Fascism is predicated on the idea that people can’t make decisions for themselves; rather, they need a strong leader to make decisions for them. Thus, it is nauseating to watch the American people clamor for a new leader every four years. Especially after so many were duped by the Obama “hope and change” bullshit. All these scumbags who are vying to become America’s next leader are equally as duplicitous and mendacious. No matter who is elected in November, the United States is in deep, deep trouble.

The popularity of Donald Trump reflects the people’s dissatisfaction with the status quo in Washington D.C. They are sick of empty campaign promises and the outright lies of career politicians. The American people want real change, they want their country back and they want America to be great again.

After seven years of Barack Obama, it is amazing that Americans still have faith left in politics at all. It is incredible that the American people still believe in “saviors” and “outsiders” offering to fix all our problems. It is astoundingly naive to believe that meaningful changes to the system can be achieved vis-à-vis the system itself. It is pure ignorance to believe that, just because the president changes, the entire government will change, too.

Trump is a bullshit artist, a profit-driven showman who gained national fame first as a wealthy blowhard, then as the star of a reality TV show. The fact that he is a billionaire who is owned by no one—and therefore owes no one—is his biggest selling point. Trump is a snake oil salesman, he knows how to pander to the lowest common denominator to get what he wants. He fancies himself an artful “deal maker,” which I suspect merely involves bullying counterparties into accepting his terms. There is no doubt he is masterfully manipulating this election cycle and its surrounding media circus like no one has ever done before. He is telling some truths and calling people on their bullshit, but he also has no qualms about looking right into our eyes and lying—remember his claim that there were Muslims celebrating the destruction of the WTC complex on 9/11?

People wrongly assume that if elected, he won’t be beholden to the corporate and banking interests that own virtually every politician in Washington. Doesn’t anyone realize that Donald Trump is just as cozy with the banking elite as Hillary Clinton (maybe more so) because his business model is based on debt-financing? He borrows money from the bankers, invests it in a project, and if it goes belly-up, he files bankruptcy and walks away. Trump’s casino business has filed for bankruptcy more times than any other company in the U.S. His brand image is based on capriciously firing people he doesn’t like or who don’t sufficiently kiss his ass. He is all bluster and bullshit, an obnoxious rich kid whose dad gave him several hundred million dollars to get started in life. We should all be so lucky! Trump is the poster boy for the 0.1%. How can anyone believe that Donald Trump is concerned about the American people, or American jobs? Trump has no idea what the average American life is all about. In that sense, he is no different from the Bush or Rockefeller clans, he is just another asshole oligarch driven by greed and a lust for power. Maybe if his presidency doesn’t go well, he will declare the U.S. bankrupt and fire everyone who criticizes him.

Given his long and close relationship with the Clintons, as a political supporter, financial backer and personal friend, I am suspicious about Trump’s true intentions. I wonder if he might not be in the race simply to hand it over to Hillary when the time is right, either by withdrawing from the race or running independently to split the vote three ways, which would likely clinch the election in Hillary’s favor. One thing is absolutely for certain: Whatever Trump’s true intentions, he is playing this game for his own personal gain. Even if this is all nothing more than a narcissistic ploy to immortalize his name in the history books, Trump is only motivated by his own self-interest. Nothing more, nothing less. That the American people cannot see through his cynical scheme is evidence of how brainwashed they truly are.

And that hair—who does he think he’s fooling? Seriously, I’m not taking a cheap shot here. It’s an insult to my intelligence! Donald Trump is bald. The only person who doesn’t know that appears to be Trump himself. If he goes to these ridiculous lengths just to cover up his bald head, what else might he try to keep hidden from us? Personally, I don’t trust any man who wears a toupee, a wig or a comb-over. It screams dishonesty.

As the saying goes, Americans get the government they deserve. As long as the people look to a “leader” to make decisions for them, to protect them and to tell them what to do, they will never get what they want, much less what they need. Nothing will ever work out in their best interest. They will forever be conned by psychopathic liars who view the American public with disdain, a hindrance to their personal enrichment and consolidation of power and control.

As in every election in my lifetime, Americans are once again faced with a choice between two horrible candidates. Americans are “free” to elect one of two candidates for president, but they never get to select who those candidates will be. Since the U.S. has the lowest voter turnout among developed nations, the “majority” vote ends up representing only 20%-25% of the actual population. In no way is this a democratic outcome.

No matter who is elected in November, Israel wins. The candidates on both sides are falling all over themselves in an attempt to demonstrate their loyalty and commitment to Israel. Hillary Clinton says the first person she will invite to the White House after she is elected will be Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump says he is more pro-Israel than any other GOP candidate. And Bernie is, of course, a member of the Tribe, so his loyalty goes without saying. And not that they have a chance at getting elected, but for the record, Rubio and Cruz have gone to great lengths to prove that they are more pro-Israel than pro-American, as you will see below.

When you watch this video, if you can stomach continuing after the two-minute mark, note how the follow-up commentary pushes the false narrative that the Obama administration has somehow strained the U.S. relationship with Israel, which FOX characterizes as “in tatters.” Yet, without fail, Obama has sent Israel a $3.1 billion check every year of his presidency, and even agreed to negotiating a nearly $1 billion increase the amount of aid American taxpayers are providing to Israel on an annual basis. Keep that in mind you the next time you hear a politician saying there is not enough money for education, social security or affordable healthcare…

Finally, if you want an idea of how Trump will approach foreign diplomacy, I highly recommend the documentary You’ve Been Trumped.