I must be a glutton for punishment, because for the past few days I have spent way too much time watching SJW videos on YouTube like this:

What was even more disturbing, was discovering the SJW blight is not limited to the United States. Here is similar nonsense in Canada:

And here, too, in Australia:

OK, so if you’ve actually watched these videos and suffered along with me, let me cleanse your mental palate with a tangy sorbet called “reality.”

We should not be worried that these confused and brainwashed snowflakes think gender is fluid, patriarchy should be dismantled, obesity is beautiful or that men can be feminists, too. We should not be bothered that nature, facts, evidence, science and truth elude their tiny narrow minds. If anything, we should be encouraging them to use the gender-neutral toilet, spend more time while at college being an “activist” than getting an education and walking around naked with tape over their nipples to enrage the Muslims.

The fact of the matter is, the vast majority of these SJW, transgendered, feminist, queer, cuckservative, morbidly obese professional victims will never procreate. If you do not procreate, you cannot perpetuate. There is a strong possibility this movement will die along with this pathetic and irritating generation.

Those who shun heterosexual relationships, or who identify as a gender fluid asexual will be unable to make new children. Whites who denigrate their race, are susceptible to white guilt and actively campaign for the destruction of their own culture (a.k.a. “suicide”) will become extinct within one generation. SJW men who think being a sensitive feminist will get them laid will find that, conversely, they are about as sexually attractive as a cum-stained Snuggie. Those who don’t suffer a heart attack due to serial masturbation will probably succumb to the advances of an aggressively gay fellow protestor. Men-hating feminists will be forced to seek fulfillment in any number of vibrating adult toys. And the morbidly obese, well…who wants to fuck them?

All the SJW anger, irrationality, hate, intolerance, snarky comments and horrible fashion sense is actually fomenting civil unrest. It’s a reboot of “the hate that hate made,” but instead of Angel Davis afros and fists raised in defiance and solidarity, we get skinny jeans, snapping fingers and strongly worded Facebook status updates.

Congressman Eugene McCarthy said “The only thing that saves us from the bureaucracy is inefficiency. An efficient bureaucracy is the greatest threat to liberty.” In the same vein, I say: The only thing that saves us from the SJW is their irrationality. A rational thinker is the greatest threat to SJWs.

We don’t have to lower ourselves to the screaming matches in which these self-haters frequently engage. We don’t have to censor them or “shut them down” as they are so quick to do to anyone they disagree with. We simply need to wait it out. They are going the way of the dodo bird.

In the meantime, we must strengthen our minds and bodies, procreate and perpetuate, and always be sure to give SJWs enough rope to hang themselves.