For parents, there is no greater fear than that posed by the threat of harm to one’s children. Children are the most vulnerable members of society, requiring love, guidance and protection. These are the primary duties of all parents, who are genetically predisposed to put the well-being of their children before themselves in times of peril. Even those who are not parents feel an innate duty to protect children.

Among all the evils that men do, crimes against children are the most abhorrent. When children are abused or injured, they not only suffer physically and mentally—their innocence is also taken away in the most brutal and inhumane way.

There is mounting evidence that points to elite involvement in the organized sexual and physical abuse of children. This appears to be a global phenomenon. We are not talking about the disgusting behavior of a few social deviants, but ritualistic pedophilia engaged in by cretins who consider themselves to be our moral and intellectual superiors, including religious and political leaders.

Most of us are familiar with the systemic child rape that occurs in the Catholic Church. The only thing more shocking than the abuse itself are the lengths to which the Catholic Church will to go to deny, cover up and dismiss any and every claim brought against it.

One of the first instances of organized pedophilia I became aware of was the Franklin child abuse scandal involving widespread sexual abuse at the Boys Town foster home in Nebraska. Involving several prominent wealthy businessmen, upper-echelon political figures, high-level legal officials and even police, this child prostitution ring for wealthy elites operated with impunity for several decades before being exposed.

It has long been a not-so-well-guarded secret in Washington DC that Congressional pages are preyed upon by members of Congress. There is a mountain of evidence that “members of the world’s most powerful and wealthy ruling class have for decades been regularly engaging in predatory violent and sexual acts involving the most brutal and perverse crimes including ritualistic torture of underage children and even murder.” (Source)

U.S. billionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has become infamous for his private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” on which it is alleged “girls as young as 12 provided sexual favors for the financier’s most powerful friends.” (Read more) Flight logs indicate some of Epstein’s passengers included former president Bill Clinton (26 times!), actor Kevin Spacey and even president-elect Donald Trump, who describes Epstein as a “terrific guy.”

Many in the U.S. have never heard of British DJ and TV personality Jimmy Saville, a former children’s show host who is alleged to have abused more than 500 children and had sex with dead bodies—he may even have been a serial killer. What is worse, senior management at the BBC knew about Saville but turned a blind eye, possibly because Saville was very close with the British royal family and had received an OBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the Queen. Saville was known for his charitable work, which enabled him to prey on seriously ill children in the hospitals where he volunteered. Despite the first allegations against Saville being levied in 1963, he was never charged with any crimes before his death in 2011 at the ripe old age of 84.

The entertainment world seems to be filled with degenerate scum like Saville, and Hollywood is certainly no exception. I have heard it said that you need to be either Jewish or gay (or both) to succeed in Hollywood, as these two groups control most of it. It is also worth mentioning that the porn industry, like Hollywood and the music industry, is run almost exclusively by Jews.

For more evidence about systemic pedophilia in Hollywood, there is a new documentary called An Open Secret.

Now, there is an even bigger scandal, known as Pizzagate, because a pizza restaurant called Comet Ping Pong is at the epicenter of child sex abuse allegations. The mainstream corporate media is desperate to cover this up and make it go away. The Deep State and their “elite” spokespeople like Barack Obama have declared a war on “fake news” partly in an attempt to discredit anyone engaged in researching and spreading this information. Everyone from to the New York Times is calling Pizzagate a hoax. Reddit has deleted the Pizzagate subreddit dedicated to compiling the findings of independent researchers, civil journalists and alt-media outlets.

Here are some pictures from the James Alefantis Instagram account:

It is vital that as many people become aware of this as possible. Unlike the above examples of organized pedophilia, this is happening right now and we need to shed light on it to shut it down permanently. The so-called “elites” who look down on us with disgust as if we are a bunch of ignorant proles must be held accountable this time. Pizzagate involves people at the highest levels of the U.S. government, including the Clintons and Barack Obama. These people are sick and evil and they no longer have any credibility or authority in the eyes of those of us who see what is going on.

First, the gay agenda was forced on America, culminating in the legalization of gay marriage. We have all been conditioned to believe that sexual preference is a choice that must be tolerated and never discriminated against. The next step is to normalize pedophilia. Sounds crazy?

Pedophilia: A disorder, not a crime by (((Margo Kaplan))) (New York Times)

I’m a pedophile, but I’m not a monster by Todd Nickerson (

Born this way: Sympathy and science for those who want to have sex with children by Cord Jefferson (

Not all pedophiles are bad people—we need to have a sense of proportion by Glenn Wilson (Independent UK)

According to these articles, pedophilia is, at most, a disorder. Pedophiles aren’t bad people or monsters, they deserve our sympathy. There is even a scientific basis for the desire to have sex with children. Can’t we have a sense of proportion when it comes to this lifestyle choice?

It was only a few years ago when similar claims sounded equally as outrageous to the majority of Americans:

Homosexuality is, at most, a disorder. Gays aren’t bad people or monsters, they deserve our sympathy. There is even a scientific basis for the desire to have sex with the same gender. Can’t we have a sense of proportion when it comes to this lifestyle choice?

If Pizzagate continues to deepen, exposing the sickness that infects the very core of the U.S. government, from the back alleys of Washington DC to the White House, perhaps these articles will be held up as a defense for people like James Alefantis, the Podesta brothers and other degenerates who frequent Comet Ping Pong. As a parent, there is no excuse imaginable that would justify letting those involved slink away without being held accountable and punished.

Pizzagate is evidence of something very wrong in America. Our freedoms and privacy are rapidly being taken away by the kind of people who hang out at Comet Ping Pong. These are the people who are making decisions and taking actions in our name that threaten peace and stability throughout the entire planet. We can no longer afford to wait for hope and change. It is not coming. Instead, we must expose this disgusting inhuman filth and remove them from power. The system is totally fucked and we must replace it or perish. There is no other option.

This is the biggest news story in the United States, but the mainstream corporate media is busy trying to bury it. Please inform yourself and share what you have learned with as many people as you can.