will decide what you can and cannot read. Jeff Bezos, CIA asset, evil overlord of and owner of the propaganda-packed Washington Post newspaper, has flagrantly raised a middle finger towards the U.S. Constitution and further subverted our right to free speech and open debate.

About one month after James Fetzer’s Nobody Died at Sandy Hook went on sale, the book was removed from the website. No specific reason has been presented for why this decision was made, particularly as the book was selling well and had already reviewed and approved the book in the first place.

It is also important to note that the InfoWars website, operated by loudmouth opportunist and CIA asset Alex Jones, also reported on this blatant censorship, then unaccountably removed the story just hours after it was posted. Furthermore, it was discovered that the Google cache copy of the InfoWars article had also been scrubbed from the internet and replaced with a 404 Page Not Found message.

So here we have, InfoWars and Google all colluding to censor free speech.

But did not just remove the book from its website. It also removed all copies from Amazon Kindle e-readers. This is stunning. Kindle owners who purchased Fetzer’s book from found that their digital copy of that book had been forcibly deleted from their Kindle devices. Let that sink in for a minute.

As I already pointed out in this article, we do not own digital purchases, we merely pay a license fee enabling their limited use. has taken this development to a new extreme. First, they destroyed brick and mortar book stores, then their pricing structure made writing books unprofitable for struggling writers, and now they are deciding what books we can own and read. You paid for that Kindle and everything on it, but who owns it? Apparently, does. Think about the implications this has in terms of the content published in the Washington Post. Are we to believe that Jeff Bezos’ censorship is limited only to How can we trust in anything that newspaper prints?

The only way we can fight back against (or any corporation or financial institution) is to not give them our money. I strongly urge everyone reading this to stop giving your money to Purchase CDs and actual books. Take back control of your purchases and do not let Jeff Bezos decide what you can read.

If the content of Nobody Died at Sandy Hook is filled with vicious lies and unsubstantiated claims, wouldn’t it be better to allow everyone to read it so that facts and evidence can be used to debunk it? Doesn’t it seem suspicious that we are not allowed to read it? Why censor it? These are all questions we should be asking. We must explore ideas and theories and have open, rational debate. You cannot make an informed decision without any information to go on in the first place. I encourage everyone to read Fetzer’s book and decide for themselves. Click here to download a free PDF copy of the book.