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Contradictions indicating deception

When navigating through the murky waters of the mainstream media, we must look for indications of deception to see past their attempts to trap us in false reality. One such indication is the presence of contradictions in a heavily promoted narrative. Here are some examples.

Pussy grabbing
One of the funniest and……

Diversity does not work

If you are like me, you are weary of hearing about how great diversity is and how it is a source of strength. This is not always the case. Even when we apply diversity to scenarios other than societal, it can be an utter catastrophe.

Companies engaged in manufacturing achieve economies of……

Weaponized entertainment

As much as I dislike most of the music of the 1980s—despite the sentimental effect it has on me—it appears this was the last decade of anything new on the American music scene. In the 1990s, we began to see a rehashing of what had come before. In the 2000s, rap versions of……