In a recent email, my father made the following observation:

More and more [American Indian] tribes, with the help of casino money, are closing open space, mountains, creeks, old bones and vast areas of a state is closing off their land. I guess they still don’t like the white man. I can’t blame them.

After mulling that last line over for a few days, I came up with the following response. I am publishing it here in hopes that readers can use some of these points when discussing White genocide and the anti-White agenda with clueless friends and family members.

Rather than hating the White man, I think it is more accurate to say that native Americans simply do not share the same culture, values and ways of life as us. The U.S government gives them land, homes and even free pickup trucks, but they trash them because they do not want to live like us. They want to live on their own terms, not ours. And for that, I can’t blame them.

This is the same reason that former colonies like India, South Africa and Jamaica are in the state they are in today. The White man built roads, railways, provided indoor plumbing, the rule of law, educational institutions, sanitation, a police force, etc. And after the colonial period was over, the native people essentially trashed everything—not out of hatred of Whites (which would have been self-defeating and unnecessary), but because that is simply not their culture, nor the way they want to live.

This is the main problem with the Global War on Terror, prosecuted under the guise of bringing “freedom and democracy” to the Middle East and other archaic tribal societies. The U.S. government (and the average American) is laboring under the misapprehension that these people, if given the choice, would want to live like Americans and share the same values. This is a totally incorrect assumption. Islam means “submission” and that is what everyone living under Islam must do. It is the law of the land in most Muslim countries, overriding the laws of man. Giving them Coca-Cola, blue jeans and the internet will not win hearts and minds. Rather, they intend to change us. In fact, they demand we change to accommodate them and their way of life. We all know what they do to infidels…

This is why I am opposed to immigration and the gleefully anticipated rise of a non-White majority in the USA. Why in the world are we allowing our government to bring people who hate us and want to destroy our way of life into our communities and schools? So-called “refugees,” asylum seekers and economic migrants entering the U.S. from Africa, the Middle East and even Mexico do not want to assimilate and live like the White man. They want to destroy everything we have built and eradicate us from the face of the Earth. Sadly, there are a lot of ignorant White people who are helping to bring about their own demise with confused thoughts and traitorous actions.

You say “I can’t blame them” for not liking the White man. But answer me this: Do you think all the handouts—the welfare, free housing, free healthcare, affirmative action, academic scholarships and other special treatment the “evil” White man gives to minorities—will be provided to White people when we are a minority in the country our White ancestors built? Will the Black and Brown people treat us with kid gloves and deference, speak in politically correct language and take care not be “racist” or discriminatory? Will they ensure that all our basic needs are met, presumably using their non-White taxpayer money to support us?

You and I—all of us White Americans—have been lied to, manipulated and brainwashed into hating ourselves and feeling shame and guilt about the past (i.e. conquest of native Americans, African slavery). All we hear is how White people are the root of all evil, and if we were eliminated, the world would suddenly become a peaceful paradise. I am sorry to hear that you agree with this bullshit, I get a sense that you think this a problem for somebody else, and perhaps you are even glad you don’t have to deal with it. Yet, you have a son and grandson who do have to deal with it. Day by bay, we face an increasingly uncertain, dangerous and desperate situation.

Consider the comfort and safety you have enjoyed throughout your life. Look around at all the tools and technologies you use and depend on everyday. These are all the creation of White men. Our modern world is the product of White ingenuity, creativity and daring. Never forget that Europeans conquered the Americas because we were stronger, smarter and had superior technologies. There is no shame in strength and victory! Also, never forget that it was White Americans who abolished slavery. We did not invent the practice, which still exists today in Africa, the Middle East and Asia—but not in White countries.

If you could live anywhere in the world, would you choose Mexico? Zimbabwe? Pakistan? If not, why not?

Your answer to that question should tell you a lot about who you are. Culture and race are indelibly connected. Race is not a “social construct,” it is real and it is biological—take it from someone who has lived intimately among other races and cultures for most of his adult life! When White people are gone, when European history is erased, when Europe, the U.S. and other White countries are overrun with non-White invaders, we will never again exist on this planet. All our accomplishments, all our contributions, all the beauty (art, music, literature) will be lost forever.

That is not the world I want to live in, nor is it the world I want for my son and his offspring—the future generations who will carry the blood that flows in our veins. I am thinking now beyond my lifetime, which is what we all need to do more of. This is the reason you and I are alive today–because ancestors in the past fought, struggled, worked and spilled blood, sweat and tears to build a world ensuring that generations they would never know could have a future. I have a deep sense of appreciation for those who came before me as well as a responsibility to honor their efforts and memory by not allowing everything they built for us to be destroyed due to apathy and ignorance.

Please keep these words in mind the next time you hear self-deprecating White people denigrating their race and calling for their own demise. White people have no reason to feel guilty nor anything to apologize for. The world will be far worse without us.