There are a few axiomatic truths that we dare not mention in 2018. All men are not created equal. Race is real, and the differences between races is more than skin deep. Racial differences, like differences in intelligence, are biological. There is a genetic basis for these differences.

No matter how much we deny, ignore or fight against nature, nature will always win. This is because, rather than standing against nature, we are part of it. Going against nature is really a futile fight against ourselves. The further we remove ourselves from nature, the more self-destructive our actions become.

One of the most fundamental aspects of human nature is the tendency toward tribalism. Tribalism is an integral component of every race on the planet, but something that is denied to White people. The thinking here is that, if and when White people gather as a tribe, the eventual outcome will be gas chambers and ovens.

Yet the same type of person who subscribes to such nonsense remains steadfastly and willfully ignorant of the genocide—and worse, the fratricide—perpetrated by other tribes. Take, for example, the murder of the Hutu by the Tutsi in Rwanda (1,000,000 dead), Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China (45,000,000 dead) or the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia (60,000,000 dead).

World War II killed 70,000,000 people, of which over 30,000,000 were civilians. But for some reason, the focus is only ever on The Six Million. Despite the much larger death tolls mentioned above, we are supposed to believe that the Lost Tribe of Israel are the most important victims in all of history. Over 70 years after the end of WWII, Hollywood is still cranking out movies about the Holocaust™ like it just happened yesterday. Yet few, if any of us, have ever heard of the Holodomor, during which Joseph Stalin killed 10,000,000 Ukrainians. Apparently, some tribes matter more than others.

The communism of Mao and Stalin is the product of a Jewish mind (Karl Marx). The Bolsheviks were led by and consisted mostly of Jews (Lenin, Trotsky) who hated Russia, the Russian people and the Orthodox Church. Thus, the Cultural Revolution in China and the Communist Revolution in Russia demonstrate poisonous Jewish thinking taken to its genocidal extreme. What other evidence do we need to prove the power and influence even a small tribe can wield?

This is why Whites must never be allowed to identify as race. This is why we are told that Whiteness is a social construct. This is why we are told we have no culture. This is why we are deliberately cut off from our tribal origins, and why our natural tribal instincts are derailed and rerouted into time wasting pursuits like sports. When organized as a tribe, we are a force unlike any other. Whites are the main obstacle to the technocratic globalization being imposed upon us by a hostile elite. We must be stopped at all costs.

Just as one’s favorite sports team serves as a proxy for tribe, so does the deliberate and aggressive imposition of identity politics, which has been overtly used to socially engineer the U.S. population, and Whites in particular, to unquestioningly accept globalist objectives (equality, diversity, sustainable development) since the rise of Obama in 2008.

Observing conversations on social media in the past week regarding the government shutdown, DACA and the rapidly unraveling Russiagate narrative, I couldn’t help but notice similarities with the way sports fans vehemently argue about their favorite teams and players. As interest in the NFL plummets and Super Bowl ticket sales languish, politics are steadily eclipsing sports as the biggest distraction and source of division in the United States.

A few years ago, I heard a friend talk about how they answered their child’s question when asked “what is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?” Their response was “Democrats care about people, but Republicans only care about money.” I’m fairly sure that, for most people who get involved in politics, money is the prime motivator, along with ego-centrism and a lust for power. For most politicians, caring about people only extends to one’s immediate family and friends, but mainly they only care about themselves. They look down on their constituents as an annoyance, one that pays their salary through forced taxation.

This is just like the typical professional athlete. Look at the roster of your local sports team. How many of them are actually from the city where they play? And how loyal are they? As soon as they are offered a better deal (i.e. more money) from another team, they are gone. They don’t care if their departure means your team now has no shot at a winning season. Your money wasn’t enough to make them care about you, even though they happily accepted it at the time.

Worse than the athletes who move from team to team in search of ever higher salaries, most of our elected politicians spend decades in Washington DC in the same position doing absolutely nothing, or at least nothing that we want, nor anything that is in our best interests. Nevertheless, we continue to vote for them, support and promote their viewpoints and angrily argue with each other in an attempt to prove that “our guy” or “our side” is right. We have been conditioned to defend and fight over venal and mendacious con men, parasites that view us inhuman ignoramuses. The left/right paradigm is divide and rule tactic.

As long as the discussion remains at a low level where Americans are bickering over which side is better or which politician is “on our side,” we will never be able to see that we are being deliberately played off against one another so that we can be more easily controlled. Rather than placing blame where it belongs—on specific politicians and corrupt government institutions whose traitorous policies and actions constitute treason—we instead blame one another for the mess we see in Washington DC. Uneducated “racist” Trump voters or “libtard” progressives become the target of our ire. The flames of outrage are fanned higher every day by the constant flow of incendiary hearsay, speculation and outright lies, which are presented to us as “news” by professional propagandists who somehow are able to maintain a straight face as they lie through their teeth.

All of this is a manifestation of our deep need to belong to a tribe. It is in our DNA. While identifying as a member of a tribe is encouraged among Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews, it is anathema for Whites. In fact, hatred, resentment and envy of Whites is the common thread that unites these disparate groups. Whites have been divided into two camps, which John Derbyshire termed the goodwhites and the badwhites. The goodwhites are those who denigrate their race and accept the premise that Whites have unearned privilege and power, thus only Whites are innately racist. Goodwhites apologize to non-Whites and feel guilty. They attend Black Lives Matter rallies and acquiesce to “people of color.” They actively promote their own replacement in the homelands their ancestors built. Jim Goad thinks this irreparable rift is leading to the Great White War.

By the way, if none of this insanity describes you, then you are a badwhite. Congratulations!

For far longer than there were the unnatural monstrosities we call “cities,” humans lived in and with nature, in small tribes that cooperated and cared for one another. Civilization is the result of what happens when a diverse array of people come together in large numbers and do not cooperate or care for one another. Civilization is a system of rules, laws and punishments intended to control diverse and therefore naturally antagonistic populations and impose an artificial harmony and safety that occurs naturally in a tribe. Many of the modern problems we face, such as depression, anxiety, loneliness and isolation, are actually a result of living in cities with large populations. Today, we live lives utterly bereft of purpose, meaning and joy.

Dunbar’s Number implies that tribes of up to about 150 people are ideal in terms of enjoying meaningful social interactions and maintaining one’s sanity. In a tribe, there is no economic exploitation and no need for usury. Tribes are not about equality. Men and women have different roles, but everyone works together to achieve common goals and a common good in a high-trust environment. A tribe is a strong, cohesive group, an extended family, a natural order. Denizens of large cities are little more than atomized consumers unwittingly enslaved by debt.

As long as Whites allow themselves to be divided into opposing tribes, our decline will continue. We will go down in history as the only people who ever allowed invaders into their homelands, stood idly by as the invaders took our women and remained silent as the invaders replaced us and destroyed the world we created for ourselves.

Just as video games are a (poor) proxy for the need to engage in hunter/gather quests embedded in our DNA, so are sports and politics a proxy for the need to be part of a group of like-minded people we identify with who have each other’s best interests and survival at heart. This is the tribal association we are denied, and the tribal association that we must embrace if we are to survive.