The recent spate of mass casualty events have a curious common thread: the utter lack of a concrete motive.

Of course the media will speculate, jump to conclusions and interpret according to a particular political agenda or predetermined narrative—anything but investigate and report verifiable facts, incomplete though they may be. If there is no obvious motive, the mainstream media is happy to fill in that blank for us.

On Tuesday morning, a lawyer named Nathan DeSai allegedly launched an attack on passing motorists near a Houston strip mall. He is purported to have been wearing “historic military-style apparel featuring a Nazi emblem…investigators said they found vintage military items dating to the Civil War in his apartment.” (Source: CBS News)

When you hear the word Nazi, what kind of person comes to mind?

Like most people, you probably imagine a tall, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Aryan. Yet DeSai, whose surname means “Land Lord” in Sanskrit, was not even Caucasian. He was Indian. DeSai is no more a neo-Confederate soldier than a neo-Nazi.

Rather than simply referring to DeSai as an Indian-American or South Asian man, a lawyer, or even simply as a military memorabilia buff, virtually all MSM headlines included the word “Nazi,” implying it as synonymous with his motive.

Furthermore, the timing is suspicious. Not only did the attack begin around 6:30 a.m., a time when virtually no one would have been at the strip mall, the attack also took place on the same day as the Trump-Clinton debates, serving as a timely addition to the white nationalist, white supremacist, Alt-Right, denounce David Duke narrative that has been used to attack Trump.

Conveniently, DeSai was killed by police, so we will never know for certain what his motivation was. Unless, that is, a manifesto materializes in the next few days (don’t forget that the police say they found a notebook “emblazoned” with a swastika on it inside the Porsche). Until then, the media will give us just enough not-so-subtle cues and clues to ensure we understand this event in their carefully contrived context. No need to think—the media will tell you what to think, and how to feel (hint: scared!)

DeSai is said to have been armed with a .45 semi-automatic handgun and a Thompson sub-machine gun (or “tommy gun,” a weapon first manufactured about 100 years ago). The police allegedly discovered 2,500 rounds of ammunition in his black Porsche. Were these loose rounds, or were they loaded into magazines? We don’t know. That is a lot of ammo to be loose in the front seat of Porsche. And the tommy gun—a classic! It just so happens I recently watched an excellent video all about tommy guns:

What you should have noticed in that video is that even with a 25-30-round magazine, it only takes about 10 seconds to run out. So did DeSai take the time to reload one magazine over and over again, or did he have dozens of magazines ready to shoot? Because 2,500 rounds is A LOT of ammo to fiddle with in the middle of a shooting rampage.

Another thing you will notice in this video is that tommy guns are big and powerful. You aren’t going to be able to hold a .45 in one hand as you fire it. They are also antiques and therefore frequently malfunction, as seen in the video.

Witnesses “heard at least 50 gunshots over the course of 40 minutes…the shooter would open fire at cars as they came near The Oaks condo complex where Desai lived” (Source: New York Daily News). 50 shots in 40 minutes…doesn’t sound like what we would expect from a tommy gun. Fortunately, no one was killed, although nine are alleged to have been injured.

Once again, we are presented with a mass shooting involving dubious claims, inconsistencies and contradictions.

Random violence against total strangers is rare. That is not human nature. For most people, it is next to impossible to attack and kill a stranger who poses no threat. As every Psychology 101 student can tell you, human behavior is mainly driven by motivation. We are motivated to achieve rewards, avoid punishments and attain gratification. We are even motivated by subconscious desires and fears.

So what was DeSai’s motive?

The police don’t know. The FBI doesn’t either, although they say there is “no nexus to terrorism.” Yet without a motive, how can they rule out anything at this early stage?

DeSai’s father says his son’s career wasn’t going well and that he may have been troubled by financial difficulties. But that doesn’t seem to be the motive, since he didn’t shoot up his office, colleagues or clients. Instead, he drove to an intersection with a grocery store, Walgreens and a Chuck E. Cheese and began shooting at random strangers.

It is also worth pointing out that friends, family and neighbors indicate DeSai was withdrawn and acting erratically in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s shooting. Otherwise, he was a quiet man who kept to himself. These are all indications of mind control and psychological manipulation, or what the MSM frequently refers to as “mental health issues.” Unfortunately, there is no way to prove that theory at this point.

When we think back over the extraordinary number of mass shootings that have taken place under President Barack Obama, there are very few clear cut motives to be found in any of them.

Obama and the FBI are quick to confidently dismiss the idea that these events are acts of terrorism, but rarely are we presented with a sound motive. Why did Adam Lanza kill first graders? Why did Omar Mateen shoot up a gay club? Why did Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel run down innocent people with a truck in Nice?

If, for example, you are angered at the destruction of your country by the U.S. military, or outraged at the injustices of U.S. foreign policy, why not focus on military and political targets? What sense does it make to kill innocent, ignorant Americans, people who are probably the least informed about what is actually being done in their name by their own government and military around the world?

Put another way: If you are angry at McDonald’s, do you attack Taco Bell?

If DeSai was in financial trouble or his career as a lawyer was a failure, why attempt to kill random strangers who had no connection to him and who were not responsible for his problems? Why didn’t he just put a bullet in his head and end it all?

Given that the vast majority of homicides are committed by someone known to the victim, someone who has very specific motives for killing their victim, how are we to make sense of what motivates people to pick up a gun and kill random strangers in public?

Pseudo-spiritual morons like to say “everything happens for a reason.” Yet time and time again, police, the FBI and the government fail to provide us with any convincing motives for the horrors that are increasingly becoming a daily occurrence in America. And don’t tell me you bought that tripe about 9/11 happening because “they hate us for our freedoms.”

The lack of a clear motive enables the media and authorities to frame mass casualty events any way they choose and in accordance with preordained agendas or political expediency. Was DeSai a National Socialist? Or a “disgruntled” lawyer? Maybe he just hated Chuck E. Cheese (and frankly who could blame him)?

Unfortunately, we may never know. The media is playing up the Nazi angle, which may have nothing to do with why he did what he is alleged to have done. The media is already using this event as a springboard to veer off tangentially to the evils of neo-Nazis, white supremacists, nationalists and ultimately, White people.

Do not trust the corporate media. Think for yourself and formulate your own conclusions based on a dispassionate analysis of facts and evidence. Things do happen for a reason.