When navigating through the murky waters of the mainstream media, we must look for indications of deception to see past their attempts to trap us in false reality. One such indication is the presence of contradictions in a heavily promoted narrative. Here are some examples.

Pussy grabbing
One of the funniest and most cringe-worthy vignettes from Election 2016 was the controversy and fake outrage resulting from Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comment.

No one seemed very concerned that Trump hadn’t realized that he was being recorded. I seriously doubt he would have said any of those things if he had. There was little discussion as to the ethical implications of what, to my mind, appeared to be a sting operation conducted by a conniving member of the Bush Cartel. We all know how valuable information is, and how tapes like these can be used to damage and control people.

At the same time, the Clinton campaign was refusing to release transcripts from Hillary’s speeches to bankers, which I presume would have been far more damaging to Hillary’s campaign than Trump’s salty comments were to his own. Based on what we learned from the speech transcripts that were leaked, it was revealed that Hillary advocated having a “public position” and a “private position” on governmental matters. How, exactly, is this different from telling people what they want to hear, also known as lying?

Speaking about the seductive power of wealth and fame over women, Trump joked “And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

I am sure that any professional athlete, pop star or Hollywood celebrity can confirm the truth of this statement. And Trump wasn’t saying that, as a rule, he grabs all women’s pussies. Only that you can get away with anything, even a hypothetical pussy grab, when you’re rich and famous. Seriously, who didn’t already know that was the case?

Trump didn’t lie about his comments, nor did he apologize for them, make excuses or (rightly) blame those who betrayed his confidence by releasing the clandestine recording. It was this honesty that appealed to voters, while infuriating self-righteous liberals.

Unfunny “comedienne” Sarah Silverman tweeted “If I wanted a president w a grab em by the pussy attitude she’d have to be a woman.” Apparently, it is fine when Sarah does it, though. As someone who insults Christians by joking about murdering Jesus and promotes degenerate lifestyles, she has no moral or rational ground to call out Trump.

On her Instagram account, Miley Cyrus stated “Donald Trump is a fucking nightmare!” I bet that is how the parents of young children feel about Miley Cyrus and her destructive influence on them. Why are these women celebrated for their disgusting public displays, while Trump is denigrated for something he merely said that was never intended for public consumption? This contradiction points to the duplicity of the mainstream media and the deliberately destructive nature of today’s toxic pop culture.

The promotion of multiculturalism and diversity as an existential imperative for the West is primarily driven by Jewish people.

American Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre says Europe will cease to exist unless it becomes multicultural:

Yet, as NPI’s Richard Spencer points out in this exchange with a Texas A&M Rabbi, Jews are totally opposed to a multicultural Israel:

Why do Jews oppose multiculturalism for Israel, yet support it for Western countries, nations in which they are a minority? Jews call anyone who criticizes Israel an anti-Semite, yet they are never sanctioned, censored or punished for promoting policies like diversity and multiculturalism in the West, which adversely affect the native majority population.

No Jews are saying there are too many Asians in Japan. No Jews complain that there are too many Black people in Nigeria. Yet prominent Jews are leading the charge of multiculturalism and diversity in White countries, which they claim are plagued by systemic racism, White privilege and undercover neo-Nazis. Rather than leaving these horrible oppressive countries and moving to Israel, they insist on facilitating mass immigration that threatens to make Whites a minority in their traditional homelands and the countries they built.

Yet, if we demand that Israel opens its borders to allow Syrian immigrants, if we demand that Palestinians be allowed to live free and unfettered, we will get an earful as to why this would threaten peace and safety in Israel. This contradiction implies that the Jews do not really believe that multiculturalism and diversity are benefits, but rather, that these are weapons being used to destroy White countries.

CIA lies
The Obama regime has prosecuted more whistle-blowers than all previous U.S. presidents combined. Evidence proving the U.S. government is engaged in criminal and unconstitutional activity has been used to destroy people such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. The Espionage Act has been used to unjustly punish individuals such as these, while administration insiders like David Petraeus (leaked classified information) and James Clapper (lied to Congress under oath, on camera), who were actually guilty of breaking the law, remain free from prosecution.

Now, the CIA claims that Russia hacked the U.S. election to ensure Trump won the presidency. They claim to have a mountain of evidence, yet none has been provided. Even the FBI says there is no hard evidence. Instead, the CIA says it is “pretty damn sure” the Russians influenced the U.S. elections.

There is plenty of evidence demonstrating CIA involvement in rigging elections in foreign countries, even overthrowing democratically elected heads of state in countries including Chile and Guatemala. There is a vast amount of evidence of covert CIA programs such as Operation Northwoods, MKULTRA/Monarch Project, and Operation Mockingbird, all of which target U.S. citizens. And, it is generally accepted that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Evidence exposing the crimes of the U.S. government is used to prosecute whistleblowers. Evidence proving crimes of protected government officials is ignored. Now, we are supposed to take the CIA’s word for the Russian hacking claims with no evidence being presented at all. If they have so much, why don’t they show us? This contradiction implies that, once again, the CIA may be attempting to subvert democracy and overthrow a democratically elected head of state.

Smart technologies
Everything related to IT today has the prefix “smart” tacked on to make it sound intelligent and good—as if simply carrying a smartphone makes us smarter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The smarter these digital devices become, the dumber we are as a species. The smart label implies that to refuse to use or incorporate things like smartphones and smart meters into our lives would make us dumb. Next we will have smart cities, where everything and everyone is connected. It will be the World Wide Web in real life! They call this the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the near future, the IoT will mean that every electronic device in our life will be connected to the internet. Everything will be equipped with cameras, microphones, sensors and other data collection hardware so that our every move can be tracked, recorded, analyzed and even anticipated in real time. So, instead of turning on a light when the sun goes down, a smart lamp will automatically turn on. And when we run out of toilet paper, our smart toilet will add TP to our shopping list. Google will send ads to the HD monitor in our shower offering us 10% off of recycled, biodegradable toilet tissue, which is as gentle on the environment as it is on our assholes.

With all this smart technology, it seems we are becoming dumber by the minute. Rather than learning, researching, reading and making an effort, we can simply “google it” and find the answer to almost any question. And even when we look it up, the information is not retained, as it would have been with traditional study. Instead, we have become dependent on digital devices to provide us with basic information and skills that our grandparents had committed to memory.

In this digital age, no one reads, no one writes, and when they do, it is usually in some kind of bastardized version of the English language where letters have replaced words (r u ok?) and emoji have come to replace genuine human sentiments.

From here on out, mobile devices will become wearables. Then we will be encouraged to get rid of that clunky wearable and integrate digital technology into our bodies. The transhumanist agenda is already in full swing, and someday, it may not even be optional. Imagine how convenient it would be to have Google in your head? Or be able to use your fingerprints or eye scans to pay for a latte with your credit card? I am sure no one would ever chop your hand off to gain access to your smart house so they can steal your jet pack. That is ridiculous.

The “smarter” our lives become, the more dependent we are on technology that is trending toward augmented and virtual reality. The contradiction inherent in smart technology is that it does not make us smarter and more powerful, it robs us of our autonomy, perverts reality and destroys our humanity.

Climate change
We are supposed to believe that global warming is real and caused by human activity. Except that the Earth has been in a cooling trend since the late 1990s, so some genius decided to “rebrand” global warming with the deliberately vague term “climate change.” This way, everyday folks like you and I can continue to be blamed for unseasonable warmth, the polar vortex and “extreme weather” events (what used to be called simply “weather”) because we eat too much protein (meat), use plastic bags and drive cars.

Just like the internet, fractional reserve banking and Justin Bieber, no one needed or even asked for the modern day necessities that are now held up as environmentally destructive. They were forced on us by corporations looking to profit from our ignorance. Yet somehow, it is all our fault that we have become insatiable consumers. PR, advertisers and marketers apparently had nothing to do with manufacturing our want for things we don’t need. We were cajoled into consuming more, which requires more corporate production, which uses up finite resources at an ever-increasing rate, while also polluting and destroying our precious ecosystem.

Although no one needs 55 types of tooth paste and 37 flavors of potato chips, this is what corporations have given us. We have been made to believe that consumption is freedom. We have been made to believe that debt is “credit.” We have been made to believe that going into a lifetime of debt to live in a home owned by a bank is an “investment.” We are told we are obese, live beyond our means and have unrealistic expectations. Then we are castigated for not spending more money at Christmas time.

Corporations like to lie about how green they are, and how they fulfill their corporate social responsibilities. They act as if they are doing everything in their power to save the planet, but the voracious appetite of consumers compels them to produce more and more, further depleting resources and damaging the environment. Thus, it is the consumer that must pay higher prices for the goods and services they consume, pay higher taxes to the government to compensate for the damage done and live increasingly austere lifestyles to protect the planet.

No mention is made of the military’s impact on the environment. The U.S. government does not even include this data in its environmental studies. Yet, the U.S. military is the single largest consumer of oil on the planet. There is no way the military will ever go solar, or use electric tanks. Fighter jets cannot run on biomass fuel. Many companies are also government/defense contractors (although they don’t want you to know that), so to say that corporations are genuinely concerned about the environment is to fundamentally misunderstand what is really going on.

The blame and burden of climate change and all the sacrifices they require rest squarely on the shoulders of the people who have the least ability to do anything about it, while those guilty of resource depletion, pollution and environmental destruction will continue to act with impunity. This contradiction implies that climate change really isn’t a threat to life on Earth, but rather a deception used to control the masses.

One way to arrive at the truth amid a sea of deception is to keep an eye out for contradictions such as these. From here on out, the bullshit is going to become thicker and deeper than ever before. It is the responsibility of an informed citizenry to critically and dispassionately analyze all claims in the mainstream media and form our own conclusions. This is one way to combat the tyranny of fake news.