Life experience and bearing witness to the absurdities and atrocities that plague our modern world have gone a long way toward eradicating the pernicious idealism of my youth. Yet, I still long for the Socratic utopian ideal of the “Philosopher King.”

Plato tells us Socrates claimed “the way to bring about a just state is to have it ruled by philosophers.” A philosopher is a lover of wisdom, who pursues wisdom in all its forms and has a love for learning. Philosophers want to learn the truth (as distinct from false illusions), with the acquisition of true infallible knowledge as the ultimate goal.

Furthermore, Socrates believed that living a virtuous life (i.e. the life of the just man) yields the greatest happiness. A state that is perfectly just would be ruled by perfectly just rulers, providing citizens with the greatest happiness. Thus, the way to bring about a perfectly just state is to have it ruled by philosophers. This is where we get the idea of the Philosopher King.

I wonder what Socrates would think about this third and final U.S. presidential debate?

Would he consider either Trump or Clinton to be lovers of wisdom? Perfectly just? Living virtuous lives?

Can America be a just and virtuous nation with either one of these cretins in the White House? Are these two really the best candidates for the job?

As I have speculated from the start, this election is perhaps the most highly manipulated con-job ever perpetrated against the American people. The third debate provided even more evidence in support of this claim.

Trump seemed unexpectedly subdued. This was his final chance to take down Clinton with extreme prejudice on live TV. He could and should have wiped the floor with her due to the recent revelations by WikiLeaks and Project Veritas Action. Instead, his performance was underwhelming, leaving me to wonder: did he purposely “throw” the debate in her favor?

On several occasions Trump missed his chance at a kill shot. For example, on alleged Russian interference in US elections he should have mentioned that 20% of U.S. uranium is sold to Russia, a deal approved by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Maybe that was what the Oregon standoff last January was really all about?

Also, when the subject of fitness to be president came up and Hillary slimily segued into the tawdry discussion of sexual allegations and scandals, Trump should have pointed out that Vice President Joe Biden has been recorded numerous times groping and kissing women and even young girls without their consent. See for yourself, if you can stand to watch such vile behavior:

When Hillary railed against “Chinese steel” Trump should have reminded viewers that the American steel industry has been dead for at least two decades thanks to the offshoring of jobs by corporate America. The U.S. doesn’t make anything anymore except debt and Ponzi schemes, something both candidates have benefited from tremendously.

When claiming to support the 2nd Amendment and oppose the TPP, Trump should have asked Clinton if that was her “public” position or her “private” position.

Hillary stated “America is great because America is good.” Trump should have told her to ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or Venezuela if they agree with such a claim.

Clinton had the audacity to boast that “children and families are her life’s work,” yet at the beginning of the debate she said she supports abortion, LGTB rights and same sex marriage, none of which are good for children nor healthy traditional families. Trump should have hammered home this obvious contradiction.

Despite overwhelming Jewish support for Clinton, and overt Jewish opposition to Trump, neither candidate mentioned Israel. When challenged on his view that America is on the losing end of the deal with respect to its military support for Germany, Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, he made no mention of the support given to Israel. Just last month, President Obama agreed to provide Israel with the largest-ever military aid package. Israel is a wealthy nation with nuclear weapons, free college and healthcare for its citizens and is already the recipient of over 50% of all the military aid provided by the U.S. to foreign nations. What do they need America’s help for? The silence on this point was absolutely deafening.

Finally, Trump simply sniffed when Hillary referred to shooting Bin Laden in the face and dumping his body in the ocean with no witnesses or evidence as “bringing him to justice.”

Once again I have to ask: Did Trump deliberately hold back in this debate? I could have done a better job countering Hillary’s lies and bullshit.

As ever, Hillary Clinton prevaricated, obfuscated and weaseled her way out from under questions rather than answering them. Moreover, many question seemed to be “tough” on Hillary, but her answers made them seem like set ups enabling her to explain/dismiss criticism against her. She was obviously reading prepared responses—was she again provided with the questions ahead of time? And, as in previous debates, many questions seemed purposely designed to force Trump to defend lecherous and irrelevant allegations, further detracting from either candidate addressing genuinely important issues.

In fact, many issues touched upon in previous debates were rehashed in addition to absurd debate questions on guns, abortion, etc. Both candidates took childish jabs at one another in a sleazy spectacle that was more like a reality show tantrum than a presidential debate.

Hillary’s mendacious hypocrisy was infuriating. Her pontificating about treating women with dignity was nauseating. The only way anyone could believe anything she says is if they are totally ignorant of her scandals, lies, frauds and other improprieties exposed by WikiLeaks and Project Veritas Action. Fortunately for Hillary, most Americans are morons or simply too lazy to make the effort to do their own investigation into her claims and crimes.

Hillary reinforced the fiction that Barack Obama “saved” the economy. The recession is not “behind us,” we are in a depression—and the end game us upon us.

Both candidates made promises they can’t keep. Trump claimed he will “create jobs” even though that is not the remit of the President. Hillary promised immediate citizenship for illegals and free college in a cringe-worthy and transparent pander for the votes of the burgeoning Latino population and hapless millennials.

To his credit, the moderator pointed out that neither candidate has a plan when it comes to the national debt and entitlements. Each gave a short, boilerplate response to this, while using an inordinate amount of time to discuss non-issues (abortion, grabbing pussies, etc.).

In the final “new mini-segment” allowing each candidate to provide an unplanned “final word,” Clinton seemed to have been quite well prepared, begging the question: was this really unplanned? She sounded like she was reading a carefully crafted statement, whereas Trump’s brief response sounded off-the-cuff and inadequate.

Toward the end of the debate, Trump finally showed some fire when he noted that Clinton is “such a nasty woman.” However, that will probably play to Clinton’s favor, if the shocked gasps from the crowd were any indication. Clint Eastwood was right: Americans have become a bunch of pussies.

Clinton didn’t shy away from personal insults either, stating that because of Trump, “America is the laughing stock of the world.”

Sadly, she is right.

These absurd “debates” are clear evidence of that. I laughed through the entire spectacle, even though the implications are not at all funny. The American military-industrial-banking complex (MIBC) is the biggest threat to world peace, the American government is a sham and completely controlled by the MIBC and most American people are asleep at the wheel. Dark days loom on the horizon. The globalists still have plenty of dirty tricks up their blood-stained sleeves.

For the record, I do not support either candidate. And while I agree with the concept of democratic elections, the process has become so corrupt that today voting is nothing more than a sham. Presidents are selected by the Deep State, not elected by the people. As I said before: this is the most highly manipulated presidential campaign ever. A massive psyop is being perpetrated on us, and we are in serious trouble no matter who “wins.”

Given the vitriol and violence surrounding this election cycle, I am somewhat skeptical as to whether the election will actually take place. Assuming no triggering event occurs in the next three weeks that would place the U.S. under martial law and give Barry Obama his highly coveted third term, here is my election prediction:

Trump will win the popular vote. Clinton will win the electoral vote. Clinton will be installed as the next POTUS.

No matter what the outcome, I expect civil unrest, the likes of which America has never seen before. I sincerely hope I am wrong and I do not want such events to occur, but at this point, it seems inevitable.

In the meantime, I’m not holding my breath for the appearance of a Philosopher King.