Weirdness abounds in the latest “terrorist” attacks in America, both of which were allegedly perpetrated by Muslim Americans, although President Obama stresses they had nothing to do with Islam. Even when the shooting was accompanied by the dread refrain “Allahu Akbar!”

The bombings in NY/NJ are suspicious because, like the Underwear, Shoe and Times Square bombers, suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was utterly incompetent and (fortunately) failed to kill anyone (although we are told 28 people were injured in the blast). The evidence (a handwritten note on one of the unexploded bombs, a “manifesto”) linking him to the devices is laughably obvious, like a bad Hollywood movie plot device reminiscent of the pristine passport from a 9/11 hijacker found at ground zero. And no one can explain why the police found him fast asleep in the doorway of a building when he was supposedly on the run from police. Most glaring of all: no motive. Scott Creighton has provided us with an excellent in depth analysis of this event, which I encourage everyone to read.

Speaking of no motive, the police are equally as confounded when it comes to why Arcan Cetin shot five people in a Macy’s in Burlington, WA. The alleged shooter is described as having been “zombie-like” during his arrest. For those of you paying attention, this should bring to mind James Holmes, the young man who was convicted of the Aurora, CO movie theater shootings in July 2012. Right after the shootings, he was found inexplicably standing behind the theater in a zombie-like state.

It is significant to note that all three of these men were acting noticeably out of character, suspiciously subdued or zombie-like as if under the influence of a mind-altering substance. These are also indications of the effects of mind control, based on what we know about the CIA’s Project MKUltra.

These events are in no way analogous to 9/11, and certainly don’t justify the endless global war on terror waged for the past 15 years. They don’t even warrant the erosion of privacy and freedom the government alleges makes us safer. If anything, they prove that the PATRIOT Act, the TSA, NSA PRISM and all that other bullshit is huge waste of time and money. Clearly, they have little if anything to do with terrorism.

The point I am trying to make here is that these recent events have all the earmarks of a false flag (the bombings) and an active shooter drill (Macy’s) being presented as having actually occurred. How else can we account for a perp without a car who mysteriously manifests a gun and randomly shoots at people in a Macy’s, achieving a 100% kill ratio? And why were the dead bodies left inside the mall all night? This is what we were told happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, even though police, fire department , EMT and other first responders are not legally able to declare someone dead, but instead have a an obligation to get the wounded to a hospital as quickly as possible. Only a medical doctor can legally declare someone dead. Yet at Sandy Hook, just as in Macy’s, those who were shot were left lying on the floor for hours. Is it possible some of them might not have been dead, and might have been saved if they had been taken to a hospital? Or is this an indication that these events were staged and no one was actually hurt or killed? We may never know. Does anyone even care?

The analysis I linked to above speculates that these most recent events were timed to serve as a distraction to the intentional U.S.-led attack on Syrian forces—the very people the U.S. is supposed to be fighting for—as ISIS fighters cheered them on, then rushed in to take their position, which had been decimated by the American coalition. Or didn’t you know about that?

Then, before we could catch our breath, more violence erupted. First, a White female police officer shot an unarmed Black man in Tulsa, OK. She said she feared for her safety because the man was so much bigger than she was. There is video evidence of the incident, the officer admitted she made a bad decision and she is now charged with first degree manslaughter. You might think this would ignite another massive protest and civil unrest by BLM, but no. It was a second incident, this time in Charlotte, NC, that kicked off the chaos.

A Black police officer killed a Black man. It is unclear as to whether he was armed with a book or a gun, but the circumstances surrounding the killing are murky and full of contradictions. The rioting and looting that resulted were described by the mass media as “mostly peaceful protests” despite the fact that, as we saw in Milwaukee last month, White people were being targeted for beatings or worse. Never mind the fact that it was a Black cop that did the shooting.

Anyway, like me, you are probably tired of hearing about these particular events. But they got me to thinking: Is it possible that the Tulsa shooting was a tragic mistake by a female officer who maybe never should have been a cop in the first place, while the Charlotte shooting was either intentional or staged to further exacerbate racial tensions?

Remember Walter Scott? He was the Black man shot by police in Charleston, SC (April 2014), an incident that was captured on video. Refresh your memory.

I am fairly confident that what we see in the Walter Scott video is fake. No dark blood staining the green t-shirt, the heavyset man keeps running despite multiple gunshots at nearly point blank range. Also, notice how obvious the cop is about planting the Taser near Scott’s body. And more than anything, note that the police are fully aware somebody is filming their every move.

The reason I think this shooting was a hoax is because Live Leak has hundreds of videos of real shootings on it. If you can stomach it, watch a few and then compare them with the Scott shooting. The difference is glaring obvious.

Back to the Charlotte shooting. The victim’s name was Keith Scott. Same last name as the man purportedly killed by police in Charleston. Also, there are allegations that the police plated a gun near the dead “bookworm’s” body. As I have pointed out numerous times, these false flags/hoaxes are always connected to one another in some way. Names, dates and places are supposed to remind us of other past events. Just days after the Orlando Pulse event, another dubious shooting was live-streamed on Facebook, the victim’s name was Philando Castile.

As I watched the chaos in Charlotte, a city I spent some time in as a young man and a place where I formed many fond memories, a thought popped into my head: What if Keith Scott was unarmed and actually shot and killed for no reason at all? What if some rogue element in the Charlotte police department had been tapped to execute an innocent Black man to foment civil unrest? This is certainly not outside the realm of possibility. This is the kind of thing that happens in so-called third-world countries all the time. And some parts of America have definitely devolved into third-world country status.

If events like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Orlando Pulse shooting were staged events aimed at restricting or eliminating gun ownership, eroding privacy and ramping up the police state, would it really be beyond the pale for impromptu hit teams to target random citizens for political aims? After all, if the U.S. government was complicit in 9/11, doesn’t that prove that the Deep State has no qualms about killing U.S. citizens? Obama and Eric Holder were certainly working in tandem to push the racism narrative and amplify the call for stricter gun control. Mass shootings have skyrocketed under President Obama. Is it possible that our Black president, Black AG, Black police chiefs and Black police officers have been conspiring to brainwash Americans and incite a race war?

These latest events are coming so fast and furious, presenting us with mixtures of real bombs by possibly fake terrorists, fake shootings presented as real deaths, a Black man shot by a White cop (all but ignored) and a Black man (with a gun…or was it a book?) deliberately shot to death by a Black cop leading to a massive riot, violence, looting, beatings and more death…how are we supposed to process all of this at once, much less determine what is real and what is not?

This is all part of the massive psyop being perpetrated on the American people. The cognitive dissonance created by these events short-circuits our critical thinking, fills us with fear and uncertainty and deepens our need for order to spare us from all this chaos. This is manipulation on an unprecedented scale. We are being made to beg for the very chains that bind us: the coming “order” is what we have to fear most of all.

“If you don’t understand the concept of ‘order out of chaos,’ then you’ll never understand a thing.” —Brandon Smith