This is the most disgusting piece of political theater in recent memory. Barack Obama is a mendacious phony. If you haven’t seen this already, get a bucket ready because it may make you vomit:

Obama shedding tears over the college kids at Blacksburg and Santa Barbara, high school kids at Columbine and first graders at Newtown—first graders!—killed in mass shootings is as fake and disingenuous as anything he has ever done.

Does he get this emotional when he thinks about all the innocent men, women and children throughout the world killed on his command during his reign of terror? Does he shed the same tears for the children being murdered in Syria as you read this? How about the children blown apart by drones in Yemen? Or the Ukraine? Or Afghanistan? Or Iraq?

Does he weep when he recalls how the U.S. deliberately attacked an MSF emergency trauma hospital in Afghanistan, then drove over it with a tank in a pathetic attempt to cover up this crime against humanity?

And where are his tears of outrage and stern condemnation of the executions carried out by Saudi Arabia in recent days? Amid global outrage and protests, Obama’s voice is conspicuously absent.

The only thing this alleged Constitutional scholar seems to have learned about the U.S. Constitution is how to subvert it. His executive orders are tantamount to those of a dictator. Instead of letting Congress do its job and legislate, instead of presenting the U.S. populace with a calm, reasoned and rational argument, we get false sentiment, crocodile tears and posturing. His appeal is emotional, not rational, and therefore has a greater psychological impact on the viewer.

Appeals to emotion circumvent our logical brain, allowing bullshit like this to slip right by our rational gatekeeper and sink like a turd into the murky toilet bowl of our subconscious. After all, we cry in movies when the hero dies, right? Yet, if we think logically for a moment, we realize we are merely watching actors playing a role. None of what we see on the screen is real.

We need to understand that the news is just another show. None of what we are seeing in this video is real, either. It is a contrived spectacle, carefully choreographed, with actors purposefully positioned on their marks following a script concocted to achieve maximum emotional impact.

Isn’t it strange that Obama is able to muster up tears, yet the bearded man visible just over his left shoulder, Richard Martinez, father of supposed Santa Barbara shooting victim Christopher Martinez, never once cried on camera when talking about his son?

If you believe that a parent’s first reaction to their child’s senseless murder is to go on a national cable news network and rant angrily about the inaction of Congress and to demand stricter gun control rather than to grieve in private—and most importantly, to CRY—then you really are as stupid as Obama’s handlers, who staged this repulsive performance, assume you to be.

Despite what the media and Barack Obama want you to believe, rather than clamoring for gun control after mass shooting events, people actually run out and buy more guns and ammo. And every time Obama talks about gun control, gun sales spike. This reflects the true feelings of the American people. The 2nd Amendment allows citizens to protect themselves from the kind of government overreach and decimation of Constitutional freedoms that Obama is unilaterally pushing forward. Gun sale data reinforces the results of a new Gallup poll, which reveals Americans consider government a much bigger problem than guns. In a country where voting is a joke, democracy is a fraud, the police have been militarized and freedoms are rapidly being taken away, does anyone find this surprising?

Gang members, ruthless criminals and terrorists don’t care one bit about gun control. Stricter background checks will have no effect on these groups whatsoever. Obama’s new gun control measures and their attendant mental health protocols and similarly dubious components are designed to make it harder for law-abiding, responsible citizens to procure firearms that enable them to protect themselves, their families and their property.

The man pushing these measures lives in a heavily guarded fortress, travels everywhere surrounded by armed bodyguards, rides in bullet-proof vehicles and flies on a massive weaponized jumbo jet that allows him to control the entire U.S. government, military and its nuclear arsenal from the air. If he truly believes restricting access to guns will makes us safer, why doesn’t he put his money where his mouth is and get rid of the Secret Service? Or start taking commercial flights and public transportation everywhere he goes?

Guns clearly make Obama safer, so why should we believe the opposite will be true for U.S. citizens?