This article is a detailed critical analysis of claims made in the video titled Q—The Plan to Save the World. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching it (above) before reading any further. I was unaware of the Q phenomenon until recently, and saw this video for the first time just this week. I do not follow Q or any of the interpretations, so this analysis is based purely on information presented in the video.

Briefly, “Q anon” is purported to be a person or group of people in the White House close to President Trump. The “Q” refers to the high-level government security clearance this entity claims to have. Q messages are referred to as “intel drops” consisting of enigmatic statements and questions. To establish credibility, Q has posted photos allegedly taken from inside Air Force One. And more than once, Q intel drops have included words or phrases later used by Trump in public statements, which would appear to be more than mere coincidence.

The typical Q drop involves a series of questions apparently meant to encourage people to pay attention to certain information, events or people. But they are far from straight forward and open to interpretation. Here is an example from January 11:

If a woman is selected as the nominee does that eliminate the wrap up smear re: sexual assault?
What other tactics might be planned to block and/or force name removal?
Why is the Senate important?
Who controls the Senate?
Enjoy the show.

I am skeptical about Q, primarily because of the ambiguous nature of the “intel” we are presented with. Why is the information so vague? The intel drops read more like a high school pop quiz than actionable intelligence. The above message appears to be referring to the impending vacancy on the Supreme Court when Ruth Bader Ginsberg shuffles off this mortal coil and finally sinks into the depths of hell where she belongs. The last line is what raises a red flag for me: Enjoy the show. Politics is theater, the mass media is spectacle aimed at mind control—so much of our modern world is merely a phony “show” aimed at manipulation and deceit. Why should we assume Q is legitimate rather than simply another mode of disinformation?

I do not know who made this video, but I doubt it was an amateur YouTuber. It is supposed to be from Q itself? Clearly, it is a professional production. It employs dramatic images, music, narration and other rhetorical elements to great effect, evoking a strong emotional and psychological reaction in the viewer. These elements combine to make the message as convincing and real as possible.

This video has been translated into more than 20 languages. This is not typical for most YouTube videos, even those posted by popular channels with millions of subscribers. Clearly, the message in the video is intended for the wider world and not just the American public.

In the first five minutes the video generally tells the truth, but effective propaganda commonly mixes truth with lies to heighten believability. This video is no exception, and if we pay careful attention, we see that there are a number of dubious claims sprinkled throughout.

The narrator claims that the criminals who have turned our world into misery are themselves “about to be permanently eradicated from the Earth.” Criminals are defined in the video as “those who choose personal gain over the rights of others and have no regard for the law.” This implies that all laws are fair and necessary, and that they must be obeyed.

In addition to being one of the most over legislated and legalistic nations on Earth, many things that are legal in the United States violate the law of the land—the US Constitution—such as the Federal Reserve Act and income taxation, while other laws enable the government to legally steal from us, such as eminent domain and civil asset forfeiture. However, there is a difference between what is legal and what is lawful, and the Deep State takes full advantage of our ignorance of this difference.

If the criminals running our country also make the laws, it stands to reason that at least some of those laws themselves are criminal, too.

Like the Q intel drops themselves, the video is quite vague. Sandy Hook Elementary is shown as the words “weaknesses of human nature” are spoken. It is not clear whether this is being offered up as an example of the senseless violence plaguing our society, or if it is meant to imply that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, part of the smoke and mirrors used to deceive and control us. Leaving the viewer to decide for themselves based on personal beliefs and biases subtly reinforces the legitimacy of the video’s message because it can mean whatever we want it to. This is why I think the interpretations of Q intel drops are also unreliable.

Capitalism and communism are presented as opposing economic/governance models, but they are actually part of the same continuum posited by Karl Marx (namely, that feudalism leads to capitalism, then socialism and finally communism). The video tells us that these systems are not the cause of our problems, which subtly reinforces their legitimacy as permanent features of the status quo. Curiously, there is no explicit mention of the Cultural Marxism plaguing our society today, nor the millennial generation’s open embrace of socialism.

The Federal Reserve, the Oval Office, the EU (Brussels) the Vatican and the Crown (British royals) are implicated as being captured or compromised by the criminals, but the United Nations is not mentioned at all. Nothing is said about Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 or the climate change scam. The word “technocracy” is never used.

We must keep in mind that lying involves not only telling untruths, but also omitting the truth altogether.

When the narrator says “where are all the good guys?” a military aircraft is shown, implying that the military are the good guys. We can rest assured they are on our side. Then we are told that “good people just want to get married, have kids, make a living and enjoy their liberty.” This a very strange way to define good people. It sounds more like compliant slaves.

In modern society, marriage is a legal status that affects taxation and a variety of other state-controlled aspects of our life. Do we really need to the government involved in our romantic/familial relationships? And why do we have to “make” a living? Why can’t we just live? Humans are the only animals on this planet that must pay to live here. We have to work to live, i.e., to earn the fiat money we need to pay for basics like food and shelter, something our ancestors did not have to do until the advent of “civilization.” The implication is that good people participate in this parasitic system. And the system must be “saved” and preserved at all costs.

We are supposed to enjoy our liberty, but liberty and freedom are not the same thing. Liberty is something granted to us from a superior. Freedom is what we are born with—it is what we truly are. I prefer actual freedom and sovereignty to a government granting me permission to take my liberty.

The real red flags in this video begin when it claims JFK was one of the good guys. The Kennedy family made its fortune as criminals—bootlegging booze during the Prohibition Era—using its wealth presumably to pay off police, judges and federal agents to look the other way, then leveraging its power and connections to enter politics, which eventually catapulted JFK to the White House. There are a variety of theories as to why JFK was killed and who did it, all of which make him look like a tragic would-be savior. In the criminal world, when one criminal gang member kills another, no one is redeemed or canonized simply by virtue of having been murdered. I have serious doubts about the validity of the JFK mythology.

The claim that “Reagan also had good intentions for the American people” is patently absurd. Regan was perhaps the first puppet president in America. He was a B-movie actor playing the greatest role of his life. In his second term, he was clearly suffering from Alzheimer’s, sometimes sleeping his way through important meetings. George HW Bush was running the show, just like his partner in crime Dick Cheney during the dark years of George W. Bush. As someone who grew up in 1980s America, I remember quite well how damaging Reaganomics (a.k.a. “trickle-down” economics) was for the majority of working-class Americans. This is where the video strays from telling half-truths and descends into pure propaganda. But it gets worse.

The video claims that every president after Regan was a Deep State operative, and implies that each one was responsible for the economic violence, destructive wars and social decay we have suffered ever since. But the Deep State itself is not revealed. Who is the Deep State? Who is controlling the US president? Who is dictating US economic, foreign and military policies? This is never explained beyond nebulous terms like “cabal,” “criminals” and “bad guys.”

When investigating a crime, we must first ask: who benefits? This is how we uncover who the perpetrators are.

Examples provided in the video of the depths to which America has sunk include opioids and Middle East wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The opioid epidemic has substantially benefited the Jewish-American Sackler family, who own Purdue Pharma, the company that developed OxyContin. And wars in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the Middle East in general benefit only Israel, as they further the Greater Israel Plan to expand that country far beyond its current borders.

The rhetorical elements of the video, driven by the hypnotic sound effect added to the narration, kick into high gear around the six-minute mark. The dramatic music surges as the video begins to feel more and more like a slickly produced Hollywood blockbuster movie trailer. We are even told this will be “the greatest story every told.” That phrase has always referred to the story of Jesus Christ, a savior. Telling a story isn’t necessarily the same thing as telling the truth. And simply believing in something does not make it true, no matter how much hope it gives you or how good it makes you feel.

We are told that “some good people still held positions of power. They valued humanity and the rule of law…and were making plans of their own.” The video shows various high-ranking military figures during this segment, further equating the military with the “good guys.” Admittedly, I am not familiar with many of these men, but I assume at least some of them have already quit or been fired since this video was created. If so, and these were the good guys, why did Trump get rid of them?

We are told that the information age has not only enabled mass surveillance, but also an “opportunity to put an end to criminal control over the world,” because now the criminals can be tracked just like we all are. But wait—isn’t this whole digital revolution part of the criminal global control matrix to begin with? Isn’t it possible that the criminals have access to technologies we don’t, something that shields them from surveillance?

Furthermore, how were the “good guys” even able to concoct this plan to save the world without being surveilled themselves? After all, the NSA is a key player in all this. It is the military’s own intelligence agency. Yet somehow, the military is also supposed to be our savior.

The viewer is repeatedly encouraged to support the US military, yet this is the force responsible for most of the “wars, economic disaster, famines and displacement” mentioned at the beginning of the video. Since 1776, the US has been at war for 225 out of 242 years. Wars (covert and overt) waged by the US military in the Middle East and Africa are driving displacement in the form of “refugees” to Western nations. With the US dollar as the global reserve currency, American fiscal policy affects every other country. This enables the US to engage in disastrous economic violence, which is every bit as destructive as military violence, not to mention a driver of displacement in the form of “economic migrants” into Western nations.

The video claims that the Deep State makes massive purchases of heroin from the Taliban, yet it was the Taliban who eradicated 99% of heroin production in Afghanistan before the US invasion in 2001. Since then, heroin production has skyrocketed in Afghanistan, while at the same time, America is in the midst of an unprecedented opioid epidemic. This is certainly no coincidence, and begs the question: Is the US military helping or hindering opiate production in Afghanistan?

The video enters fantasy land at the eight-minute mark with its unveiling of “The Plan.” The video claims that we are faced with only two options: stage a military coup to regain control of the government, or take control of the NSA to expose and arrest the criminals.

We are told that a military coup would be very “troubling for the public” but I think it would mostly be very troubling for the criminals who have infiltrated our government. Obviously, the American people are no match for the State and its massive military apparatus, so a grassroots coup is out of the question. A military coup is the only kind of coup possible. Inexplicably, we are told that Americans would “revolt and hurt themselves and others” in the event of a military coup due to their preoccupation with “cabal-engineered social issues.” This ignores that fact that, even without a military coup, many Americans see an inevitable civil war on the horizon anyway. And, it makes the American people sound like petulant children who need taking care of.

The video claims the only way to “legitimately win” is the second option. We must be aware of and avoid falling into traps like binary thinking and the TINA (there is no alternative) framing of issues—these are often employed to divide and deceive people while excluding other possibilities. Surely, there are other options available than just these two.

Supposedly, the “good guys” asked Donald Trump to run for president because “they needed a candidate who could win—and win big…it would need to be a very decisive victory.” Trump won 45.9% of the popular vote and 56.5% of the electoral vote. I’m not sure whether or not we can call that a decisive victory. The video claims that electronic voting machines were tampered with, presumably to the detriment of Trump. And, if the Deep State truly does control the government, then they must also control the electoral college. They certainly have mass media at their beck and call. Nevertheless, Trump was still able to win. How? Why?

We are supposed to believe that the US military and “their global partners” saw Donald Trump, a real estate developer from New York City who builds hotels and casinos, as their last, best hope for taking back control of America. This plays into the false narrative that Trump is a political outsider, and therefore not corrupted by “the swamp” in DC. The video never tells us who these global partners are, which is curious considering the leaders of most western nations (Trudeau, Merkel, May, Macron et al) openly despise Trump.

Donald Trump is not an outsider, he is as establishment as they come. He is deeply indebted to the banking cartel and has a blood connection to the US military-industrial complex: His uncle, John G. Trump, was a military officer and government agent who worked on the National Defense Research Committee and was recognized by the US and UK governments for his service. He is also the man who the US government sent to seize Nikola Tesla’s papers and laboratory after he died. These have since “gone missing” (or perhaps were purposely hidden), resulting in Tesla’s discoveries and achievements remaining unknown to the general public. The “J” in Donald J. Trump is in honor of his Uncle John, who was very much part of the Deep State and some of its more nefarious pursuits.

Trump is referred to as a patriot who loves America. Keep in mind that when politicians and corporate leaders talk about how they love America, we can assume what they really mean is that they love the corrupt system that enables them to steal from us and accumulate more wealth and power for themselves. No matter what, this system must be maintained at all costs and they will stop at nothing to protect the status quo.

The video tells us that Trump “was not interested in joining the cabal, mainly because they hated America and he did not agree with them on that point.” This is a very weird statement. Did he agree with the cabal on other points? And does anyone believe that Donald Trump, a billionaire infamous for impulsively firing people, really cares about all working-class Americans? Watch the documentary You’ve Been Trumped to understand just how callous his elitism truly is.

Even after Trump won the election, “the cabal still had no idea what he was part of, and the sophisticated plan that was about to unfold against them.” If this is true, then what is the point of this video? To give the cabal a head’s up? This is hardly the “4-D chess” nonsense Trump supporters like to convince themselves with.

If this video was created by the “good guys” to ease our minds and let us know that help is on the way, they have foolishly leaked their carefully concealed plan to the cabal. And if this video was made by a member of the public who somehow figured all this out on their own by uncovering certain aspects of The Plan, doesn’t it stand to reason that the cabal, with the NSA and all the other tools at their disposal, could also learn about The Plan before it could be fully executed? Given the censorship and de-platforming YouTube engages in, why is this video even still available on YouTube?

The video implies that Trump has already succeeded, presumably because he won the election. The cabal has tried everything in its power to take back control, but Super Trump is like Teflon—nothing sticks.

The video concludes with what sounds like the plot from countless cheesy action movies. “The world is currently experiencing a dramatic covert war of biblical proportions, literally the fight for Earth, between the forces of good and evil.” There’s that binary thinking again. And let’s not forget, “wars of biblical proportion” implies Old Testament stories about the Jews wiping out anyone and everyone Yahweh tells them to smite.

To be clear, I’m not claiming the Jews are behind and control everything, but it is a simple fact that they are disproportionately represented in the media, academia, the art world, publishing, movies and TV, finance and on the Supreme Court, making their influence on American society hardly insignificant. Yet the video doesn’t mention Jews or Israel at all, with the exception of a brief image of Benyamin Netanyahu when the narrator says “While a lot is improving, it still puzzles many that most of these known criminals are still free.” Again, the viewer is left to interpret what this means based on their own cognitive biases.

Despite the bleakness of our situation, we are supposed to take heart because the narrator unaccountably claims that “it appears the good guys are winning.” At this point, we can assume by “good guys” he means the real estate developer and his cabinet advisors, a rag-tag bunch of Goldman Sachs bankers and corporate executives. And, of course, the US military, which is right now blowing up the Middle East in the name of decent, hard-working but woefully ignorant Americans who are too distracted by sports and Netflix to notice or care.

As evidence of all this winning, the video mentions the warming relationship between North and South Korea (not something Trump had anything to do with) and the defeat of ISIS. Considering that the US government/military created, trained, armed and funded ISIS to begin with, I suppose it is possible that they still control them enough to get them to stand down, at least until they need to use them again. But I am not aware of any evidence to back up the claim that ISIS has been defeated. If anything, the ongoing military folly in the Middle East is creating legions of new, genuine terrorists.

We are given a false sense of hope with the claim that “our biggest global concerns are starting to recede and peace is returning.” Funny, because I see the world moving in the exact opposite direction. Yet this, too, is provided as “evidence that the good guys are winning the war.” Anyone out there still falling for the “hope and change” flimflam in 2019?

Near the end, the video reveals that “The good guys, with control over the NSA, began the Q intelligence dissemination program to invoke an online grassroots movement called ‘The Great Awakening.’”

Keep in mind that intelligence is not neutral. It can be actionable or worthless. A program to disseminate intelligence can be beneficial, but it can also be part of a propaganda campaign (counterintelligence) or a psychological operation (psyop) aimed at manipulating and deceiving.

Q is supposed to keep the public informed “when the Deep State war breaks out onto the surface.” But won’t this also keep the Deep State informed as to the progress of the The Plan? What an odd military strategy, to announce your secret plan of attack before it has been successfully executed.

At the beginning of the video, we were told that The Plan for the bad guys was “permanent eradication from the Earth,” but near the end of the video, we are promised only high-profile arrests of “famous politicians, actors, singers, CEO’s and celebrities.” Are we to assume that the courts, judges and lawyers are actually honest and trustworthy? That the criminals will face true justice under the law? Has this ever been the case in America?

I can understand the roles that politicians and CEOs play in the Deep State, but why arrest actors, singers and celebrities? Perhaps I underestimated the intelligence and power of people like Adam Sandler, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian. We will not be truly free until Beyoncé is in jail! All jokes aside, I am fully onboard with the notion that Justin Bieber has done some very bad things that are (regrettably) “fully known and documented and deserve to be severely punished.”

The narrator curiously states “Those of us who have followed Q since the beginning will be here to help you make sense of upcoming events.” Why would we need an anonymous stranger to help us interpret messages from another anonymous stranger? Up to now, the narrative of the video has been so simple a child could follow it. This is a story about bad guys doing bad things and good guys who are fighting them to make everything good again. The good guys are going to arrest the bad guys and put them in jail. This also happens to be the plot in every episode of Cagney & Lacey.

Given that the “intelligence” disseminated by Q is cryptic and vague, I suppose most Americans need all the help they can get to make sense of it. But why would we need to be kept in the loop at all? Do we play a role in The Plan? If so, how do we join the fight against “powerful criminals who had too much power” and “the greatest force of evil the world has ever known?”

Simple: Trust the plan.

In other words, just sit back and enjoy the show as the “brave patriots who risked their lives to achieve this victory” do all the heavy lifting. Given the use of the past tense in the narration, it appears most of the work is already done. Don your MAGA hat, grab the popcorn and get ready for all the winning!

The video ends by calling us “slaves” and telling us to “buckle our seat belts,” literally, to physically restrain ourselves, which prevents us from taking action or getting involved in any way.

So, what is Q? I don’t know, but here are some possibilities.

Perhaps this is government propaganda aimed at pacifying an American populous on the brink of civil unrest? A ploy to keep the rats running on the wheel and society staggering forward while the elites pilfer what is left of the wealth and assets held by the 99.9%? This how the world ends, with a whimper and not a bang.

Or, on the contrary, is Q a psyop aimed at actually fomenting civil unrest to justify martial law and a permanent police state? If no one is ever arrested, nothing changes for the better and the hopeful dreamers lose interest in Q’s riddles, will they turn to anger and violence?

Given the rhetoric and emotional appeals in the video, it is also possible that Q is a brilliantly conceived campaign stunt to help Donald Trump get reelected in 2020. It is definitely similar to the way he communicates (short sentences, simple ideas) and the way he probably views himself (as a savior). After all, this is a man who had a successful reality TV show and knows how to manipulate the media.

It may also be possible that the intel drops are actually generated by AI. Last week, the 20-qubit IBM Q System One was unveiled, a quantum computer in a box referred to simply as “Q.” This would certainly explain the cryptic nature of the drops, since the technocrat mind does not work like those of normal people. In a world where AI bots write news stories, this possibility may not be as far-fetched as you think.

The Q phenomenon reminds me of the “flat Earth” propaganda, which seems intended to discredit people trying to point out actual crimes and conspiracies through guilt by association. Q seems almost custom made for the “conspiracy theorist” Alex Jones fans out there. Thus, Q may simply be yet another aspect of the divide and conquer strategy ripping our nation into pieces.

In the final analysis, the video implies many things but actually provides little to nothing in the way of details or evidence. The only clear message I came away with was that Donald Trump is here to save us and we are supposed to trust and support the military. This is reminiscent of the “Support the Troops” propaganda campaign during the first Gulf War. Americans were encouraged to support the troops—to focus on the people (portrayed as good patriots fighting for our freedoms) while ignoring what they were actually engaged in (illegal wars of aggression and crimes against humanity).

We must keep in mind, however, that the US military has essentially become the attack dog of Israel. It has hundreds of bases throughout the world, many in countries where the people virulently oppose their presence. It has repeatedly violated international law by invading countries that pose no threat to the US. It has killed millions of innocent civilians since the global war on terror was launched in 2001. Clearly the soldiers themselves are conflicted about what they are ordered to do, as evidenced by the stark reality that US soldiers commit suicide in larger numbers than are killed in combat. And let’s not forget the shameful way the Veterans Administration treats wounded and mentally scarred veterans, cynically referred to as “heroes” by a government run at its highest levels by civilians who have never seen a day of combat in their lives.

I think it very likely that Q is a psyop created by the Deep State itself. It is the same empty promise of hope and change we have been subject to since Obama’s campaign in 2008. Q may simply be nothing more than a cynical ploy to scam the weary among us who are utterly disgusted with our government and are desperate for something to believe in.

If Q is not a Deep State psyop, then it means that the military, with President Donald Trump as its Commander-in-Chief, is our only hope for defeating the bad guys. And if this is the case…we are very likely doomed.