In the wake of last week’s events, it is hard to know what to think anymore.

Both the shootings, particularly the one in Falcon Heights, look like they may have been staged. Then there is the curious change in the narrative of the Dallas police shooting, from multiple shooters, to two snipers, and now a lone gunman scenario. There are several reasons to be skeptical:

Dodgy evidence
Both videos of the CD Man shooting do not show the actual shooting. The cameras are moved at the crucial moment and no conclusive evidence is presented. The Falcon Heights shooting is also not shown, only the aftermath. We mostly see the face of the woman doing the filming, who is telling (not showing) us what is happening.

Incredulous reactions
Would your first reaction to a loved one being shot be to grab your smartphone and livestream it on Facebook? The woman shows little, if any, emotion (no fear, anger, anxiety) and no concern for the victim, not to mention her child in the backseat. She never addresses either one of them while all three are still in the car.

Disregard for protocols
Why are the police allowing the woman to continue Facebooking? Why do they allow her to hold her smartphone? Why is she allowed to continue livestreaming while in the back of the police car? Surely this is highly unusual.

Questionable timing
These events have conveniently taken all the focus off the Hillary Clinton/FBI investigation debacle. The outrage and disgust most thinking people have for the FBI and DOJ handling of Clinton’s crimes has been diverted away from where it belongs and is now being used to fan the flames of hate and division.

Contrived connections
The media was quick to note that the Dallas police shootings were the worst law enforcement casualties since 9/11. Another common thread in the ongoing psyop to which we are being subjected is to always connect these events to one another in some way. This keeps older events top-of-mind while weaving a seamless tapestry of terror aimed at scaring us into submission.

Cognitive dissonance
Cops kill black men because they are racists (bad), then cops get killed by black man (good?) because he is racist (which is OK, or at least understandable). Suddenly, sympathy for the police replaces citizen outrage and concerns about ongoing militarization. On balance, this has been a boon for the police (“courageous heroes”), as perhaps many citizens will now be more compliant and understanding of brutality (it’s a tough job, after all).

Same talking points/agenda
A “deeply disturbed” President Obama knows who to blame in all this: guns and racism. He tells us the Dallas cop killer does not represent all black people. Just like Omar Mateen does not represent all Muslims. Yet, when Dylan Storm Roof shot black people the South Carolina church, all white people are hate-filled racist murders. Anti-racist = anti-white.

The mass media gushes over the men shot in Louisiana and Falcon Heights, tells us only good things about them (never bothering to mention their rap sheets or what these men might have done to exacerbate their situations) and wonders if Philando (reminiscent of Orlando?) Castile being pulled over 52 times in 14 years was due to racial profiling? After all, we are told, it was always for “minor” issues. Like speeding.

Exceeding the speed limit is against the law, and in cases of excessive speed, can even lead to an arrest. Are we now supposed to give black drivers a pass when they speed because it might be construed as racist to enforce the law?

The most egregious aspect of all is that this reinforces the false narrative that blacks are targeted and killed by police at disproportionately higher rates than non-blacks. Yet blacks make up a lower proportion of those killed by police than what we would expect given their crime rates. In 2015, police killed twice as many whites as blacks. 2009 data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics reveal that blacks were charged with 62 percent of robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 biggest counties in the country, despite only comprising roughly 15 percent of the population in these counties. And, blacks are more likely to kill cops than be killed by them.

I don’t know if any of what we have been witness to over the past few days has been real, but given all the lies and deceit to which we have been subjected up to now, it’s only natural to be confused, frustrated and anxious. If these events are real, America is headed toward another civil war, this time fought across racial lines. If, on the other hand, these events were false flags, hoaxes or some hybrid of both, we are in even deeper trouble: The U.S. government has declared war on the American people.

Either way, we must stay vigilant. There is no harm in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that neither of the above scenarios will come to pass. But I am not optimistic.

It has been 20 years since these next two clips first aired, but they are as true now as ever. Only we have changed, or rather, been transformed. Our words (and thoughts) have become warped and strangled by political correctness, cultural Marxism (diversity = white genocide) and forced white guilt and shame. We have been told lies. Big, bold, audacious lies. These lies have been repeated so long and loud that we have come to believe them and have forgotten the truth.

Take a moment to remember when common sense, personal accountability and “keeping it real” still meant something. These are troubling times, and when things get too serious, humor is always the best remedy. Especially when it is true…