I have recently observed some absolutely absurd headlines in the mainstream media with regard to the North Korea “threat.” From a “Pearl Harbor-style” attack on Hawaii, to satellites with EMP weapons that can kill 90% of Americans, the bullshit is being laid on double thick.

In 2002, President George W. Bush declared North Korea part of the “axis of evil” along with Iraq and Iran. All most Americans know about North Korea is that it is a dangerous nuclear power led by an insane madman with horrible dress sense. Every time the U.S. government wants its citizens to duck, cover and cower in fear, they hype the North Korean threat. With all eyes focused on the Korean Peninsula, it is important to remember that we are likely being distracted from more significant developments elsewhere.

Very little information comes out of North Korea, and much of it is conflicting. On one hand, we hear about famine, starvation (including claims that people are eating tree bark because there is no food), fake cities, no internet, Soviet-style gulags, brutal repression and other indications that North Korea is on the verge of implosion due to its vicious dictatorial regime and self-imposed isolation. The list of sanctions against North Korea make its situation even bleaker, as no countries are able to provide goods and services, arms, technology, funds or economic resources to North Korea. We are told that, from space, North Korea is the darkest place on planet Earth. And everybody is afraid of the dark, right?

On the other hand, we are supposed to believe that North Korea has a significant arsenal of nuclear weapons that actually work (although there are no officially confirmed details on the North Korean nuclear arsenal), despite the fact that North Korean missile tests seem to fail as much, if not more often, than they succeed. So there is scant evidence that they have a delivery system that could get nuclear weapons all the way across the Pacific—or even as far as Hawaii. And why would they want to nuke Hawaii, anyway? The EMP weapon speculation is equally as preposterous and totally devoid of any evidence backing up such claims.

That dull pain you are feeling between your ears is called cognitive dissonance. Your brain is trying to reconcile two opposing claims: North Korea is either a failed Stalinist backwater whose population lives in abject poverty and starvation or it is a technologically advanced nuclear power posing an eminent threat to the United States.

The fact of the matter is, if North Korea was going to make the first move and attack anybody, it would attack South Korea first. The Korean War (1950-1953) never actually ended. They have been in cease-fire mode for the past 64 years. Thus, North and South are constantly ready for an attack from the other side. If North Korea is so insanely unpredictable and dangerous, why haven’t they attacked anyone even once in 64 years? Do you know how many wars the U.S. has waged in that same period of time?

The U.S. has a significant military presence in South Korea (about 30,000 troops), Japan (around 50,000 troops, mostly in Okinawa) and Guam (about 12,000 troops). The U.S. has dozens of Army, Navy and Air Force bases throughout the region, home to fighter jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers and the recent installation of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile defense system on the Korean Peninsula. Perhaps the reason North Korea has never attacked any of its neighbors is because the massive U.S. military presence serves as an effective deterrent to alleged North Korean aggression? After all, the U.S. claims it is there to “protect” the people of South Korea and Japan (sadly, something the U.S. government failed to do for its own people on 9/11 or at the Boston Marathon Bombing). Even if North Korea had ICBMs that could deliver a nuclear payload to Washington DC, the THAAD is there to take them out before they cross the Sea of Japan…so what are we worried about?

If the U.S. government is protecting Japan by stationing all those troops in Japan (the country with the second-largest U.S. military presence in the world), who is Japan supposedly being protected from? It can only be North Korea. There is no other country in the region that poses any kind of threat to Japan. And, if the U.S. military is protecting Japan, then why did they reassign the USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group rather than the USS Ronald Regan carrier group, whose homeport is the Yokosuka Naval Base (located in Tokyo Bay)? Yokosuka is only about 810 miles (as the crow files) from Pyongyang.

Although the top speed of a carrier group is classified, the average speed is around 35 miles per hour. I bet the Ronald Regan could have made it to the Korean Peninsula a lot faster than the Carl Vinson, which isn’t even expected to arrive until April 25. The Carl Vinson’s homeport is San Diego, California, and it was underway to Australia when it was reassigned. Have a look at a map of the Pacific Ocean and ask yourself: if North Korea was really about to attack the United States (or South Korea or Japan), why would they send a carrier group that will take nearly two weeks to respond when the Ronald Regan is so much closer? What is the point of maintaining this large military presence in South Korea and Japan if you are going to let it sit idly by while a carrier group slowly steams from halfway around the world at a leisurely 35 miles an hour?

Is it possible the “threat” is bullshit? Perhaps The U.S. wanted to delay its response, possibly to buy time to pressure China to act in its interests? Maybe this delay is meant to provide North Korea with a window of opportunity to attack (false flag?) before the Carl Vinson arrives? Perhaps it simply serves as a fear-inducing distraction from U.S. military aggression in the Middle East? This is all speculation and I do not have the answers, but I am sure about one thing: we are not being told the truth.

Initially, the mainstream media told us that there was going to be a “big event,” which they irresponsibly assumed to be a nuclear test or even all-out attack. It turned out to be a ceremony commemorating the opening of a new road. Next, we were told to expect a nuclear test in defiance of U.S. wishes on April 15. There was no nuclear test, and even the missile test North Korea conducted was a failure. This should elicit serious doubt about the U.S. government and mainstream media narrative regarding the eminent threat of North Korean attacks.

Why would they celebrate the opening of new road if they were in war mode? And why are we supposed to be terrified of a nuclear missile attack if their missiles rarely make it off the launch pad in one piece? Something isn’t right here.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media continues to push rumors, speculation, propaganda and lies. The average American moron is accepting all this bullshit at face value without even the slightest bit of skepticism or critical thought. A common sentiment I see in comments to news articles about North Korea is that the North Korean people and the world will be better off without the crazy Kim Jong Un and his band of murderous psychopaths. But I ask those of you with a memory and common sense to ask yourself: Is Iraq better off without Saddam Hussein? Is Afghanistan better off without the Taliban? Is Libya better off without Gadhafi? Or are all these places worse because of U.S. military intervention? If you can’t answer that question, you obviously have never heard about the wholesale slaughter happening right now in Mosul, Iraq. Or the use of a MOAB in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. Or the reemergence of slavery in Libya.

In a November 2016 article by F. William Engdahl titled North Korea is a Pentagon Vassal State, he quotes former CIA employee and ambassador to China James R. Lilley, who states “Simply put, at the end of the Cold War, if North Korea didn’t exist we would have to create it as an excuse to keep the Seventh Fleet in the region.” At present, the Seventh Fleet’s homeport is Yokosuka Japan. Engdahl goes on to note:

The timing and effect of Kim Jong Un’s bizarre threats to wage war against South Korea and other states of the region, including Japan, as well verbal threats to strike cities on the US West Coast since 2013, fit too neatly into the geopolitical agenda of Washington, but not against North Korea. The agenda of Washington was aimed rather against China and the Russian Far East.

It’s commonly believed that since the 1950’s Korean War, communist North Korea has been a Beijing puppet regime.

While China does maintain certain influence and while China sees North Korea as a buffer between it and the US-allied South Korea, Beijing’s ability to influence the erratic Kim Jong Un seems to be extremely limited, if at all, a significant change from earlier Kim dynasty dictators. The one power to gain from Kim Jong Un’s bellicose actions is the United States as geopolitical hegemon desiring to turn Japan and especially South Korea against China.

At this point it clearly is the case that under the erratic 32-year-old Swiss-educated Kim Jong Un, Washington has found the perfect boogie man to scare South Korea and Japan into embracing Washington’s agenda to maximize pressure, military as well as economic, against Russia and against China.

According to a March 2017 article by Christopher Black titled North Korea: The Grand Deception Revealed, while on a visit to North Korea with members of the National Lawyers Guild, Black reports:

We were shown American documents captured in the Korean War that are compelling evidence that the US planned an attack on North Korea in 1950. The attack was carried out using American and South Korean forces with the assistance of Japanese Army officers who had invaded and occupied Korea decades before. The North Korean defense and counter-attack was then claimed by the US to be “aggression” which the United States manipulated in the media to get the UN to support a “police operation,” the euphemism they chose to use to carry on what was in fact their war of aggression against North Korea. Three years of war and 3.5 million Korean deaths followed and the US has threatened them with imminent war and annihilation ever since.

The Americans used this opportunity to carry out a type of coup in the UN, to take over its machinery for its own interests by arranging with the British, French and Kuomintang Chinese to back their actions in Korea by a vote in the absence of the Russians. The allies did as the Americans asked and voted for war with Korea, but the vote was invalid, and the “police action” was not a peace-keeping operation nor justified under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, since article 51states that all nations have the right of self-defense against an armed attack, which is what the North Koreans faced and had reacted to. But the Americans have never cared much about legalities, and they did not then, for the American plan in its entirety was to conquer and occupy North Korea as a step towards the invasions of Manchuria and Siberia and the law was not going to get in their way.

Many in the west have little idea of the destruction carried out in Korea by the Americans and their allies; that Pyongyang was carpet bombed into oblivion, that civilians fleeing the carnage were strafed by American planes. The New York Times stated at the time that 17,000,000 pounds of napalm were used in Korea just in the first 20 months of the war. More bomb tonnage was dropped on Korea by the US than the US dropped on Japan in World War Two. American forces hunted down and murdered not only communist party members but also their families. At Sinchon we saw the evidence that American soldiers forced 500 civilians into a ditch, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire. We stood in an air raid shelter with walls still blackened with the burnt flesh of 900 civilians, including women and children who had sought safety during an American attack. American soldiers were seen pouring gasoline down the air vents of the shelter and burning them all to death. This is the reality of the American occupation for Koreans. This is the reality they fear still and never want to repeat. Can we blame them?

As with WWII and all other wars, we have been lied to about practically everything. The Korean War is no exception. But potentially far worse than these lies are the truths that we never even hear about. For example, did you know that, in 2013, the largest known rare earth element (REE) deposit was found in North Korea?

According to the Rare Earth Resources website, “The Japanese call REEs ‘the seeds of technology.’ The US Department of Energy calls them ‘technology metals.’ They make possible the high tech world we live in today—everything from the miniaturization of electronics, to the enabling of green energy and medical technologies, to supporting a myriad of essential telecommunications and defense systems. They are the elements that have become irreplaceable to our world of technology owing to their unique magnetic, phosphorescent, and catalytic properties.”

The discovery was made in Jongju, 150 km northwest of Pyongyang. The initial assessment indicates a total mineralization potential of six billion tons, with total 216.2 million tons of rare-earth-oxides. If this discovery is legitimate and these estimates accurate, it would mean that North Korea is in possession of the largest deposit of rare earth elements anywhere in the world. Going forward, REEs are going to become the new oil. This makes North Korea the new Saudi Arabia (another U.S. vassal, but that is a topic for another article).

Remember how some crazy conspiracy theorists claimed that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were actually contrived so that the U.S. could seize control of dwindling oil sources?

And do you remember all that hype in the mainstream media about Obama’s “pivot to Asia?” It is important to note that 2013 also happened to be the year that, according to Foreign Policy, the Obama administration “shook American allies…by walking away from the ‘red line’ on Syria and announcing support for Xi Jinping’s ‘New Model of Great Power Relations’—a proposed condominium of the United States and China in Asia that looked very much like the earlier pledge to respect China’s core interests.”

Well, it just so happens that China, the world’s top consumer of REEs, provides North Korea with coal in exchange for REEs. After the recent meeting between Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping and subsequent UN sanctions, China no longer provides coal to North Korea. In retaliation, North Korea has stopped providing China with REEs. Imagine the leverage over China the U.S. could gain if it were able to seize control of North Korea and all those delicious REEs.

Still think the U.S. government and mainstream media are telling us the whole story? Or even anything that even remotely resembles the truth about North Korea? Still believe that Kim Jong Un killed North Korean officials with an anti-aircraft gun, or assassinated his half-brother with topical poison in a Malaysian airport? If you do, then you are brainwashed. You have never even considered how much more horrible a slow, painful death would be than the instant death of an anti-aircraft gun. And, you have never considered how absurdly complicated getting two innocent girls to spray or wipe poison on some strange man’s face in a major international airport as a “prank” (without poisoning themselves or others in the process) would be compared to simply waiting for him to return to his Macau home and getting rid of him with no witnesses nor any international headlines.

Clearly, there is a lot more going on here than we are supposed to know about. Given all the false flags and hoaxes we have seen since 9/11, I would not rule out the possibility of a false flag attack on South Korea or Japan to justify a U.S. invasion of North Korea. Such an event could also serve as a convenient catalyst for the impending global financial collapse. Once again, the bankers will avoid blame and steal more of our money in the process. Innocent people will die, cities will be destroyed and entire nations will be brought to their knees, but it will all be worth it—as long as (((U.S. interests))) are served. And, as long as the American people can continue to sit on their assess and do nothing while enjoying low prices at Wal-Mart and the cheapest gasoline on the planet, no one will bother to pay much attention to yet another U.S. war. As long as the homeland remains untouched, everyone will be too consumed with their smartphones to even care what happens to all the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire on the other side of the Pacific.

As a so-called “superpower,” the United States has the obligation and responsibility to be a world leader. It can and should lead the world in spreading democracy, freedom and peace. Instead, these have become the cynical code words for pre-emptive strikes, unlawful wars, color revolutions, covert government coups, and death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. North Korea is not engaging in any of these things. The United States of America is the biggest threat to world peace on our planet today. The U.S. deep state is desperate to maintain its increasingly tenuous grip on our world. This desperation manifests itself in the wars we let ourselves be lied into, pretend not to see and quickly toss down the memory hole.

The real insanity is in Washington DC, not Pyongyang.