The regressive Left’s attack on the Confederacy is just one battle in the war to destroy explicit Whiteness in America. Once the last Civil War monument has been removed the next target will surely be the Old West.

The Wild West and the cowboy embody the myth of American rugged individualism, and the Western frontier is the fertile ground where the notions of freedom and liberty took seed and blossomed. Next to the redneck of the Deep South, there is nothing more quintessentially American—or White—than the cowboy.

The men of the Old West were rough, tough and masculine. They were self-made, self-sufficient and their success or failure was a function of their grit, guts and ingenuity. Those who were strong and triumphant built homesteads that became towns, which grew into cities, territories and eventually even states. These men truly tamed a wild frontier and built something meaningful and enduring that people still benefit from today.

Sadly, this is not how the cultural Marxists view the history of the Old West. For them, this is all very “problematic.” What school history books used to describe as “progress” is now a source of shame scornfully labeled “genocide.” When looking back to the Old West, all the Left sees is White men killing Indians and taking their land away. They bemoan the loss of Indian culture and history. Ironically, what the Leftists call “progress” is actually the destruction and erasure of White culture and history. In their confused minds, somehow two wrongs are supposed to make a right.

It’s easy to understand why the effeminate SJWs of today would find the Old West so abhorrent. It was neither the time nor the place for victimhood and safe spaces. City slickers in skinny jeans wouldn’t have lasted a New York minute on the frontier. And there is no question that the Old West was a man’s world. Roles for women were limited. According to Jewish Hollywood westerns, women who weren’t school teachers were either whores paid to work in saloons, or worse, whores who didn’t get paid at all and were forced to raise children, care for the homestead and keep their man satisfied. The horror!

The Left will certainly attack the spirit of the Old West based on the perceived treatment of non-Whites. Although many Indian tribes had been nomadic, fighting and killing one another long before the first Europeans showed up, the Left will say that their lands were “stolen” despite the fact that the concept of “ownership” was nonexistent in most Indian worldviews. The anti-Whites will push the idea that the Indians had been living in harmony with nature until the evil White man arrived. I suggest that anyone who believes this take a trip to the nearest Indian Reservation to see how they choose to live today.

Although mestizo vaqueros and freed slaves also contributed to the taming of the Old West, I am sure all we will hear from the Left is how oppressed they were. Even the Chinese played a significant role in Westward Expansion, namely, the building of the Central and Union Pacific railroads. The true role of a diverse array of people in the story of the Old West must never be told, otherwise the bogus “evil White supremacists” narrative will fall apart.

The cowboy and the Wild West also represent something that Leftists hate and fear: White men with guns. There is nothing more terrifying than the idea of a strong, independent White man with the ability to administer instant justice. In the Old West, people didn’t fuck around, because it could easily get someone killed. In today’s pussified America, where “micro-aggressions” and assuming someone’s pronoun are practically capital offenses, White men must never be allowed that much power ever again.

We must remain vigilant and be prepared to defend what I predict will be the next assault on the heritage and history of White Americans: Eradication of the Old West and cowboy culture. We cannot allow the achievements of our forefathers to be twisted, tainted and turned into yet another justification for our demonization. There is nothing to be guilty about or apologize for. The Westward Expansion, frontiersman, cowboys and the Wild West are all part of what makes American culture rich and unique. We must preserve and pass it on for the edification of future generations!