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Late, weird and weary

As a late bloomer, I often learn lessons too late to be of practical value. One of those is this: Japan is a weird place. It attracts weird people, and the longer you live in Japan, the……

Adrift no longer

While studying philosophy in college, I developed an interest in Eastern thought as expressed through Confucianism and especially religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. For a few years, I took every course offered that had anything to do with India. I read the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, and to this day, I still……

98.29% Japanese

Twice each year, Japan’s Ministry of Justice publishes statistics on foreign residents in Japan (current as of June 2015).

Population of Japan: 126,958,000
Non-Japanese residents: 2,172,892

Non-Japanese (NJ) residents make up just 1.71% of the overall population. Not surprisingly, the majority of these are from Asia, which……