The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. –Vladimir Lenin

If you can be convinced that there is no such thing as race, White culture or Western civilization, then you will never stand up and defend yourself, your people, your history, heritage and traditions.

After all, what is the point of fighting for things that don’t exist?

Furthermore, if you can be convinced that your history, heritage and traditions are evil, then you will come to view your people as evil, too. To distance and distinguish yourself from that evil, you will call for the destruction of your people, history, heritage and traditions—even gleefully take part in the destruction.

Self-hating Whites believe that once White people are a minority, and eventually, wiped off the face of the Earth completely, the world will be peaceful and harmonious. The White race is the cancer of human history.

We are cancer. And in 2017, we are all Nazis, too.

But what comes after Nazi? It would seem we have reached the pinnacle of hyperbole. Where do we go from here? And what is at stake if we do nothing?

There is no doubt in my mind that the entity behind the rise of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is the same entity that organized “coups” and “revolutions” in Venezuela, Ukraine and Syria, among countless other places. Behind those masks and underneath those hoods are professional mercenaries, government agents and political operatives who provide just enough leadership and direction to convince the useful idiot leftists that they are acting autonomously.

The same goes for the “alt-right,” which may have started as an organic movement, but was covertly hijacked by the same aforementioned entity for the same purpose: to demonize and destroy White America. This modus operandi is evident throughout history, as exemplified by the Lenin quote at the top of this page. When you control both sides, nothing is left to chance and the intended outcome is guaranteed.

After Charlottesville, it should be obvious that White Americans have no institutional support left at all. The media is against us. The police won’t defend us. The courts won’t give us a fair trial. And as always, our elected officials in the government are doing everything they can to subvert our rights and freedoms. But the most galling display of treachery has come from the corporate world.

The corporate censorship of free speech by the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube, GoDaddy, CloudFlare and PayPal are proof that corporate entities are above the law. They have no qualms about openly violating our right to free speech and right to privacy as stipulated by the First and Fourth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

It is also important to note that corporations are the driving force behind the push for diversity, multicultural societies, gay and transgender rights and open immigration (remember when Starbucks announced it will hire 10,000 refugees?). These are the same corporations that fire employees for having true diversity of opinion and alternative lifestyles when those things are not in lock-step with their corporate behavioral guidelines. And how are we to escape accusations of wrongthink when these corporations are racing to ensnare us in a digital trap where privacy and anonymity will soon be a crime?

The vast majority of White Americans are neither Antifa nor alt-right. They are just going along to get along, staring at their smartphones, attempting to escape their lives of quiet desperation with TV, booze and dope. When that emptiness inside becomes too deep, maybe they engage in a little needless consumption. A bigger TV. A new shirt. Something. Anything to fill that bottomless pit inside their souls. But at the end of the day, they only feel more empty and desperate.

You’re not a Nazi. Neither am I. But that is how we are perceived. And as long as we sit idly by and let those that hate us and want to destroy us define who we are, things are only going to get worse.

Can you imagine what the men who settled the frontiers and built America would think if they saw what was happening today? Removing Civil War monuments. Beheading statues of Columbus. Talk of blowing up Mt. Rushmore! And what would they think of us modern American men, who stand by silently as our history, heritage and traditions are denigrated and destroyed?

Remember: the forces aligned against us know the best way to control the opposition is to lead it themselves.

If we continue to do nothing, if we do not stand up and stem the tide of hate and destruction, White people will not only become a minority in the country our ancestors built, we will be hunted down in the streets and murdered. Every last one of us.

If, on the other hand, we band together as a people—as a race—and fight for what is ours, fight for our very existence, we are also doomed. The full force of all the institutions I mentioned above will combine to utterly annihilate us. And leading the charge of White genocide will be ignorant, virtue-signaling Whites who “feel guilty” about slavery, who believe White people “don’t matter” and deserve to be replaced by black and brown people who have “real” culture.

We are being manipulated into a conflict that has only one outcome: our utter destruction. Most of you don’t believe this, you can’t see it. But when you finally do, it will be too late. It already is.

The only solace I take in any of this is the thought of what will happen to all those self-hating Whites that are left after we are gone, for they will suffer a fate far crueler than any of us. And when the white subspecies is eradicated from the human race forever, a new dark age will begin, a hell on Earth, a regression to brutal, primitive days. And there will never be any White people to come and make things right again.

In this way, our enemies’ victory will actually be their eternal punishment.

Even in death, we still win.