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The Mandalay country massacre

When attempting to make sense of the alleged “lone wolf” shooting in Las Vegas on October 2nd, it is important to consider the possibility that this was yet another hoax. Or perhaps a false flag. I have written about the difference between the two, as well as some reasons why it appears that……

More fake terror to fool the fools

We should be angry. We should be disgusted. We should refuse to take this shit anymore.

I am talking about our criminal, lying governments and their propaganda arm, the corporate media.

The Manchester Arena “terror attack” is total fucking garbage. It is a fake, phony, staged hoax.

Propaganda as policy

We cannot trust the corporate media. Mainstream news in particular consists of little more than propaganda. This includes “gray” propaganda, comprising corporate “sponsored news” reports that are merely thinly veiled advertisements or public relations messaging not attributed to an openly identified source, as well as black propaganda, consisting of pre-packaged lies straight from……