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Propaganda as policy

We cannot trust the corporate media. Mainstream news in particular consists of little more than propaganda. This includes “gray” propaganda, comprising corporate “sponsored news” reports that are merely thinly veiled advertisements or public relations messaging not attributed to an openly identified source, as well as black propaganda, consisting of pre-packaged lies straight from……

Corporate media won’t tell the truth about the “innocent victims”

By now you should be aware that the corporate mainstream media deliberately refuses to cover stories about white people killed by police. This is especially suspicious, as there are actually more white people killed by police each year than black people. If you don’t believe that, you aren’t supposed to…….

Corporate media as a weapon

The lies and deception being force fed to populations in the U.S., France and around the world are delivered through the corporate media. The corporate media has been weaponized and is waging a war on our minds. None of the paradigm shifts already underway would be possible without the complicity of these giant……