A miracle occurred on New Year’s Eve.

Despite being engulfed by a raging fire, the 63-storey Address Downtown hotel in Dubai did not collapse (disintegrate into dust?) at free-fall speed, through the path of greatest resistance, landing neatly into its own footprint. Suffering a fire that was more extensive and burned longer than those that allegedly weakened the structural steel in the Twin Towers on 9/11, the hotel is badly damaged but still standing.

Besides the Twin Towers, the only other steel-framed building that has ever “collapsed” due to fire was WTC 7 on 9/11. In case you forgot about that one, here is a comparison:

Another miracle occurred at the Windsor Tower fire in Madrid, Spain (2005):

And yet another miracle, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel fire in Beijing, China (2009):

According to this structural engineer blacksmith, all three of these buildings should have collapsed like wet noodles.

So how can we account for the fact that the Dubai hotel is still standing? Is it possible this gentleman has taken a less than scientific approach to his debunking? After all, the steel bar he uses is completely different from the core columns that supported the Twin Towers. The furnace he heats the steel bar in does not accurately replicate the fire conditions in the Twin Towers on 9/11. The temperature of the furnace is 300 degrees higher than that at which jet fuel burns. His demonstration does not explain how the top 1/3 of a building could pile drive down through the bottom 2/3, which was neither damaged nor on fire, along the path of greatest resistance, at nearly free fall speed.

Clearly, the laws of nature must have been suspended on New Year’s Eve in Dubai. A miracle, indeed.