The corporate media cannot be trusted. We are living in an age when we must question everything the media tells us. It is essential we take a critical and dispassionate view of all “news” presented for our consumption.

The alleged mass shooting in Orlando is immediately suspicious. I suspect this is another staged event. Here are some red flags:

The “lone gunman” scenario is once again being employed. When we look at terrorist attacks in other countries, there tends to be more than one person involved. Coordinated attacks are much more common, as in Paris, Belgium and the recent Tel Aviv event—all of which I believe were faked, just like Orlando. Since the JFK assassination, America has been unique for its plethora of lone gunman.

Initial reports include highly dubious claims. For example, the club allegedly posted a warning on its Facebook page when the shooting started. Who was this supposed to warn? People already at the club? Why not use those precious seconds to call the police instead?

A mother claims her son sent her text messages during the attack. He texted her at 2 a.m. (was she awake at that time?) and told her to call the police. He had a cellphone with which he could have called the police himself! Why text his sleeping mother at 2 a.m. to ask her? He then goes to on to describe hiding in a toilet as the gunman enters. Is this what you would do? Send text messages as a gunman approaches? He then sends a final text indicating he was about to be killed. The mother heard nothing after that. This is totally unbelievable.

The club is a gun-free zone, and we can assume bouncers were at the door checking IDs and looking out for suspicious or dangerous looking people. How did the shooter get past the staff at the door and into the club with multiple weapons undetected? If he surreptitiously slipped in a side or rear door, who let him in, and how did he get into position to kill so many people without the mere sight of a gun-toting Muslim scaring the shit out of everyone?

The initial reports say the gunman had an AR-15 (it’s always this same gun in these mass shootings) and a handgun. The media estimates there were about 320 people in the club when the shooting started. The gunman managed to shoot more than 100 people (one out of three!) and kill more than 50% of everyone he shot. That is an amazing kill ratio. This guy was some incredible marksman! And he did all this without reloading? And if he did reload, no one tried to jump him while he was out of bullets? Does anyone else think this sounds like a Hollywood action movie where the guns magically never run out of ammo and every bullet fired is a head shot?

Also, consider that this is Orlando in June. It is hot and humid (daily high temperatures above 90 degrees F). Most of the club patrons seen in video and photo images are wearing shorts and t-shirts. If you do an image search on pictures taken inside the club (or any gay club, particularly ones that calls themselves “the hottest gay club”) you will see that many men are gallivanting around nearly naked. Again, how did this guy sneak an AR-15, a handgun and enough ammo to shoot over 100 people without being noticed? Was he wearing an overcoat?

Another ridiculous and unbelievable aspect of this story is that the gunman supposedly called 9-11 before the shooting to declare his loyalty to ISIS. Why? To ruin the element of surprise, which as I have just pointed out, would have been vital to pulling off this shooting so effectively? What is the point of telling a 9-11 operator such a thing? This is another commonality with other fake shootings, including the Texas “Draw Mohammad Cartoon Contest” fakery and the San Bernardino hoax.

With all this Facebooking and texting going on, did anyone in the club have the presence of mind to simply use the camera on their phone to record what was happening? And if they did, will we see any of that footage? Or how about some security camera footage? Will any of it be absolutely incontrovertible? Or will it be grainy, black and white images showing nothing in particular? Or, will they use footage from a totally different past event, as we got in the fake Belgium attacks?

I have only seen a few videos of supposed club patrons or devastated parents, and like all the other fake shootings, there are few if any genuine tears, horrible acting and lots of calls for gun control laws. Who goes out of their way to go on TV and rant about gun laws and government action hours after a loved one has been killed? The club was a gun-free zone, and the gunman is said to have obtained his guns legally. So why the call for more of what doesn’t prevent shootings in the first place? And why focus on guns rather than the person who did the killing? The gunman could have just as easily strapped on a bomb vest or started a fire in the club to achieve his goal of mass casualties. The point is not the guns, it is the killing of as many people as possible. The method of killing is not important, the intent of the act is what matters. Yet everyone, from Obama on down is avoiding criticism of Islam or “radical Muslims” and instead repeating the same tired canard: that guns (not people) cause violence, and getting rid of guns will make us safer. If that’s the case Mr. President, you take the lead and get rid of the Secret Service, Air Force One, your armored limo and all your other protections. If guns make us less safe, why is Obama constantly surrounded by them?

The timing of this event is also suspicious. Sunday in America means everyone will be glued to their television sets from morning to night watching all the “programming” on this event. This maximizes everyone’s exposure to the messaging and propaganda the corporate media presents in the guise of “news coverage.” The use of chroma key effects and real-time face capture technologies means you cannot trust a single thing you see on television. There is practically no way to determine whether what you are watching is real or fake. Just because you saw it on the news is in no way, shape or form proof that something actually happened. We are being lied to and manipulated on a grand scale.

Another aim of this staged event appears to be a furthering of cognitive dissonance in the American mindscape. Everyone from Obama to Florida Representative Alan Grayson is downplaying reports that the shooter was a Muslim American who pledged himself to ISIS. This is not a Muslim terrorist attack—rather, it is all about hate. We should embrace Muslim immigrants (to refuse would be racist) and accept Middle Eastern and North African Muslim refugees in our communities (otherwise we are racist). We don’t need to worry about Islam (a religion of peace), but rather, we need to stamp out the hate and intolerance of racists (anti-racist is a code word for anti-white). Hate is an emotion (a very useful one, in fact) and like terror, impossible to eliminate.

Despite the fact that the U.S. government launched an endless global war on terrorism on September 12, 2001, a war specifically targeting Muslim countries, we are supposed to believe it illogical to assume that, just because the alleged shooter was the son of Afghani immigrants and called 9-11 to pledge his loyalty to ISIS, the attack was “ideological” in nature. So…what are we supposed to think? For the past 15 years, we have been conditioned to be afraid of the Muslims…no, wait. They are not our enemy. Islam is a religion of peace…but also involves the subjugation of women and beheadings. They are just like us…but if we don’t do as they say and adhere to Sharia Law, we are infidels who deserve death. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery.

You cannot maintain opposing thoughts in your head without your critical thinking and rational functions becoming impaired. By pushing the “hate” narrative reinforced with images and testimonies aimed at invoking emotional reactions, we are easily duped and convinced to believe in lies. Watching television changes the way our brains function, short-circuiting our critical faculties and leaving us open and impressionable, particularly to strong emotional content. TV is a weapon of mass delusion.

My initial analysis leads me to believe this event was staged. Even if people did actually die, it was not at the hands of a hate-filled lone gunman. Rather, it surely must have been a team of paramilitary mercenaries, a well-trained hit squad executing a carefully pre-planned crime. Either scenario is plausible, but the story the media is putting out stinks of pure bullshit.

It would be so easy to stage this event: Imagine someone from the FBI approaches the club owner and key influencers in the Orlando gay community, telling them something like “How would you like to participate in an event that will make the community safer by tightening gun control while creating sympathy and support for gay people?” Not to mention allowing drama queens to have their 15 minutes of fame and gratuitously indulge in the pathologically narcissistic behavior they so dearly love. The end justifies the means! Sure, you’re going to have to tell a few lies and fake a few tears, but the end result is that we get the guns out of the hands of the hate-filled conservative white people while heaping hate on them and making the gay community into martyrs and heroes, which will further the acceptance of the gay lifestyle (die cis-gender scum!). It’s a win-win!

Alternatively, maybe people did die in this event. Maybe they were sacrificed for broadly the same reasons I have presented above. Maybe this ongoing gun control psy-op is being ratcheted up with real murders. Add to the mix the continued demonization of “radicalized” people motivated by “hate,” which creates more fuel for the fire with which they are trying to burn down and destroy freedom of speech (First Amendment) and a free and open Internet.

There are lots of strategic reasons for staging an event like this, but very few reasons for it to be real. One lone gunman represents nothing. Not Islam, not gun owners, not even intolerance or hate. It’s a one-off. There isn’t an army behind him, it’s just one guy. For all intents and purposes, it is practically impossible to prevent the actions of lone gunmen. So there is no way to prevent such events from happening in the future. If, on the other hand, this person was part of a hate group who was organized and preparing further attacks, it would be much easier to detect and arrest them, since there would be so many people and moving parts to give them away.

Furthermore, consider that the media is characterizing this event as terrorism, which is defined as:

“The use of violence or the threat of violence, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political goals.”

As I have written about in a previous article, terrorism is a political act. So what was the political goal of the lone gunman? What did he want to achieve? What did he want to happen as a result of shooting up a gay nightclub?

The gunman is dead, so law enforcement and the media can essentially fill in the blanks with whatever story they want. Beware of claims of “mental illness” or the discovery of a “manifesto,” which always seem to accompany these so-called “domestic terror” attacks. The media and the FBI cannot be trusted, there is simply too much evidence against them. It’s a guarantee the FBI has been in contact with the shooter in the past.

Watch how this event will be used to shore up support for Hillary (pro-gay, anti-gun) while at the same time used against Trump, who is not only pro-gun, but conservative and anti-immigrant. Trump is accused of stirring up hate (perhaps what fueled this mass shooting?) and blaming immigrants for many social ills (intolerance of our Muslim brothers and sisters, who we are both fighting against, and who we are also supposed to tolerate and accept into our communities). Could this staged event simply be a ploy to ensure Hillary wins in November? Do gay people hate Trump enough to participate in an event like this if it means derailing the Trump train?

These events all have recognizable patterns, similarities, coincidences and highly improbably connections. Despite the fact that we live in a 24/7 news environment with instant communications and cameras everywhere, notice how little direct evidence is actually presented, and how the story changes over time to fit a convenient narrative. Notice how initial reports will later be claimed as false or inaccurate, despite all the smartphones and eyewitness testimony available immediately after the event. Pay attention to the official government and law enforcement response, which will likely involve taking away more of our freedoms (for our own safety, of course), ramping up surveillance, removing privacy and quashing free speech, rather than addressing the underlying causes of mass casualty events (i.e. people and ideologies, not guns). I am not a fan or follower of Alex Jones, but he is certainly correct when he says “there is a war on for your mind.”

Wake up America, you are already at war and you don’t even realize it.