If anyone out there was still laboring under the apprehension that the corporate media can be trusted, the news coverage of the “Unite the Right” (UTR) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is definitive proof that the corporate media is a hostile entity engaging in lies and propaganda aimed at promoting the dispossession and demonization of White people.

What you will never read in the corporate media coverage of this event gone terribly wrong is that it was the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters who caused the violence, not those who showed up to attend the UTR rally. The rally organizers obtained permission from the city to legally conduct this event, the purpose of which was to oppose the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. UTR conducted a torchlight march to the statue located in Lee Park on Friday evening while chanting “you will not replace us!” The police were on hand to remove an unlawful assembly of Left-wing and anti-White protestors, and the evening ended quickly and free of violence. I doubt that any of those protesters know that General Lee was opposed to secession, opposed to slavery and had actually been asked to lead the Union army. Lee, a native of Virginia, said he could not raise his sword against his fellow Virginians and went on to lead the South.

Saturday was the big rally, where a number of speakers were scheduled to talk about White identity, White nationalism and America’s European heritage and tradition. From paleo-conservatives and libertarians, to the alt-right and rabid 14/88ers, the rally was intended to unite all White Americans who “understand that our society is demented and degenerate and are willing to abandon all kowtowing and polite respectability towards our enemies in order to bring our land and people back from the abyss.” (Source)

On Saturday, when the UTR speakers and supporters showed up, they found that the police had blocked off the streets leading to Lee Park, forcing them to walk into what were essentially “kill zones” packed with Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs who were armed with guns, clubs, pepper spray and even a makeshift flamethrower. It is important to point out that none of the UTR leaders called for violence. The first punches were thrown by BLM and Antifa. As soon as that happened, the police declared the rally to be an “unlawful gathering” and told everyone to leave immediately. Some of the UTR group had already made it to Lee Park, despite it being blocked by protesters. The UTR supporters then had to turn around and once again walk through those hostile kill zones to comply with the police.

The police did absolutely nothing to prevent or protect any of the UTR supporters. They only forced them out of the area. In the dozens of illegal protests staged by BLM and Antifa across America since Trump was elected, the police have never forced any of them to shut it down and go home. And, in the riots we have seen in cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, the police have done little to nothing to stop or disperse the violent crowds. Yet in Charlottesville, a group that had a legal permit to stage a rally was shut down because it was attacked and defended itself. Just like the corporate media never covered the violence perpetrated against Trump supporters during the 2016 presidential election, everyone from major news outlets to the governor of Virginia are ignoring the truth and claiming UTR was to blame.

The alternative news organization Red Ice was set to livestream the event on Saturday, but as founder Henrik Palmgren was on his way to Lee Park, he discovered that his iPhone had been wiped clean and his website had been hacked and taken offline. The extent of the attack was so thorough and damaging that it is not unreasonable to assume a state entity was involved. The timing makes the reason for the hacking obvious: someone did not want the event livestreamed to the world, because they did not want the world to see what was really going on at this event. Without the livestream, no one would see BLM and Antifa violently attacking UTR. This makes it easy for the corporate media to tell the exact opposite story and paint UTR as an evil, racist, hate-filled group of Nazi White supremacists.

The violence turned deadly when someone called James Fields allegedly drove his car into a crowd of BLM and Antifa protestors, injuring a number of people and killing social justice warrior Heather Heyer. The corporate media is portraying this as a premeditated act of homicide by a UTR supporter, speculation designed to reinforce a preconceived narrative before we have all the facts, because that is one way in which the corporate media is used as a weapon against us. Even if Fields was a UTR supporter who drove into the crowd with the intention of harming or killing the protesters (rather than an act of road rage or a panicked reaction to being attacked), the UTR organizers and supporters are not responsible for his actions. Fields’ actions do not reflect the intention or purpose of this rally, nor speak for anyone who tried to attend it.

If a Muslim had been driving that car, the corporate media would be falling all over itself declaring that the driver’s actions had nothing to do with Islam. They would show genuine concern for how this incident might impact other Muslims and they would call for tolerance and understanding. But because the driver appears to be White, all White people are guilty by association.

Bottom line: If BLM and Antifa had respected UTR’s right to free speech and lawful right to hold the rally by never showing up to incite violence in the first place, no one would have been hurt or killed. Of course, it would have been helpful if the police had done their job.

In the past year, there have been several high-profile White nationalist/White identity events, including the National Policy Institute (NPI) Conference, the American Renaissance Conference, and an Identity Europa demonstration on the streets of San Francisco—none of which were shut down by the police or attacked as violently as was the UTR in Charlottesville. Why was this event different?

I strongly suspect that this event was a setup. The fact that the Red Ice livestream was hacked, the police enabled the attacks by BLM and Antifa while doing nothing to stop them and a car apparently slammed into a crowd of protesters indicates this event was meant to fail, and more than that, to shock and horrify the normies glued to their TVs on the weekend. As with most false flags, the corporate media was locked and loaded, prepared with full court coverage including quotes of condemnation from professional criminals like Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and Lindsey Graham, as well as degenerate celebrities like Lady Gaga and Seth Rogen. They used slurs like “racist,” “Nazi” and “White supremacist” even though they aren’t remotely accurate in describing what UTR was all about. In fact, if you only the watch corporate media coverage of this debacle, you will never even hear what the intended purpose of the rally was.

If this was a setup, it was done with a specific set of goals in mind. I suggest these might include curtailing our freedoms of association, assembly and speech. Intensifying internet censorship. Emboldening BLM and Antifa to even greater violence. And most importantly, demonizing White Americans.

If nothing else, the ugly events that transpired this weekend should awaken even the deepest sleepers among us. The overriding messages in the corporate media coverage of Charlottesville is plain for all to see: Explicit Whiteness is evil. Defending White interests is un-American. All White people are racist. Standing up for White heritage and traditions will not be tolerated. White history must be erased, and all White people must be replaced in the countries their ancestors built. The only good White people are the ones who cheer-lead their own demise and virtue signal with t-shirts that read “Punch more Nazis” as they march alongside BLM protesters chanting “fuck White people!”

Buckle up White people, this is only the beginning…

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