There is no need to base our opposition to mass immigration—the hordes of “refugees” and economic migrants flooding into Western countries from the Middle East and Africa—solely on the acts of terrorism, rape, murder and other crimes they commit. Even in the complete absence of immigrant crime and violence, the reasons why these people are incompatible with Western culture, and should not be accepted into in Western countries, can be deduced logically using simple common sense.

European countries (including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) were built by and for Europeans—White people—whose populations have plateaued or are now in decline. However, this is not a dire situation, as the mainstream media would have us believe. Rather, most European nations are facing problems that would actually be resolved by smaller populations. Unemployment, housing shortages, education and healthcare costs, natural resource depletion, environmental pollution and economic headwinds can be reduced via smaller populations. Simply put, there will be more jobs, houses and social resources to go around in a smaller population. Fewer people will result in less environmental pollution and natural resource consumption. Smaller populations enable smaller governments, which in turn require less money (a.k.a. debt) to operate.

If Western countries consume fewer resources, the resulting surplus could be redirected to “developing” countries with growing populations where demand is higher. If resources are plentiful and available, there will be less fighting over them and less exploitation of the people who live near them. This, in turn, would result in greater peace and stability in what up to now have been volatile regions.

The key to such a transition lies in abandoning the idea that growth is an indispensable driver of the global economy. In a finite world with finite resources, infinite growth is impossible. If the human race is to survive, we must live within our means. Thus, dwindling populations are not a problem. We do not need “replacement migration” to make up for what is already too many people for too few jobs, houses, schools and resources. Low- and no-skilled immigrant workers not only take jobs away from the native population, they drive down wages and reduce the quality of working conditions. They facilitate the establishment of third-world slave labor in first-world countries.

Some argue that Western nations are obligated to take in refugees and immigrants because of the West’s history of colonization. Few seem to realize that not every European country had colonies to begin with. And for those that did, few are aware of WHY those colonies were established. The common misconception is that evil Europeans conquered less technologically advanced nations, killed their people and stole all their resources, leaving them destitute and unable to develop, conditions that persist until today.

In fact, many colonies were established in an attempt to repel invaders and defend European homelands. For example, Russia established colonies in eastern Eurasia to defend against Mongol attacks (which is also why China built the Great Wall). France established colonies in North Africa to protect itself from Barbary pirates and Muslim slavers in Algeria, who were kidnapping and enslaving White Europeans.

If Europe is guilty for colonization and slavery, why not Islam? More Europeans were enslaved by Muslims than Africans in North America. Even Americans were enslaved by Algerians between 1785 and 1793. To say that Europe deserves these immigrants as punishment for its past is pure ignorance of history. If Europe is guilty for their past, then so is Islam. Two wrongs do not make a right.

It is also important to point out that colonies did not make Europe rich. All the wealth and resources “stolen’ from European colonies did not trickle down to the common man in Europe. The powerful elites kept and squandered it all, just as they do today. Look at the poverty and homelessness in Western nations today and tell me that they benefited from the exploitation of colonization.

European nations do not owe non-European nations anything. Europeans built railroads, provided education, sanitation, clean water and established the rule of law in places like India and Africa, which the natives promptly destroyed after the colonial period was over. This says more about the violent and archaic nature of those people than it does about colonialism. Despite the nonsense screeched by liberal social justice warriors, the fact is that this world is violent. It always has been, and always will be. Might makes right. All people are not equal. Any group of people who have the power to take what they want, do. The history of life on planet Earth is written in blood.

I personally believe that no country is obligated to assist any another. No country should meddle in the politics or society of another country. Countries should be responsible for themselves, and if there are problems, the people of that country are responsible for dealing with them. No country should burden another by demanding help like a powerless victim. There is no pride nor honor in such behavior. There is no freedom nor autonomy in dependence.

If conditions in “developing” countries are poor or unstable, the West should be able to freely choose to help those people in their own countries rather than allowing them to move to Western nations, where they tend to bring their problems and dysfunction with them, ultimately creating the same conditions they were fleeing from in the first place. As stated above, Western countries cannot afford to house, feed, educate and medically care for their own native populations, much less hapless immigrants. The additional burdens of taking in immigrants will cause government services, social support systems, national economies and civil societies to collapse. When that happens, everyone loses. The act of taking in these poor unfortunates will have been rendered meaningless. It is like the Titanic offering to save passengers on a sinking sailboat.

Even in the absence of terrorism and other crimes, even ignoring the economic impact of immigrants and refugees in Europe, the fact of the matter is Islam is not compatible with Western culture. Westerners do not benefit from Islamic teachings, Sharia Law or their violent intolerance of infidels. These are all antithetical to Western philosophy, principles and ethics. European people should not be made to change the way they live just to accommodate outsiders—especially in their own homelands.

It is also obvious that people from the Middle East and Africa would be happier in their own countries, where they can live according to their own customs, traditions and beliefs without conflict and without having to tolerate non-believers and people who offend them. Look at the anger, violence and disdain of “refugees” and immigrants in Europe. Would grateful refugees granted asylum in kind European countries swindle the welfare systems that they have so generously been provided with? Would they demolish the free housing offered to them because of a lack of video game controllers? Would they throw away food given to them because it was not prepared in accordance with their religious customs? After all, beggars can’t be choosers. This sounds more like the behavior of ingrates who hate their hosts. And crime rates are even higher among second-generation immigrants as they “assimilate” into societies where they do not feel welcome.

Despite these realities, which are most pronounced in countries like Sweden and Germany, studies show that German millennials are the most open-minded about immigration. Recently, Germany granted around 270,000 Syrian refugees the right to bring family members from Syria. German teens must be ecstatic. But what accounts for this dangerously delusional attitude?

Children in Western nations are being brainwashed from an early age to accept their destruction with a smile. We can place the blame squarely on educational institutions hijacked by Cultural Marxism, traitorous corporate media propaganda and Christianity—in particular, the Catholic Church.

Remember, Christianity itself is a Middle Eastern religion, a story concocted by and about Jewish people. Christians are told that the meek will inherit the Earth. They are told to turn the other cheek when struck. They are told to forgive those who transgress against them, like when a refugee rapes your girlfriend at knife-point as you watch. They are told they must love others (even enemies) as they do themselves. What value does love have if it is universal and indiscriminate? This is a passive, self-defeating, slave morality imposed upon open minds and free-thinkers with the aim of achieving total control of mind, body and spirit. Let us not forget, the native European religion is not Christianity. In fact, Christianity invaded and conquered Europe. It is a Jewish fairy tale that continues to poison the minds of the goyim even today. When you accept your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved.

Even if we discount all the aforementioned reasons, the bottom line is that diversity will ultimately result in the death of all unique cultures, whether they be Muslim, Western, Asian or African. When we are all one, there will be no diversity at all. This is why nationalism is vital for the survival of unique cultures and distinct people around the world.

Multiculturalism is a lie. Taken to its logical conclusion, the diversity being forced upon us today will result in a global mono-culture where we all look, think, live, act and consume as one—a dumbed down hive mind. Doesn’t sound very diverse after all, does it? The goal of multiculturalism is to mix all the colors on the palette until there is only one single color left. The real goal is not the rainbow, it is boring beige.

Middle Eastern and African immigrants are not compatible with Western culture. This mass migration of people is not only destroying Europe, it is also enabling the destruction of the countries the immigrants are leaving behind. Instead of fighting for their own homelands, these immigrants are abandoning them (along with their families, women and children). What kind of men abandon their tribe? Are these the kind of people you want in YOUR tribe?

All people on Earth deserve their own homelands. When we are all one race, one global village, we will have lost our nations, our histories, our cultures and ourselves…forever.