Given that the U.S. election in November looks like it will be between Clinton and Trump, it is time for Americans to demand a third ballot option: none of the above.

It really says something about the gullibility and ignorance of the American people that, once again, they are being offered two odious individuals for president, and all they can think to do is scream at one another about how their candidate is slightly less nightmarish than the alternative.

Once again, we are supposed to “hold our nose” and choose the lesser of two evils. And when the winner is announced, we must be good Americans and support “our president” right or wrong. Can anyone even remember when the U.S. had a president that was right…about anything?

And once again, the candidates are making promises they cannot and will never keep. They say whatever they think we want to hear, and they vow to make changes and improvements. These claims are based on the idea that somehow the government, the economy and the direction of the country are on the wrong track. Certainly, nothing seems to work as we expect it should, and not many people are optimistic about the future these days.

It’s time to realize that the country is, in fact, not on the wrong track at all. The government, the economy and the direction of the country are all very much on track and working as they are intended. It’s just that the average American is unaware that their “representatives” on both sides of the aisle are colluding to undermine their best interests. They are unaware that the economy is being purposefully destroyed so that the parasite bankers and Wall Street criminals can steal the last bit of wealth from Main Street while plunging everyone deeper into debt. The country is headed in exactly the direction the transnational globalists who own it want it to go—right off a cliff.

There is nothing wrong with the system. The system is working with cold, relentless precision. Americans have been sold a lie: they have been tricked into believing the system works and is inherently benevolent.

This November, Americans will go to the polls and vote, taking great pride in their delusion that they have executed their civil duty and their voices have been heard. They believe they are doing their part to fix the system by voting for the candidate who was best at pandering, lying and saying as little as possible.

Too few realize that it is impossible to use the system to fix the system. The system is a rigged game, we can’t win playing by the system’s rules. There is no hope for fairness, justice or reform if the system itself is rotten to the core with corruption. The rule of law no longer applies if the law is not applied equally to everyone. When criminal activity is codified as law, the system itself becomes adversarial rather than supportive of the people is was ostensibly created to serve.

If the system worked, if it was fair, if there was justice, then Hillary Clinton would be in jail, not poised to receive the presidency from the U.S. ruling elite. When Hillary is installed in the White House, she will do to the United States and its people what her husband has been trying to do to every woman unfortunate enough to cross his Big Mac wrapper-strewn path since puberty.

Supporting Hillary because she is a woman is not a valid reason to vote for her. People supported Bush because he was someone they could drink a beer with. They supported Obama because he is purportedly black. Both of those presidencies have been disastrous. Hillary is so utterly vile and corrupt, it requires the special kind of willful ignorance feminists engage in not to be aware of her wrongdoings. In case you are unfamiliar, here are 22 of them to get you started.

But Americans are dreamers. Many have placed their hopes in Donald Trump as a gold-plated savior from outside the beltway, someone who won’t be beholden to wealthy donors, someone who isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it (even if he lies in the process). Why would someone so thoroughly entrenched in the system want to change it, even if he could?

The U.S. government is controlled by business interests (corporations and their lobbyists). The corporations are, in turn, owned by banks. This means Trump, whose entire business model is based on borrowing money from banks to debt finance his real estate endeavors, has been successful in part because he knows how to buy and control politicians. And, he is just as beholden to the bankers as Hillary—maybe even more so—because his tacky empire would not exist without them. Trump is a poster boy for the very status quo he purports to challenge.

I have no doubt that Americans will continue to dream about hope and change delivered by a benevolent leader who promises to fix the broken American system and put it back on the path to greatness. After all, dreaming doesn’t require any effort or cost a dime. Cheap and easy, that’s how Americans like it.

As George Carlin reminds us, there is a reason it is called the American Dream—because you have to be asleep to believe it.