I’ve got good news and bad news for you, folks.

The bad news: It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or even if you vote at all.

The good news: It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or even if you vote at all.

But how can this be both bad and good?

Consider that the American people were presented with an overwhelming amount of evidence implicating Hillary Clinton in everything from the mishandling of classified materials, which should have disqualified her as a presidential candidate, to charity fraud involving the Clinton Foundation and even cannibalism and child rape, which should have resulted in her arrest. WikiLeaks exposed all this and more in their Podesta email dumps. The Project Veritas videos prove manipulation and fraud that call into question the credibility of the entire Democratic Party.

Yet, a substantial number of Americans are prepared to vote Hillary into office on Tuesday. Critical thinking? Well-informed? Not this crowd.

Also, consider that the FBI investigated Hillary once, found that she did violate the law (but didn’t intend to) and decided no charges were necessary. Then, they reopen that same investigation with barely a week to go before the election, only to back down and reaffirm their initial decision. There was speculation that this second investigation was simply a distraction designed to divert attention away from the WikiLeaks/Podesta email dump. That seems even more likely now that the FBI has once again shown itself to be disgracefully corrupt.

Despite the utter farce that was the 2008 election, with a relatively unknown Barack Obama running on a message of “hope and change” that, eight years later, turns out to have been a cynical joke, Trump supporters have once again taken the bait and gone all in on “Hope and Change 2016: Making America Great Again.” The problems facing America today and the tremendous challenges of the future are not able to be solved by “going backwards” to an earlier time when America was great. Those days of glory are gone and the new reality is stark and frightening. Even if Trump were sincere, and I don’t believe he is, no amount of hope is going change the tidal waves that are smashing and washing away what used to be the United States of America.

The mainstream media has been exposed as being nothing more than the propaganda arm of the wealthy elites who control the Deep State. The most critical role of the free press, to hold those in positions of power accountable for their actions, no longer exists within the American media. The only thing worse than MSM collusion and lies are its sins of omission—the stories, facts and information purposely kept hidden from us.

Now, we are being warned of a potential Al Qaeda attack in several states on the day before the election. But how can this be? It has already been proven that the U. S. is working with Al Qaeda in Syria, and we know that the U.S. played a key role in the rise of ISIS. So what does it mean when the Al Qaeda boogie man is invoked? Is the U.S. is planning to 9/11 a segment of the population in order to move the herd in a desired direction? This is how the Deep State controls the population with fear and the unknown. This election has served to further divide the population using contrived controversy and outrage. Once divided, we fall and the Deep State conquers. Problem-Reaction-Solution. The 2015 election is mass brainwashing.

If Hillary wins, Trump and his supporters will claim voter fraud. If Trump wins, Hillary and her supporters will claim Russia rigged the elections. Neither of these scenarios is believable. One thing is certain: No matter the outcome, it will have been by design. This entire election cycle is a giant psyop aimed at manipulating and controlling the U.S. population (and the world). We are getting what the Deep State wants, regardless of what happens on Tuesday. This is why it doesn’t matter who you vote for, or even if you vote at all.

This is bad, because the only conclusion one can come to is this: The United States government has declared war on its people. The Constitution is dead. The rule of law applies only to those without wealth and power. Nothing is going to change for the better. There is no hope.

And when you realize this, you will see that this is actually good news.

We no longer need to delude ourselves with false hope and mendacious leaders whose promises of change mean changes for the worse.  We no longer need to waste our time sitting on the sofa watching sportsball on TV and swilling high-fructose corn syrup beer while our “leaders” make all the decisions for us. We no longer need to worry about how we are going to pay for the kids’ college, or whether we will be able to retire, or what will happen in the future.

Nothing is going to be all right. Nothing is going to work out the way we hope it will. No one is coming to our rescue.

All we are left with is the freedom to make a decision. Some will prefer to remain on their knees, taking what is given, hoping for the benevolence of rich and powerful psychopaths, seeking comfort in intoxication, fantasies and false beliefs. Some will stand up and take control of their lives, throwing off the chains of illusion and taking the reins of freedom in both hands, for their sake and the sake of future generations.

The future being prepared for us is dark, indeed. But it is not the only future possible.

It’s all up to you.