There is a strange disconnect between criminal activities attributed to Muslim refugees/asylum seekers in Europe versus the United States.

For example, New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, was marred by sexual assaults carried out by gangs of men of Middle Eastern and African origin. This was not an isolated event, but in fact appears to be part of wide-spread and coordinated gang rape activities, referred to as Taharrush games, conducted in multiple European nations. Despite the mass media downplaying or refusing to report these events, Muslims themselves not only admit these activities are happening, they actually justify them. They even go as far to say that it is acceptable to rape non-Muslims to humiliate them.

Then there is the case of a 17-year old girl in Sonderborg, Denmark, who was attacked near an asylum seekers center and forced to the ground by an English-speaking man who tried to undress her. She used pepper spray to fend him off, but now faces prosecution because it is illegal for private citizens to use pepper spray in Denmark. As of this writing, the attacker is still at large.

Last week, we learned the terrible news of 22-year old Alexandra Mezher, who was stabbed to death while working at an asylum center for children and adolescents in Mölndal, Sweden. Her attacker may have been posing as an underage orphan, as many of the undocumented refugees claim to be “unaccompanied minors” but are clearly young adult males. A majority of alleged refugees or asylum seekers are young, military age men. The mass media rarely talks about this, nor do they report on the plight of Syrian women left behind as their men flee to Europe.

Although the U.S. is also taking in Syrian and other alleged refugees and asylum seekers, we don’t hear as much about gang rapes and refugee on American violence. To be fair, the U.S. media almost never reports black-on-white crime, either. Most Americans don’t know that in 84.9% of violent crimes involving blacks and whites, blacks are the attackers. Furthermore, a Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. Yet the mass media only focuses on white police shooting black men, or incidences of alleged racism perpetrated by white people, but rarely reports on racially motivated violence perpetrated by black/brown people. When black teenagers beat up a white teenager, it is referred to as “bullying” rather than racially motivated. Consider this news report about a Marine and his wife being beaten by a group of teenagers at a movie theater conveniently omits the fact that the “unruly teens” were black.

Stories like these received limited coverage in the local news only. Now, imagine if a 12-year old black girl had been beaten by two white boys. Or a group of white teens had pummeled a black couple. Both cases would have been national news, more fuel for the anti-white fire being fanned by the mass media and promoted by cuckservatives, social justice warriors and Marxist professors in universities across the United States. You need only five minutes on YouTube to find a mind-boggling number of incidents like this.

This is similar to how the Swedish media refuses to point out that attacks and rapes are being perpetrated by men of Middle Eastern and African origin, because in Sweden, you are considered Swedish before the visa stamp ink in your passport has time to dry. Ironically, the media is reluctant to point out the race of the attackers, because that would be racist. The last thing anyone wants to be accused of is racism! Yet the attacks themselves are clearly racially motivated.

Yet this is where the similarities with Europe end. Despite the global war on terror, which for the past 15 years has revolved around the claim that Islam is evil, all Muslims are terrorists and “they hate us for our freedoms,” America has experienced a relatively small number of Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11. Most of these, like the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber and the Times Square car bomber, were so laughably incompetent they could not even carry out their simple plans, proving to be a danger only to themselves. Closer examination of any of these alleged terrorist activities, especially the underwear bomber, will reveal strong indications that these were fake terror plots to begin with. Many of them carried out by the FBI using informants and hapless dupes.

Despite the alleged existence of Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, the Islamic State, ISIL, ISIS, Daesh or whatever they are calling the faceless shadow threat this week, America is curiously immune from major attacks. Curious, because the United States is primarily responsible for the death and devastation taking place in the Middle East and Africa (and Central and South America, and Ukraine, and Yemen and practically everywhere else on this planet right now).

Take the Boston Marathon bombings, for example. There is a mountain of evidence indicating that this was a staged event, which is why YouTube has gone to great lengths to scrub their servers of videos on this subject. Same goes for the Chattanooga shootings and most recently, the San Bernardino shootings. Looking at what is happening in countries like Sweden, Germany and Denmark, it is clear Muslims from the Middle East and Africa pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of those societies.

So why is it necessary to stage fake terrorist attacks in the U.S.? If the violence in Syria and Sweden is real, surely there must be a clear and present danger in the United States as well? Yet, we have a corporate mass media that sweeps under the rug actual crimes perpetrated by black/brown people against white people, and instead focuses almost exclusively on white-on-black/brown crime, which is far less common. We are constantly told that Islam is the enemy, all Muslims are terrorists, and we are engaged in a clash of cultures, a war whose outcome will determine whether we survive or perish. At the same time, anyone who points out the reality of black/brown-on-white crimes, anyone who says we need to stop refugees and asylum seekers from entering the U.S., are dismissed as racists, bigoted nationalists and Nazis. Does anyone else notice the intentional cognitive dissonance?

No one tells us how we are supposed to distinguish between a radical Muslim insurgent and a poor innocent refugee seeking safety and help. And even when crimes similar to those in Europe occur on U.S. soil, the media avoids covering these stories, and the incident is explained using reasons other than terrorism or hate, such as “mental problems.” Yet when it comes to alleged shooters like James Holmes or Adam Lanza, we are told that it was their untreated mental problems that were a causal factor in their crimes. Consider this case, in which a woman was beaten and raped by a Muslim “immigrant” chanting Allahu Akbar.

Perhaps we are not seeing the level of rape, violence and crime in the U.S. that has been unleashed on Sweden because the U.S. is a larger country and its citizens are allowed to arm themselves with pepper spray, and more importantly, with guns. Perhaps this is the reason why the U.S. government is staging fake terrorist attacks and mass shootings. As I have said before, it should be a glaring red flag when citizens are attacked by terrorists or mentally ill mass shooters (Boston Marathon bombing, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook) and the first thing the media and government says is “we need to take away the ability of citizens to protect themselves.”

In a clash of cultures, in the case of ideologically driven hate, banning guns and pepper spray won’t make us safer, it will make us easier to kill. Baseball bats, kitchen knives and clenched fists are also extremely effective at taking lives. So are automobiles and hijacked commercial airliners. Yet the focus is always on guns. We are being coerced into relinquishing our right to defend ourselves, and instead, depend on the state to protect us. If you take events like 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and Sandy Hook at face value, the state is clearly incapable of providing us with adequate protection. If you look deeper and see that these events were in all likelihood false flags conceived, condoned or enabled by the state, then it becomes clear why we must never allow ourselves to become dependent upon the state and why our freedom, and ultimately our survival, depends on our ability to defend ourselves from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

I think the rape and violence in Europe perpetrated by men of Middle Eastern and African origin is part of an organized plan to sow seeds of chaos and destruction. In the U.S., there appears to be a deliberate attempt to downplay or ignore these same incidents, while trying to pass off staged and fake events as real to the American public.