It’s finally over.

American voters stood up and gave the middle finger to the status quo. While I am no Trump supporter, I have nothing against those who voted for Trump. Given the choice we were presented with, it seemed like a no-brainer. But rather than excitement over the Trump win, I am far more pleased that Hillary Clinton lost the election. Her defeat was the best part of Election Day. I hope this is the end of horrible Hillary, and if she doesn’t slink back into the pits of hell from whence she came, she, her disgusting family and all her corrupt lackeys should be put in prison. My cup runeth over with SJW tears, from which I drink deeply with a giddy smile on my face. I am experiencing levels of schadenfreude I never thought possible.

Yet, I am not optimistic. Regular readers know I am a dyed-in-the-wool pessimist. I am cynical and jaded. I don’t trust anybody or anything. Optimism is folly to me.

As I have stated several times on this website, I believe the presidential elections are a farce. They are used to manipulate and control the American people, functioning as both a steam valve and a pressure cooker, depending on the Deep State’s agenda.

I suspect Trump’s victory was, in no small part, a result of media deceit and propaganda. Nearly all corporate media in the United States was against Trump. At the same time, the corporate media’s refusal to report on any of the legitimate claims against Hillary was so obvious and suspicious as to make me wonder: was the media bias part of a reverse-psychology psyop intended to ensure a Trump win?

After all, Hillary broke the law when she used a private email server to mishandle classified information, then broke the law again when she wiped the server clean and lied to cover it all up. The DNC was exposed as colluding with the Clinton campaign to rig the primaries, ensuring Bernie Sanders did not get the nomination. The WikiLeaks/Podesta email dumps confirmed what the Project Veritas undercover videos revealed: collusion with the mainstream media, violent intimidation tactics and voter fraud. And let us not forget one of the darkest aspects of the Clinton gang: all the suspicious deaths that seem to follow Hillary wherever she goes.

Instead, the media focused on tabloid-worthy Trump minutia. An inordinate amount of coverage was dedicated to his calling women who were unattractive and modestly endowed “ugly” and “flat-chested.” He said some illegal immigrants rape, deal drugs and murder, which was twisted into a homicidal hatred for all Mexicans. He was unscrupulously recorded bragging about the fact that women throw themselves at billionaires, making it easy to “grab their pussies.” The mainstream media lambasted Trump for things he said, most of which happened to be simple statements of fact. It is important to remember that the First Amendment protects the right to free speech—especially speech that is unpopular. Feeling offended is the responsibility of the offended. There is no law prohibiting being offensive. Mature, thick-skinned people do not need such laws.

To recap, Hillary committed a boatload of federal crimes, felony offenses and is implicated in murder, cannibalism and pedophilia. She is married to a rapist whom she has protected and enabled since bell-bottom jeans were fashionable.

On the other hand, Trump said “mean things.”

The mainstream media totally ignored all of Hillary’s wrong-doings, instead focusing on Trump’s purported sexism, racism and hate. Does anyone find it curious that Donald Trump was in the limelight for fourteen seasons of The Apprentice (2004-2015) and not one single person involved in that show ever accused him of being a sexist, racist or of spouting hate? Nope, only when he decided to wade into the murky waters of politics did these allegations rise to the surface.

During the last six months, polls cited by the mainstream media consistently showed Hillary Clinton in the lead. Trump had gone from a joke, to a contender, to a serious threat, and the media continued to focus exclusively on his odiousness. The New York Times, Washington Post and Politico were particularly biased against him, while companies like Google made no secret of their support for Clinton, even going so far as to tweak their algorithms to influence search results, and by extension, people’s perceived reality. One need look no further than the Google News website to see how misinformation and disinformation are presented as “spotlight news” and “top stories.”

If you were one of the mouth-breathing masses who still thinks the mainstream media provides news and information (as opposed to lies and propaganda), you would have been assured that Hillary was innocent and destined to win on November 8th.

Browsing headlines from mainstream media news outlets after the election, Reuters and others asked “how did we not see this coming?”

Interesting question. The same should be asked of the “evidence” justifying the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Or why we are not allowed to learn details about the TPP. Or why GMOs aren’t labeled. Or what exactly they are spraying in the skies. Or any questions at all that critically examine the Official Conspiracy Theory proffered to explain 9/11. Or any of a thousand other instances where the U.S. mainstream media completely failed in its core mission as the Fourth Estate: to function as a check on executive, legislative and judicial powers, serving a regulatory purpose on both private and public enterprise.

As ever, this begs the question: is the mainstream media inept? Or is it complicit in manipulating public opinion, obfuscating the truth, reinforcing official lies and generally misinforming the populace?

It is my contention that nothing happens by chance in this tightly controlled media matrix. And nothing happens by chance in politics, either.

So how did the media fail to realize how truly unpopular Hillary Clinton had become in the final weeks of the presidential race? How did they not see that support for Trump was overwhelming? Is it even conceivable they were genuinely blind to this reality?

After all, I saw it, and I do not even live in the United States. From early on, Trump was pulling tens of thousands of people into his rallies. Clinton could barely muster 100. The mainstream media’s myopic focus on the “mean stuff” Trump said may have prevented them from focusing on Hillary, but as I pointed out above, the real story this election cycle was the utter criminality and corruption rife in the Clinton campaign. There is no possible way the mainstream media was unaware of all that. They purposely ignored it and kept it out of mainstream news coverage. The sins of omission (censorship and silence) are worse than the sins of commission (outright lies and misinformation). The mainstream media is guilty of both.

The main takeaways for every American after this election cycle are (1) the mainstream media has lost all credibility, revealing itself as being wholly controlled by the Deep State, a weaponized propaganda tool for the globalist “elites” and (2) elections are manipulated and rigged, and the entire political process in America is corrupt and morally bankrupt.

These are just a few of the reason why I think this entire election cycle was carefully crafted to manipulate the populace into electing Trump. As with the Orlando Pulse and Sandy Hook hoaxes, this is a fact so obvious that it appears intentional. It is as if they want the public to catch on to the lies they are promoting. The American people have been so dumbed down that the mainstream media had to go out of its way to clearly show that they are biased, untrustworthy and overtly manipulating the public’s perception so that people would become outraged and vote Trump instead of Hillary.

In other words, I think the election was a double bluff. The mainstream media made it quite clear that Hillary was the Deep State’s candidate, and no matter what, she was definitely going to be installed as the next president. I thought this myself. But the obviousness of the media’s pro-Hillary bias may have actually been intended to motivate people to do the opposite and vote for Trump. With a Trump election, Americans will feel like they “won” something, as if they beat the system and delivered a stunning upset to the status quo. But this may not be the case at all. In reality, we may have, once again, been tricked into voting against our best interests.

Not that I think a Hillary presidency would be preferable. Honestly, I would prefer a third term of Obama under martial law to a Hillary presidency. At least in an Obamanation: Part 3 scenario, all pretenses would be dropped and everyone would know exactly what we were really fighting for. No more lies, bullshit posturing and coded language (I know, I know…be careful what you wish for and all that).

Believe me, I’d really like to muster up some hope that Trump will actually attempt to make America great again. But I don’t have any hope when it comes to the government and politics in general. And I certainly don’t have any hope that billionaire businessmen are going to save the day. Most of what is wrong with the world today is a direct result of the pursuit of profits over the actualization of human potential for the betterment of humanity.

I think the Deep State is well aware that the American people feel utterly betrayed by the Noble Peace Prize winner and his “hope and change” bullshit. The vitriol aimed at the status quo necessitated the selection of a president seen as an outsider, but also someone who has celebrity status, since wealth, fame and power are the measure of success in the United States and celebrities fascinate the idiotic masses. Cue Donald Trump, real estate developer extraordinaire and last hope for an America that has nowhere to go but down.

Imagine if the mainstream media had been honest about those polls, which should have shown the tremendous popularity of Trump and his likelihood of winning. Don’t you think that would have motivated the #nevertrump crowd to make sure they mobilized every single Hillary voter on Election Day? Yet the mainstream media chose to fake the polls, making us believe Hillary had a comfortable lead. This may have led to a complacency that resulted in a lower voter turnout for Hillary, as everyone assumed she was going to win in a landslide anyway.

The mainstream media purposely ignored the overwhelming evidence against Hillary, and instead pushed the “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory and claimed the FBI potentially broke the law by reopening their investigation of Hillary so close to Election Day. This enraged Trump supporters and insulted the intelligence of Americans who are still able to think for themselves.

The full-court press of negative Trump coverage was so overtly one-sided that it woke up people who had never before questioned the veracity of the mainstream media. This motivated Trump supporters to go to the polls in record numbers.

Doesn’t it seem like the media was actually doing all they could to ensure a Trump victory, while simply appearing to be all-in for Hillary?

Despite the apparent shock and surprise over the unexpected Trump win, I can’t help but think that the election went exactly as it was supposed to.