Given the disastrous ramifications of the “refugee” invasion of Europe we are witnessing at present, logic and common sense dictate that other countries think carefully about accepting refuges/asylum seekers/immigrants. Yet in the United States, “the White House is quietly pushing for an increase in refugees from Syria…a move intended to have the U.S. play a bigger role to help alleviate the growing crisis.”

As the U.S. is already playing a leading role in fomenting this “crisis” in the first place, it clearly has no intention of doing anything other than making the situation worse. This will certainly be the outcome if more Syrian “refugees” are allowed to enter the U.S.

How is the average American supposed to tell the difference between a “refugee” and a terrorist? And how can anyone voice opposition to the push for more “refugees” without being characterized as a hate speech-spouting racist?

It is amazing to me that so many people are still in the dark as to what is going on in Europe, but it is understandable when you consider how the corporate mass media colludes to misinform its audience. When the news reports on “refugees” in Europe, they show women and children, they make appeals to emotion rather than logic. They tend to focus on the “refugee” as a victim, as if they had no choice in where they find themselves. The news rarely bothers to mention that the vast majority of “refugees” are young, military age men, or that many of those who claim to be “unaccompanied children” are often well over 20 years old. It only takes one dubious photo of a purportedly dead baby on the beach, and all logic and common sense go right out the window.

The hysterical screams for the censorship of free speech emanating from college campuses, ostensibly aimed at protecting thin-skinned ignoramuses from perceived “offenses,” is also being rolled out in social media, as witnessed by Twitter’s past censorship of political accounts and the recent creation of a “Trust and Safety Council” aimed at silencing conservative viewpoints and promoting politically correct claptrap. If you’ve been paying attention, Twitter long ago proved that it is neither trustworthy, nor a safe medium for free speech.

Despite the disgusting gang rapes on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Facebook is working with the traitorous Angela Merkel to ensure critical viewpoints on events like these are downplayed, marginalized and hidden from the public. This is being sold to the public as “policing hate speech.” “German leadership in the refugee crisis, I think, has been inspiring and is a model for the world,” Zuckerberg said. “I hope the U.S. follows Germany’s lead on this.”

Did you get that? Today Germany, tomorrow America. And Facebook is going to be a part of that. At least, that is the hope of Mark Zuckerberg.

It takes only a few seconds on YouTube to find hundreds of videos like this one:

Yet if you only get your news from the corporate mass media, the crimes of the “refugees” are ignored and the focus is instead placed on those who oppose this invasion. The opposition is portrayed as xenophobic, racist and even anti-Semitic. Curiously, the media never asks why countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE or other geographically adjacent and culturally compatible societies are not taking in these “refugees.”

The media characterizes white Western countries as “racist,” in need of diversity and multicultural “enrichment.” Yet no one says anything about the lack of diversity in China. Or Nigeria. Or Israel. Nope, it’s only the white countries that are in need of diversity. In the United States, no one says black neighborhoods need diversity. No one says Chinatowns across America need to be more multicultural. No, it’s only white Americans who need to be enriched with diversity. Diversity implies decreasing the presence of whites and increasing the presence of non-whites. When you realize this, you understand that diversity is a code word for white genocide, and “anti-racist” is code for “anti-white.”

According to those duped by cultural Marxism, feminism and Black Lives Matter, only whites can be racist. It’s not even possible for a feminist to be sexist or a black person to be racist. The problem is white people in general and white men in particular. You know, the ones who built and invented practically everything these people take advantage of and take for granted today, from the electricity and plumbing in their comfortable western-style homes, to the cars they drive to anti-white protests, to the iPhones they use to post pictures of themselves symbolically drinking “white tears.”

If whites are so racist and Western culture is the root of all evil, why are the “refugees” going to Europe? Wouldn’t they be more comfortable among other Muslims in a society that shares their cultural norms?

A genuine refugee flees from imminent danger to the closest safe destination. They are humbled by the help they receive and they show appreciation to their rescuers. They take what they can get, because their lives are in danger and they are in desperate need of help.

Do you see any of that in this video? As you watch, remember—these “refugees” had a choice, they made a decision to seek refuge in these countries, they passed through several safe destinations on their way across Europe and chose to relocate in Germany and Sweden:

I wonder how the average American will react when these “refugees” show up, demanding a house, a car, free money and a girlfriend? What will Americans do when these “refugees” refuse to observe the customs and culture or even to speak the language of their adopted home? When Americans are expected to change their behavior and customs to accommodate cultural differences? When “refugees” explain away their rape of American children as the unavoidable consequence of a “sexual emergency?”

The fact that the White House is “quietly” pushing for an increase in Syrian “refugees” tells you all you need to know. If this were the right thing to do, if this had broad support from the American people and if there were truly any positive outcomes for America in general, there would be no need to quietly sneak these invaders in under the radar.

The only real action the United States government can take to alleviate this crisis is to immediately stop meddling in the Middle East and Africa. Stop manufacturing terrorists (i.e. ISIS). Stop fomenting civil wars in an attempt to topple foreign governments and ensure control over hydrocarbon resources, illegal drugs and money. These are only the tip of the iceberg, but they make up the root of the problem. The only thing that can stop the American military-industrial complex is the American people.

In other words, the United States and the wider Western world is doomed.

For how can you fight for your survival if you are wholly unaware your very existence is under threat?