According to the U.S. corporate media and our so-called leaders, Vladimir Putin is the new Hitler. Russia is a dangerous, aggressive force to be reckoned with, one that is constantly meddling in and influencing elections in free and democratic countries throughout the world.

Politicians and the corporate media have also been pushing the claim that Kim Jong Un is crazy and ready to unleash nuclear holocaust on the world, inexplicably starting with poor little Hawaii. Lies have real world consequences. On 13 January, the laidback residents of Paradise were informed that ICBMs from North Korea were on their way. Panic ensued; there were car accidents, panic attacks, screaming, crying, lots of praying and other efforts in futility. Looks like the corporate media conditioning was dangerously effective. The official government instructions were to stay indoors and wait (presumably, for impending annihilation). Yet, we are supposed to believe that, somehow, the government can protect us from all these evils.

Most Americans readily believe such claims because the corporate media constantly pushes these narratives in the “news” while also surreptitiously weaving them into music, television, films and video games. In 2018, the court of public opinion holds more sway than logic, evidence and facts. Rumor, gossip and hyperbole are all the “proof” the dumbed-down public needs to convict and condemn individual actors and even whole countries.

But how much, if any of this, is true? This is the question that can never be asked, nor remotely considered even as a hypothetical.

Where is the hard evidence of Russian influence in the U.S. election or the Brexit vote? What, exactly, has Putin done to earn the hackneyed “Hitler” moniker? How can we quantify the level of insanity suffered by Kim Jong Un? How many nukes does North Korea even have? Do they actually work?

So far, none of these talking points have been challenged or backed up with evidence. We are supposed to unquestioningly accept all corporate media claims on faith. Anything less, we are told, is un-American. Politicians and the corporate media can say anything they want about the officially sanctioned enemy with complete impunity. These accusations are deliberate provocations that can lead to real world conflict.

Compare all of this to Shitholegate. President Trump allegedly referred to Haiti and African nations as “shitholes.” This is hearsay (testimony that would be inadmissible in a court of law) courtesy of Senator Dick Durbin (D). Without any evidence and despite the denial of such a statement by the President himself, the corporate media, anti-Trumpers, anti-Whites and self-described liberal left types are having a field day. Like the “pussy grabbing” debacle in 2016, people are outraged that Donald Trump would dare to speak the truth. For the purpose of this commentary, I will assume Trump actually said it.

Because, let’s face it, Haiti and sub-Saharan African countries are shitholes. So are most places in the Caribbean and North Africa. In many of these countries, they actually shit in holes dug in the ground (or right on the street), so shit holes do indeed exist there. In Haiti, they eat dirt because they have no food, nor apparently enough intelligent people to figure out how to feed themselves properly. In South Africa, blacks believe AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin, resulting in the rape of babies and children.

The Oxford dictionary defines shithole as “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.” I am sure most would agree that eating dirt cookies and raping babies is extremely unpleasant. A quick Google image search will demonstrate how dirty and shabby these countries are. So shithole sounds like a pretty accurate, albeit indelicate, description.

Somalia in 2018

Another bitter truth is that these countries are shitholes because of the people who inhabit them. Sweden, England and Germany are rapidly descending toward shithole status precisely due to the rapid influx of invaders from third-world shitholes whose mere presence is turning those formerly great countries into the kind of shithole the “refugees” are ostensibly escaping from.

Furthermore, note how almost none of these invaders wants to go back to the countries they came from. That is a tacit admission that they are, in fact, shitholes. Unfortunately, we are dealing with people whose IQ is so low, they don’t realize that they are the cause of and reason for the perpetuation of these shithole conditions in the first place. Yet, these same people claim Whites are the reason their countries do not resemble Wakanda. They claim to be victims of exploitation and oppression by White countries. If this was truly the case, why are they flooding into White countries? That makes as much sense as American Jews rushing to Germany in 1939.

It only makes sense if their goal is to turn White countries into shitholes.

But this is not their goal. Ironically, their goal is to get all the free shit (welfare) that their own countries are unable to provide, which will ultimately result in the collapse of welfare systems (and public safety) as White countries are dragged down to shithole status. Even without any of these foreign invaders, we already have many shitholes in America. Major cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and St. Louis come to mind. And these are places that do provide welfare “benefits” unavailable in countries like Haiti and Somalia. They are shameful proof that the American system can’t even help its own citizens. Allowing invaders from shithole countries will only exacerbate and accelerate this problem.

The corporate media and politicians can overtly lie about Vladimir Putin, Russia, Syria, Kim Jong Un and North Korea. Most Americans swallow every word of it. President Trump states the obvious, and the corporate media poops its diapers and acts as if this is the worst thing any U.S. president has ever done. In my lifetime, U.S. presidents have illegally bombed Southeast Asian countries, overthrown democratically elected leaders in South American countries, destroyed the economies of entire nations, illegally invaded sovereign countries, murdered U.S. citizens without presenting evidence of crime or providing legal due process and shot a load on the dress of a fat and ugly White House intern, then looked into the eyes of the American public and lied about it while shaking a finger disapprovingly at those who dared accuse him. None of these criminals was punished. George Orwell was right: In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

What we are witnessing is the latest attempt to foment revolution—a new civil war—in the United States. This circus is a deliberate attempt to further divide Americans so that we attack one another and never realize who our real enemy is. This is also a great distraction from more import events that we are not supposed to focus on. As ever, the source of the division and distraction comes not from some foreign boogeyman, but from the leaders and corporate media in our very own shithole country.