If you ever had any doubt that the corporate media colludes to manipulate your understanding of events, you need look no further than headlines regarding the Brexit victory. Here is a random sampling:

Brexit’s lesson: Do not underestimate angry voters (Los Angeles Times)
“A bad day for Europe”: Brexit stuns EU leaders (Financial Times)
Brexit should be a warning about Donald Trump (New York Times)
“Little kooky” idea, arguments built groundswell of British support for Brexit (CNN)
Brexit has British expats worried—and very angry (TIME)
‘Why upset the apple cart?’ asks a farmer after Brexit (The Guardian)
Logistics executives say Brexit will rattle European supply chains (Wall Street Journal)
“Brexit” could do real damage to UK science (Scientific American)
Why the Brexit vote is all-around bad (Forbes)
Why Brexit is bad news for the environment (Mother Jones)
Who wins from Brexit? China (Bloomberg)
Millennials’ “fury” over baby boomers’ vote for Brexit (Telegraph)

That last headline from the Telegraph is particularly laughable, because apparently some of the idiotic millennial SJW types are making this all about “hate-filled old white people.” Here is a sampling of “furious” Tweets to laugh and shake your head in disgust at:

These headlines represent the viewpoint of the elites, who came out in full force to try and scare the shit out of Britons so they would vote to remain in the EU. From Barack Obama, Shinzo Abe, George Soros and Jamie Dimon, to celeb NWO shills Bob Geldof and Bono, we were all meant to think that Brexit would usher in the apocalypse.

After all, if Brexit is such a bad idea, why did the elites even allow the referendum in the first place?

This vote is non-binding, meaning the government is not obligated to listen to the will of the people. The fact that the evil idiot David Cameron is stepping down was the best news for me personally, as I truly hate that pompous cunt. But he will still be darkening the doorstep of 10 Downing Street until October. What is he waiting for?

As this is an election year in the U.S., I am mindful of the potential for an “October surprise.” This term was invented in the 1980 presidential election, when Ronald Regan was alleged to have conspired with the Iranians to postpone resolution of the hostage crisis until after the election to weaken Jimmy Carter’s chances at reelection. Since then, October surprise refers to a news story or contrived event aimed at swaying voters towards one candidate or another. Let us not forget October 2008, when the global financial crisis was in full swing (Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy in September, which still qualifies as an October surprise in my book).

Friday’s financial market upheaval is suspicious, to say the least. As I have written about here, here and here, the financial markets are totally rigged, there is no price discovery or even any fundamentals driving share prices, the entire global financial industry is a giant money-laundering Ponzi scheme, and those who run the banks and control the money supply are deliberately inflating and popping bubbles with the intention of stealing every last bit of wealth from all of us plebs. They engineered the 2008 “Lehman Shock” and I think the carnage on Friday was an indication that the financial elites intend to punish the upstart Brits for daring to reestablish themselves as a sovereign nation.

Speaking of financial criminals, Alan Greenspan went on CNBC Friday and said “This is the worst period I recall since I’ve been in public service.”

Oh really? Permit me this slight digression.

The Dow Jones Industrial average was down 3.39% on Friday following the Brexit vote. I guess Greenspan forgot about October 19, 1987, when the Dow plunged 23% on his watch. I think 23% is worse than 3.39%, but Greenspan is the quant jock, not me. Maybe I just don’t understand the numbers.

Here are some more numbers I am sure he would like tossed down the memory hole. When Greenspan took over the Fed in 1987, total U.S. debt (consumer, corporate, and government debt combined) was $11 trillion (or 215% of GDP). When he retired in 2006, total U.S. debt had quadrupled to $44.4 trillion (or 312% of GDP). After the financial crash in 2008, Greenspan admitted his ideology was “flawed” and that he was “wrong.”

The mainstream media has been warning of the catastrophe that will occur if Great Britain chooses to leave the EU. The remain campaign has been ramping up the fear in these final days before the vote, so I don’t really see how anyone could be “shocked” or “devastated” by this outcome—people in the UK and those of us outside who pay attention to global events have been looking forward to June 23 for months now. Even those who wanted the UK to stay in the EU knew there was a possibility UK citizens would vote to leave. So who was really taken by surprise? Nevertheless, the news headlines frame the outcome as a disaster no one could have anticipated.

The alleged murder of Jo Cox is also suspicious. If you haven’t seen the PR event held before her funeral, take a look at this. Who smiles this much when a family member is killed? Is this how you would act if your sister or daughter had just been senselessly murdered? If her murder was a hoax intended to influence voters to stay in the EU, it didn’t work.

Playing the devil’s advocate for a moment, what if it was a hoax intended to steel the resolve of voters to leave the EU? A kind of reverse psychology psy-op? If this scenario were true, what would be the intention behind such an act?

In the run up to the vote, we have been inundated with predictive programming focused on the Armageddon that will ensure if voters choose Brexit. Just days before the referendum, an MP is murdered by someone who the media characterizes as a pro-Brexit nationalist. The day after the vote to leave the EU, global markets take a nose dive and we are warned that “the worst is yet to come.” The corporate media proclaims this a bad day for Europe that will adversely affect everything from supply chains to science and “the environment.” Voters are characterized as angry white people motivated by xenophobia and hate.

What signals are the elites trying send us with all this nonsense? What can we expect in the coming days and weeks? Last year at this time, the possibility of a Grexit was declared to be the event that would trigger the end of the EU, perhaps even life on planet Earth. The Greeks had a referendum, the people voted to against the troika. Victory! But then what happened? There was no Grexit, and the troika got what it wanted anyway. Will the same thing happen in the UK? Will Cameron’s replacement honor or ignore the vote?

Or will the Brexit vote be deliberately made to appear as the catalyst that heralds the total collapse of the global financial system, which has been on life support since 2008? We are supposed to believe the economy is improving, but uh-oh! Brexit! It’s the straw that broke the camel’s back! Maybe that is why the rats are leaving the ship (looking at you, Cameron and Obama)!

Will the much hyped coming financial meltdown be blamed on angry white racists (rather than the bankers and politicians)? Will a manufactured financial crisis and the ensuing massive civil unrest create the very conditions the elites have wanted all along? We will be backed into a corner, screaming for the elites to save us? Are we being manipulated to beg for the very chains that will enslave and imprison us once and for all?

It is too early to tell, but it is probably wise to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Congratulations men and women of Britain, I hope this marks the beginning of the end for the genocidal Coudenhove-Calergi plan.