The lies and deception being force fed to populations in the U.S., France and around the world are delivered through the corporate media. The corporate media has been weaponized and is waging a war on our minds. None of the paradigm shifts already underway would be possible without the complicity of these giant media corporations. They are the interface between us and the world “out there.” They shape our perception and frame our understanding. Despite the rise of the internet as a direct competitor to TV news, web traffic statistics indicate most people still turn to corporate media sources (CNN, BBC, NBC, FOX) when seeking news and information online. With just six media corporations dominating virtually all the news in the U.S., it has never been easier to control the message, disseminate misinformation and exclude stories with the intent of hiding the truth and distorting our perception.

Independent media and investigative reporting are being squeezed out by the ever tightening stranglehold of the corporate media. Instead of real journalism based on facts, verifiable sources and objectivity, we are presented with press releases, public relations advertorials, prepackaged “stories” and government propaganda masquerading as news. Corporate media news is designed for maximum emotional impact. When our emotions are brought into play, our critical thinking and logical brains are put on the back burner. This makes us easier to manipulate and control, which in turn makes it easier to forward agendas and force us to comply with conditions (e.g. mass surveillance, censorship, curtailed freedom) that are not in our best interest.

In one of his first actions since being sworn in as the controversial new president of Argentina last Thursday, Mauricio Macri is set to repeal a law limiting media conglomeration. According to TeleSUR, this law was put in place to “limit the dominance of big media corporations and create space for smaller outlets and alternative voices.” Columbia B-school educated Macri believes the law prevents “free-market competition.” This, of course, is code for giving priority to corporate profits. Advocates claim “corporate media have played a part in a historic period of growing inequality” in Argentina. The TeleSUR article goes on to note “Critics say that scrapping the Media Law and its limitations on the size of media conglomerates is a direct assault on a democratic commitment to a diversity of voices in the media and will be a death sentence for alternative opinions in the media.“

Did you read that? Corporate media is blamed for facilitating growing inequality in Argentina. How does that work? My guess would be the corporate media uses the news and other programs to distort facts, spread misinformation and manipulate perception so that people support or vote for politicians, policies and programs that ultimately are not their best interests. This is the same modus operandi employed in the U.S. For example, when blue collar working poor in the U.S. are convinced to vote Republican but don’t realize the Republicans want to take away their government assistance. Or blind compliance with the rallying cry “support the troops” even if we don’t support the cause or even understand what it is the troops are actually doing (e.g. creating more terrorists than we started with).

The critics also claim giant media conglomerates are a direct assault on democracy and alternative opinions in the media. Democracy requires the inclusion of everyone’s voice, not just the voices of GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS—the six media conglomerates that control over 90% of the U.S. media. Does this arrangement seem democratic to you? Clearly, with this much control in the hands of just six corporations, alternative voices don’t have a chance.

I still find it amazing that people will pay attention to and believe the likes of Wolf Blitzer (CNN), Greta Van Susteren (FOX NEWS) and Brian Williams (MSNBC), but are skeptical of alternative media figures like professor James Tracy, Jon Rappoport (No More Fake News) and Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire). All three have received national and international mainstream media coverage. That most of you have never even heard of them demonstrates how alternative voices are drowned out by the cacophony of the corporate media. How anyone can take a person named “Wolf Blitzer” serious is beyond me. Have you ever stopped to consider what makes a news source credible? Is it sponsorship by big corporate advertisers? Slick graphics? Dramatic music? The use of holograms and iPads? A bleached blonde with decent tits who is almost capable of reading from a teleprompter while being stage managed through a clandestine earpiece by a producer in the control room? (I’m looking at you, Gretchen Carlson!)

The fact that Macri’s first act as president is to consolidate control of the media conglomerates and effectively silence alternative/independent voices clearly indicates the crucial role played by the corporate media in terms of supporting and facilitating the top down control of a nation’s population. With this weapon in hand, Macri and the corporate and banking elites who control him are able to wage unmitigated war on the minds of the Argentinian people. The news will be replaced by propaganda derived from official statements from public relations firms, police and government agencies. True journalism and reporting that runs counter to the official narrative will be demonized as lies, vilified as terrorism and ostracized as anti-Argentinian. Those who are too lazy or afraid to seek the truth, no matter where it takes them nor how painful it may be, will be complicit in this state-sponsored deception.

The situation is no different in the U.S. The only ones who can stop the U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex from destroying human civilization and everyone in it are the American people. With corporate media lies obfuscating reality and truth, we can never understand what is really going on in the world today, nor can we make informed, rational decisions. We are asleep at the wheel and the edge of the cliff is rapidly approaching. The first step to waking up and regaining control of this bozo bus is to break free from the corporate media and reclaim our mindscape. It has been illegally occupied for far too long.