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The curious lack of motive

The recent spate of mass casualty events have a curious common thread: the utter lack of a concrete motive.

Of course the media will speculate, jump to conclusions and interpret according to a particular political agenda or predetermined narrative—anything but investigate and report verifiable facts, incomplete though they may be. If there……

Corporate media as a weapon

The lies and deception being force fed to populations in the U.S., France and around the world are delivered through the corporate media. The corporate media has been weaponized and is waging a war on our minds. None of the paradigm shifts already underway would be possible without the complicity of these giant……

The outrage will not be televised

Controlling your perception is the task of the corporate media.

In the United States, 90% of the media—television, print news, radio, film and online—is controlled by six companies.

When only six companies control virtually all……