The eagerness of millennials to give up their Constitutionally protected rights is evidence that they do not understand the purpose and intention of those rights. Our right to free speech, our right to bear arms and our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures are not privileges or liberties granted to us graciously by the government. Rather, they are intended to protect U.S. citizens from government overreach. Their purpose and objective is to limit government intrusion and control in our lives. We have the right to bear arms in order to defend ourselves and our property from the government. This is the intention of the Second Amendment and it needs no interpretation; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are written in simple, clear language. What millennials are actually clamoring for is less freedom, fewer rights and more top-down government control of our lives.

The “March of Our Lives” held on 24 March in Washington D.C., which appears to have started as a grassroots protest by students from Parkland high school in Florida where a mass shooting is alleged to have occurred, “morphed into a worldwide anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, anti-Trump protest directed, promoted, and funded by left-wing adults and adult-led organizations” according to Breitbart. These organizations include Planned Parenthood and the George Soros-funded Move On. The keynote speech was passionately delivered by one David Hogg, a Parkland student who, it turns out, wasn’t even at school the day of the shooting.

So it appears that this march was yet again political theater, aimed at evoking an emotional response to further an agenda that, at the end of the day, will result in less freedom and fewer liberties. The corporate media does not allow a balanced debate or even a calm, rational discussion about the Second Amendment. The same goes for schools, where our children are being brainwashed to believe that giving up their freedoms will make them safer. The whole issue is framed narrowly: guns kill people, guns are dangerous. Take away the guns and there will be less murder and more safety. It’s a ridiculous argument. There is a focus on “assault” weapons, yet as you will see in the video below, very few student protesters even know what an assault weapon is.

The inability of these students to answer a simple question—and more tellingly—their dogmatic rhetoric and rambling pontificating, which is akin to a student trying to answer a teacher’s question about a book they didn’t bother to read, is strong evidence of mind control and a total lack of independent and critical thought. This is the end goal of “education” in the U.S. today.

All weapons are assault weapons. That is the purpose of a weapon: to assault. Steak knives, hammers, little league baseball bats and even a coconut can be used to assault and kill someone. Not to mention cars, trucks and airplanes, which do a lot more damage than most guns.

Millennials are being indoctrinated to believe that the founding fathers were deeply racist, White supremacists and genocidal maniacs. Thus, their ideas about America are “problematic” and invalid. The Constitution itself is an outdated relic of a bygone era best forgotten and replaced. They are being trained to believe it is no longer relevant or appropriate in the current year. The same goes for the Bill of Rights, which are framed as the embodiment of White supremacy and “the patriarchy.”

While traveling in Europe last month, I was asked on several occasions why Americans are still allowed to own guns. My answer was the same response I would give to any millennial who wants guns banned.

Imagine a scenario where a new president is elected, one that you dislike and fundamentally disagree with on just about every policy they promote. What do you do to voice your displeasure? The only way most citizens are allowed to involve themselves in government affairs is by voting. So, when the president is facing reelection, you vote for the opposition. But the incumbent president is reelected anyway. And his policies are getting worse. You fear the country is headed in the wrong direction, and you cannot wait another four years until a new president is elected.

Your vote was not effective in terms of replacing the odious president, nor in changing anything else about how politics work in Washington D.C. So what do you do now? You start talking to family, friends and neighbors about your concerns and the need to do something. You organize speeches, meetings and marches. You take to the streets in protest. You discover there are actually a great many people who feel the way you do, and over the coming weeks and months, the protests grow larger and there is a sense of deep dissatisfaction and unrest growing across the nation. Just as it appears that change might actually be possible, the government decides to shut it down. Your permits to hold rallies, speeches and marches are denied. You are forced into fenced off “free speech zones” located far away from where anyone will hear or even see you. The corporate media spins everything you do in a negative light, engaging in lies and propaganda in an attempt to smear and discredit you.

Undeterred, you and others like you defy the authorities and march anyway. Your protests become increasingly desperate to the point they begin to turn militant. Violence and vandalism become regular occurrences at your events. In response, the police crack down hard. People are beaten, arrested and few are even shot. Curfews are imposed. In some cities, mayors are talking about bringing in the National Guard to “keep the peace.” Rather than achieving your goals and affecting change, you are facing a situation that is far more dire than when you started. You now understand that your government is quite willing to brutally repress its citizens to maintain control. Words like “freedom” and “democracy” are meaningless, and the idea that government is run “by the people, for the people” is a sham. The claim that “all men are created equal” is a cynical joke, one that has been played on you your entire life. You have been backed into a corner and fear for your freedom and the safety of your family.

So what do you do now? What have people done in the past when they find themselves in such a situation?

Voting, peaceful demonstrations and logical, common sense arguments are ineffective. Revolution is the only way to overthrow a tyrannical government. The fight for freedom is a fight for your very life, the lives of your children and a future free from oppression and despair.

How in the world can we throw off the yoke of oppression without a means of fighting for our freedom? In all the rhetoric about banning guns, not one single proponent ever calls for the police or the government to give up their guns. As Jim Goad points out, “not only does the government have warehouses stacked with fully automatic guns that none of you silly little fools are demanding they be divested of, they have tanks and jets and battleships and chemical weapons and nuclear bombs.”

I would add to that the fact that not a single criminal, gang member or mentally disturbed homicidal nut case will ever give up their guns, either. Imagine the field day they would have knowing that muggings, robberies and home invasions could be perpetrated against law-abiding citizens without any risk of being shot until the police show up…if they even show up in time to stop the crime in the first place.

Obviously, no amount of gun-toting citizens will be able to defend themselves against the full force of the U.S. military. The only hope is that enough patriotic Americans serving in the military take the people’s side and turn against the traitors in our own government. It has happened in other countries, so it can happen in America, too.

It begs the question: is this what the government has been preparing for by purchasing massive amounts of ammunition since the Obama administration? A variety of agencies, from the Department of Homeland Security to the U.S. Post Office have been stockpiling ammo for at least the past five years.

Speaking of traitors in the U.S. government, Barack Obama claimed guns make us less safe. Which, I suppose, is why he and all the other presidents are constantly surrounded by gun-toting bodyguards. Presumably, by “us” he meant the cabal of elites who run the U.S. government to the detriment of ordinary Americans. And who can forget these classic comments from diversity hire and first Wakandan-American Attorney General Eric Holder.

Brainwashing! Isn’t that what I said they are doing to young people in schools all across America? And not only on the subject of guns. There is a whole host of other bullshit being forced into the heads of America’s future: race is just a social construct (but only “Whiteness” is problematic), gender is fluid and equality is an immutable law of nature.

The reason the UK is able to censor its citizens when they attempt to engage in free speech in the now ironically named Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park, or jail them when they make a joke intended to evoke smiles and laughter that (((some people))) choose to be offended by, is because the citizens in that country have no way to fight back. Except to vote for another corrupt politician from whatever party—it doesn’t matter, they are all pushing the same agenda—thereby perpetuating the status quo that is destroying our nations. Citizens in the UK (and Germany and Sweden) can express only officially state-sanctioned opinions, and they are even locking people up for their Facebook comments. Citizens of the UK have lost their ability to defend themselves against tyranny, and they no longer have any real chance of taking back their country and hanging the despicable traitors who are hell bent on destroying their country and eradicating White people from the only home they have ever known. And this is what the younger generation in America is out marching in the streets to achieve.

Being too young and inexperienced to have any wisdom, being too ignorant to even understand what they are so eager to give up, and being so easily swayed by the emotional rhetoric spewing from the mouth of a perceived “authority” figure, millennials are the tabla rasa upon which the destruction of the United States is being etched. The saying used to be “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Today, it should be “don’t trust anyone who wasn’t alive before the internet.” As the Baby Boomers die off and those of us fortunate enough to have been born before the internet approach our senior years, the America we knew and sometimes even loved will continue to decline, becoming increasingly hostile and unlivable as the millennials become our politicians, healthcare providers and corporate leaders. I shudder at the thought.

Young people in the U.S. are being brainwashed to give up rights and freedoms they don’t yet understand or appreciate. This brainwashing is occurring in classrooms, online, in the mainstream media (news, TV, movies, music), in churches (looking at you, Pope Francis) and is driven by the most powerful corporations (Google, Facebook, Amazon) that control (and spy on) virtually every aspect of our lives. Millennial emotions are being manipulated. Peer pressure, the tendency toward social conformity and their need for acceptance are being used to herd them into safe spaces with soft pillows, gender neutral toys and sugary snacks. They are ready and willing to sacrifice everything for comfort and feeling good, without ever taking a long look back down the road we have traveled to understand how and why we got here, nor where we are going if we keep marching lock-step toward the end of the cliff. By the time many of them awaken from their ignorant bliss, it will be too late to right the wrongs they will be responsible for.

Lest this screed appear too one-sided, I will end by allowing our millennial brights to have the final word. Marvel (or cringe) as they expound upon another topic they know absolutely nothing about.