When attempting to make sense of the alleged “lone wolf” shooting in Las Vegas on October 2nd, it is important to consider the possibility that this was yet another hoax. Or perhaps a false flag. I have written about the difference between the two, as well as some reasons why it appears that the U.S. government is staging mass shootings. First, I strongly recommend readers familiarize themselves with Operation Gladio. These false flag terrorist attacks committed by NATO, working with Western European intelligence agencies and the CIA in Europe after WWII, are now being perpetrated upon the American people. The goal is the same: to prevent the rise of political opposition using a “strategy of tension.”

But political opposition to what?

For starters, opposition to mass immigration, the rapid loss of Constitutional freedoms (speech, association, guns, privacy), the revision and eradication of American history, the establishment of a totalitarian police state, all-encompassing digital surveillance, replacement (genocide) of Whites, destruction of wealth (elimination of cash and private property) and censorship of any facts or evidence that counter official narratives (a.k.a. “lies”).

The targets of this alleged shooting were country music concert goers. We can assume most were White, Christian and conservative, some may even have been Republican-voting Trump supporters. These are the kind of people who are regularly denigrated in the corporate media, smeared as racists and Nazis and who are rapidly becoming aware that they are being targeted for extinction. In other words, these are the kind of people who would likely mount a political opposition to the anti-White agenda that taints every aspect of modern American life. So the targeting of such a group is significant. Why would a purportedly wealthy White man who spends most of his time gambling want to kill these particular people? Perhaps the police will serendipitously discover a “manifesto” to tie up all the loose ends…

The Las Vegas shooting is an effective tactic in the strategy of tension, because it terrifies people into hunkering down at home and staying glued to the mendacious corporate media, who further pump up the fear and tension with disinformation and propaganda. When people are afraid, they willingly submit to the police, giving up their freedoms and independence for the false sense of security and protection afforded by depending on the duplicitous State.

Those who are pulling the strings behind events such as these would like nothing more than for people to voluntarily restrict their movements and activities, cowering at home and overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Fear is the most powerful motivator there is, and those who want to control this world and everything in it have understood this for a long time.

I admit—I have no idea whether the Las Vegas shooting was real, fake or a false flag. But on the face of it, the story is hard to believe. First of all, how did the shooter get all that lethal hardware into his fancy suite room? Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows that you have to walk all the way through the casino just to get to the elevators that take you up to the guest rooms. The casinos do this on purpose, to tempt you into wasting as much money as possible in the casino. Did the shooter pay a bell boy to lug all those guns, hundreds of rounds/pounds of ammunition, tripods and other gear up to his 32nd floor room? Or did he do it himself over several trips, apparently unnoticed by the hotel employees, security personnel, housekeeping staff and other guests?

And you must know that these huge hotels employ a small army of security personnel who are almost certainly armed at all times. There are also LVPD onsite, and the entire facility is surveilled in real time with CCTV cameras monitored by people—especially the casino, which again, the shooter would have had to have walked through to get to his room. In fact, given the gargantuan size of these facilities, I wouldn’t be surprised if each floor or wing has its own dedicated security detail. Will we see a video of the guns going into the room? Or what the room looked like when the police broke down the door? Don’t hold your breath.

Furthermore, there were certainly security staff and police stationed at the country music concert. And as soon as the hotel windows were broken, I assume an alarm of some kind would have alerted hotel staff. So this begs the question: how was the shooter allowed to fire on the concert goers for nearly ten minutes? Why didn’t the security and police kick down the door earlier? The security and police at the concert venue must have been able to determine where the shooting was coming from. There are reports claiming “muzzle flashes” were visible from the suite room windows, although I have yet to find any video evidence of this.

The police claim they found bomb-making materials at the alleged shooter’s home. If so, why didn’t he make bombs and use them? Was he planning further attacks at a later date? If so, why did he kill himself before the police entered his room? And why did the police initially claim they killed the shooter? That seems like a pretty difficult fact to confuse.

As always, it is the video “evidence” that immediately makes me suspicious. How many of you would pull out your smartphone as you run for your life from machine gun fire to take a shaky and blurry selfie video consisting of little more than your face saying things like “oh my god, I can’t believe this is fucking happening. I just saw someone get shot in the head!” I would think the purpose of pulling out your phone would be to document the event and show us what is happening, but maybe I am underestimating the deep pervasive narcissism plaguing modern Americans.

I don’t know anything about guns, and apparently, neither did the shooter. After all, how many guns can one man shoot at a time? And how quickly can a novice reload and continue spraying bullets everywhere? But I digress. Anyway, it sounded to me like a large caliber weapon, something akin to an M60 machine gun (again, how would you get that kind of hardware into a Las Vegas casino?). From the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay to the crowd of concert goers, the distance is approximately 1,300 feet (397 meters). The effective firing range of an M60 is only 1,110 feet, so I am probably wrong about that being his weapon of choice. As I said, I don’t know what kind of automatic weapon was used, but the sucker was loud, given the elevation and distance from the venue, and based on the audio from the smartphone camera footage I have seen so far (see below for examples).

Considering the sheer number of dead and wounded, there is a suspicious lack of bodies, carnage and blood. Lots of squashed plastic Budweiser cups everywhere, though.

The crowd’s reaction in many of the videos is also curious. I would have expected to see people running for their lives. Instead, most were cowering in place, out in the open, in the line of fire. Some people can even be seen walking around casually with a beer in their hands. I heard several people say “it’s not real gunfire” or “it’s just fireworks.” And most intriguingly, “what happened?”

Shouldn’t it have been obvious what was happening?

I also found it strange that, as you will see in the video below, a private citizen’s truck was commandeered to take the wounded to hospital. Aren’t there any ambulances in Las Vegas? Medi-vac helicopters? Or how about a SWAT team? How long does it take for first responders to arrive in that town? Does it make sense to pile bodies in the back of a pickup truck and head for a random hospital when trained emergency personnel can handle the situation more effectively? In a mass casualty situation, they set up triage units onsite, and deal with the most critically wounded right then and there. Thus, someone in need of urgent care would fare better if left at the scene. They might die in the back of the truck as it gets caught in chaos and traffic, pulled to the side of the road to allow emergency vehicles through or wanders aimlessly around Las Vegas looking for an emergency room that isn’t already overwhelmed with gunshot victims.

For the record, it does not help me to deal with tragedies by assuming them to be a hoax or a false flag. I would prefer a nice, neat motive that answers all my questions. I don’t know if people really died in Las Vegas, or even if any real bullets were actually fired. I haven’t seen any evidence of either so far (but that might change in the coming days). If anything, the idea that this could have been a modern day Gladio event, or even simply staged, makes me feel worse, not better. The bottom line is this: we cannot trust anything the corporate media, police or government tells us. We must be skeptical and never accept their claims at face value. We must always ask: who benefits? What changes will this event bring about? How will it be used to further various agendas?

We are living in the most highly manipulated environment in human history. The goal of this social engineering is full spectrum dominance. A psychological war is being waged on us from all sides. Do not let negative emotions hinder your ability to think critically and ask questions.

I do not want or need to be right. I just want to know the truth.