I started this website back in the summer of 2013 after the Edward Snowden psyop began. For the record, I do not consider Snowden to be a whistle-blower, nor a leaker of classified information. I think he was/is an asset of the U.S. intelligence agencies whose function was to induce self-censorship among the American population. Research shows that when people believe they are under surveillance, a chilling effect occurs whereby they alter their speech and behavior. This includes a reticence to openly speak critically about the government or discuss their opposition to government policies or political/social trends.

When I learned of the Snowden revelations—that all the electronic communications of everyone in the United States was being tracked, monitored and recorded—I was not shocked, as I had suspected as much for several years before PRISM became public knowledge. Rather than having the intended chilling effect, the Snowden revelations actually made me outraged and motivated me to create this website in an attempt to document and expose the criminal mendacity of the powerful institutions that attempt to control every aspect of our lives: government, academia, corporations, banks and their mind control/propaganda arm, the mainstream media.

Self-censorship is the most corrosive type of censorship, because we impose it on ourselves voluntarily. Self-censorship has its beginnings in so-called “politically correct” speech, which is actually an insidious and poisonous first step toward the establishment of hate speech laws, and eventually, thought crimes. In the future, we may not even be able to enjoy privacy in our own heads. Here are several examples of what the technocrats have in store for us:

Note that these “advancements” are being touted by “experts” and “scientists” and that there are no laws regulating any of it. Not that any of the institutions that dominate our lives care anything about following the U.S. Constitution, laws and regulations or moral/ethical principles. Also bear in mind that these are the same experts and scientists that tell us climate change is driven by human activity, electromagnetic frequencies are harmless and race and gender are just social constructs.

We are supposed to believe that, while there is no cure for cancer in sight, scientists are on the verge of being able to read and even delete our private thoughts. This should call into question what the real priorities are in scientific research, who exactly is funding these efforts—and to what end?

The answer to that question should be obvious to any thinking person. In the not too distant future, we might be lounging on the sofa watching TV when the police break down our door and arrest us because the smart meter on our house informed them that the various data-collecting devices throughout our home (including the TV itself) detected an illegal thought, one that we can’t recall and did not consciously think. After all, you don’t think your thoughts, do you? Thoughts simply manifest in your head without conscious effort, even despite our attempt to control or suppress them. Soon, we may be punished for our stream of consciousness, if it is deemed politically incorrect by the all-seeing powers that be.

In this scenario, self-censorship is not even possible. And once the smart power grid is established in our smart city, once there is a smart meter attached to our smart house, and smart devices equipped with sensors, cameras and microphones comprising the internet of things (IoT) surround us everywhere we go—even when on the smart toilet and while dreaming as we sleep in our smart beds—there will be no escape. It doesn’t matter how politically correct you try to be, or how hard you virtue signal to the outside world. Soon your private thoughts may betray your true feelings, and the act of self-censoring will become obsolete.

The smart panopticon is nearly complete. The time to speak out is now.