We live in a world made entirely of bullshit. Most of us are simply ignorant of this fact, many of us willfully so. Even fewer of us bother attempting to pay attention to or understand our world, much less help others do the same. Those of us who dare try are few and frequently unsuccessful.

With a full awareness of the futility and absurdity involved in this endeavor, my aim is to help in whatever way I can to expose bullshit and battle ignorance. The world does not work the way we think it does and nothing is as it appears to be. I will attempt to look beyond the propaganda-driven control matrix being forced on us by psychopaths because this is not all there is.

I am extremely skeptical, somewhat of a pessimist and think faith and unwarranted optimism are for fools. I have no political affiliations, nor do I subscribe to any ideologies. I am not a member of any groups or movements. I have no need to follow “leaders.” I am opposed to cultural Marxism, I am not easily offended and I do not need trigger warnings or safe spaces. I do not think reality is subjective and I refuse to be trapped by mendacious dialectical thinking.

Above all, I cherish freedom and respect nature. I dare to dream a different world than the one being made for us.

I am not offering solutions, I don’t have all the answers and I am not infallible. However, unlike most people, I am at least willing to consider an issue from every angle in an attempt to understand it and get to the truth. I think truth, even when painful or frightening, should never be obfuscated, censored, silenced or ignored. I am open to new ideas, and will change my position on an issue if facts and evidence bring me to a more accurate understanding.

I do not expect anyone to be persuaded by what I say. Rather, I encourage everyone to do their own research, to think critically and logically, and to form their own conclusions. The ideas expressed here are intended simply to pique the reader’s curiosity and motivate them to do their own homework.

My background
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Asian Studies, an MBA in international management and nearly 20 years of experience in corporate communications. I have worked in advertising, public relations, investor relations and finance. I also have nine years of experience as a translator.

My education and work experience have enabled me to strengthen my writing skills and develop critical thinking and analytical capabilities culminating in a perspective I hope readers will find valuable and informative. More importantly, my experience working at multinational conglomerates, interacting with C-level management and coordinating with corporate news and media organizations has shown me that the corporate world is soulless, corrupt and immoral, and that the corporate media is engaged primarily in propaganda, misinformation, manipulation and distraction.

On a personal note, I am multilingual, I have lived abroad for over 14 years and traveled a fair bit. In addition to writing, I am passionate about music and enjoy playing a variety of instruments. Aesthetics are important and I try to emphasize quality over quantity in all aspects of my life.

I believe in the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. I think we have a responsibility to our children and those yet to be born. We are not masters of this planet, but stewards who must maintain, improve and pass it on to future generations. I cannot simply sit idly by while the evil bastards who think they own the Earth and everything on it piss away our future.

Contact me: email[at]notallthere.is


About this domain
The country where a website is registered determines which freedom of speech laws it falls under. Regardless of where you live, domains ending in .com, .net and .org are subject to U.S. laws. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 15 years, the U.S. is no longer a bastion for free speech and anti-censorship. I consider these principles to be extremely important, which is why I chose to register this website in Iceland (.is), where online censorship is low. Iceland is not part of the EU or U.S. and is not subject to their increasingly archaic and draconian laws. The government of Iceland supports freedom of the press and data privacy through independent freedom of expression legislation, guaranteeing content producers a safe haven to publish ideas without being harassed.