnesses (but never a cure). Corporations like Wal-Mart offer us everyday low prices, but the true cost of Wal-Mart products can be seen in small towns that no longer have local, family-owned businesses or full employment. And, there are many other costs we never see at all, like those incurred by the slave labor that corporations “employ” in third world countries, or the cost to the environment in terms of the resources extracted and processed into the needless useless junk we buy—junk that, on average, ends up in a garbage dump six months after we buy it.

Fractional reserve banking creates “money” out of thin air—money that is actually debt. Usurious lending practices enable banks to create money at nearly zero cost to the bank and loan it out at criminally high interest to us. We give them our savings, and they pay us far less to save than they charge us to borrow. Try to take a large amount out of your account and the bank will interrogate you and inform the authorities. As soon as we miss a loan payment or are even one day late, they charge us late fees and penalties, perhaps even take the car or house we were trying to pay off, leaving us high and dry and deeply in debt. A bank’s main function is to cheat its customers and rig markets. They have forced us to use their system, which involves skims and scams aimed at milking every cent out of us they can.

The government (local, state and federal) is all about control, they have no interest in granting us freedom or privacy. Their offer of security is really just a means of establishing a police state. And, like the banks, they want as much of our assets, property and money as they can squeeze out of us. No matter how much we comply (do we have any choice?) we will never get what we need. Nothing will ever go our way. Nothing the government does will ever work properly or benefit us (this by design). We are living in an increasingly totalitarian police state, and every bit of freedom and privacy we relinquish will never, ever, be returned to us.

Corporations want us to continue consuming. Banks want us to go deeper into debt. The government wants us to be dependent on them by giving up more of our freedom, privacy and, of course, money in the form of taxes. The government wants us to keep voting, because it serves as a pressure release and enables them to avoid an armed revolt. The criminals we call our “leaders” are self-serving liars and pedophile psychopaths. They will never do anything to help “the  common man.” They hate the common man.

So how can we take control, decide for ourselves and exercise what little freedom we have left?


The corporations are the easiest to resist. For example, I do not give my money to Wal-Mart, Starbucks and Amazon, among other companies. I go out of my way to patronize small, independently owned businesses. Of course, it may be inconvenient and cost a bit more, but that doesn’t matter once you understand the difference between what you NEED and what you WANT. We actually need very little in this life, and few, if any, material goods will ever satisfy our fundamental human and spiritual needs. I reckon that about 80% of the stuff in the typical American home could be thrown out and no one would ever miss it. We have been thoroughly conditioned to be consumers. For many people, consumption in the form of shopping or eating is the only joy they have in life, it’s the only thing they look forward to and the only thing that gives life meaning or purpose. But few seem to realize that the desire for “stuff” is one that can never be satiated.

Corporations are always developing new products for us to buy. They have to, because their whole existence is predicated on growth in sales and profit, driven by ever increasing consumption. For the corporation, our consumption = their profit. Deny them profit, and they can no longer operate. Of course, this will also mean fewer corporate jobs, but let’s face it—working in a corporation is actually worse than wasting money on the garbage they sell. Our goal should be to work for ourselves, doing what we are good at and what we love (self-actualization). Large corporations must be destroyed and small, family-owned and independent businesses must be allowed to flourish once again.

Banks are harder to resist, because they have a strangle hold on our money. And if they get their way, they are going to get rid of physical cash to ensure that every transaction we engage in—even a $5 bet on a football game—is routed through a financial institution so that they can extract fees and taxes. We don’t need banks. Take your money out of the bank and keep it at home! Pay for everything in cash. This will allow us to control our money, keep our finances private and make transactions anonymous. Most important, if at all possible, avoid taking out loans! This is how the banks enslave us with debt and make us work for them. Instead, we must work, save and plan on our own. We will have to make sacrifices, but they will be worth it when we pay for that college education, car or home with cash and actually own it ourselves. From start to finish, we will be working for ourselves and our families, not paying interest to a parasitic financial institution that is just waiting for us to slip us so they can steal our assets and even more of our money.

Governments are the hardest to avoid. Even if we stay out of trouble, consume as little as possible and pay for our home in cash, the government can still take everything away from us through eminent domain or civil asset forfeiture. Only governments can codify criminal activity in this way. We don’t even have to be guilty of any crime for this to happen. In fact, there are so many laws in the United States that the average American commits around three felonies a day, without even knowing it, just going through their daily routine! So even if we think we are innocent, they can probably find something to use against us. The best course of action is to have as little interaction with the government as possible. One way to do that is to live a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle, close to nature, where we make so little money that we are exempt from taxes. Don’t feed the beast! Even if we are able to achieve this, do not, under any circumstances, accept government handouts like food stamps, welfare or subsidized healthcare. When SHTF and we look to the government for help, they will not be there to save or protect us. So we better get used to doing for ourselves sooner than later.

Throw those smartphones in the trash. Get rid of those TVs. We need to downsize and simplify our lives. Focus on quality rather than quantity. We must try to spend as little money as possible and diversify our wealth across several asset classes (cash, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, art, real estate, etc.). Stop giving money to corporations. Withdraw all of your money from the bank and close your accounts. Pay down all debt. Refuse all government assistance and pay as little tax as is legally possible. Money is not freedom, it is used to control us.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just a few simple steps we can take down the path toward freedom that will enable us to take back control of our lives. It is never too late to begin living life on our own terms.