It is sad and frustrating to see how many Americans are hoodwinked by the stage-managed freak show that is the U.S. presidential election. Clearly, Americans have lost their short-term memory: Back in 2008, Barack Obama was the last, best hope for an America that was clearly on the wrong track. A vote for Obama was a vote for hope and change. Isn’t this what is stoking the engine of the Trump train? Hope that Trump can change the disastrous course America has been charting since Obama took office?

As George W. Bush never was able to say: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Well, my fellow Americans, you are once again being fooled.

It should be obvious to every thinking person by now that there is virtually no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Congress does not represent the interests and concerns of individual constituencies. Instead, they kowtow to wealthy special interest groups—lobbyists representing industry and finance. The money that controls Washington DC comes from the pockets of “elites” we can refer to as the “Deep State.”

The Deep State is the puppet master pulling strings in the shadows. They are behind the masks we know as Bush, Obama, Clinton and Trump. They are the evil Oz hidden by a curtain of lies and corruption.

After nearly eight years of the Obama deception, the few Americans who are actually paying attention surely cannot be fooled again with the same old “hope and change” rhetoric. The 2016 election requires a far more sophisticated level of deception. We are being offered an entirely unacceptable choice for president in November: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. While a minority of brain-dead are hunkering down behind their preferred candidate, far more Americans must begrudgingly decide between the lesser of two evils. Still others don’t want to vote for either.

No one votes for the Deep State. It rules regardless of who the American people “elect.” Even when administrations switch from a Republican to a Democratic president, the U.S. government itself remains staffed by pretty much the same people. Everyone is so focused on the president, and assumes the president has the ultimate power in government, that they never notice the corruption and crimes of the SEC, the FDA or the FBI. These agencies impact the daily lives of US citizens more than any president ever could.

There are rumors that Donald Trump is broke and that he has been offered a bailout in exchange for donning the mask of the U.S. president to do the bidding of the Deep State. I don’t know if this is true, but have serious doubts that he is independent, an outsider, or someone who will single-handedly be able to Make America Great Again. As I said above, Trump is playing the same tune as Barack Obama did eight years ago. Trump is the political equivalent of George Cooney, the Great White Hope of boxing. If Trump is white America’s last, best hope, we are doomed.

I speculated early on that Trump might be in the race only to ensure Hillary’s election. At this point, it should be obvious to even the least intelligent among us that the campaign so far has been overtly rigged in favor of Hillary. From the DNC, to the FBI, DOJ and MSM, everyone is all-in for Hillary. Despite the real and imagined offensive horrible terribleness of Trump, his popularity continues to surge. This begs the question: If the Deep State tapped Donald Trump to run against Hillary as a deplorable candidate so odious as to never be elected, did this strategy backfire? If so, it certainly appears Trump’s rhetoric tapped into something the Deep State elites took for granted.

Hillary Clinton is by all measures, far worse that Trump. In fact, I think she is the most compromised presidential candidate ever. The Clintons have a trail of dead bodies, crime and corruption that lead from Little Rock to the Oval Office. I think one reason they have been able to get away with so much may be because prosecuting them would irrevocably damage the office of the POTUS. Personally, I lost all respect for this office when Bill was caught sticking his cigar in Monica Lewinsky’s pussy. Not to mention the cum-stained dress. Then he lied about all of it. He was even impeached, but apparently unable to muster the moral courage and common decency to step down, even if only out of respect for the office.

Perhaps the Clinton crime syndicate has never been brought to justice because the American people must not be allowed to lose respect for (and loyalty to) their “leader.” But I wonder if there might be another reason no arrests have been made?

Is it possible that the Deep State is using Billary’s crimes to control them? For example, is it possible Hillary Clinton is being afforded immunity in exchange for total acquiescence to Deep State directives? There is a mountain of evidence implicating the Clinton cartel, yet they continue to operate with appalling impunity. Consider the “honey trap” scenario: A politician is approached by a sexy women (or man) who, in one way or another, seduces them. Photos and video are taken of their illicit encounter. Rather than using this evidence to destroy the politician’s career, it is used to control them. The power to control is far more useful than the power to destroy. The politician is allowed to continue illicit encounters, embezzle campaign funds—even get away with murder—just as long as they acquiesce to the controller’s demands. For a while, life is good. Until the politician decides they no longer want to follow instructions, or the controller decides it is in their best interest to destroy the politician.

Is Hillary being controlled by the Deep State, and is she in the process of being destroyed? Has she reached the end of her usefulness? Is her bizarre behavior and health issues all part of a plan? Maybe she was never meant to become president in the first place?

Is it possible that neither Hillary nor Trump are the Deep State’s candidate of choice? I wonder if the plan here is to present America with two horrible choices that further divide the American people, and at the last minute, swap out Hillary for someone, a “great unifier” a majority of Americans can agree is more palatable/stable/qualified than Trump. This way, Hillary gets permanent immunity for taking a fall in the 12th round, and if the rumors are accurate, Trump gets his debts wiped away so he can start all over again building his tacky empire of bullshit. Could a scenario like this even be possible?

One thing is for certain: nothing in politics happens by chance. We are in the grip of the most highly manipulated human environment in the history of civilization. The Deep State will never allow morons like this to decide anything important…