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Open response to my father

In a recent email, my father made the following observation:

More and more [American Indian] tribes, with the help of casino money, are closing open space, mountains, creeks, old bones and vast areas of a state is closing off their land. I guess they still don’t like the white man…….

The argument against mass immigration

There is no need to base our opposition to mass immigration—the hordes of “refugees” and economic migrants flooding into Western countries from the Middle East and Africa—solely on the acts of terrorism, rape, murder and other crimes they commit. Even in the complete absence of immigrant crime and violence, the reasons why these……

Immigration as punishment for the Holocaust

In the Current Year, we are all supposed to believe that America Was Never Great—but did you know America is also responsible for the six million Jews that we are told perished in the Holocaust? And the only way to atone for this sin is immigration.

First of all, you should understand……

The very model of a modern quackademic

I have to admit a new guilty pleasure: Tucker Carlson. I don’t actually watch FOX News, but I do watch YouTube clips in which he skillfully eviscerates dumb liberals, hack reporters and lying politicians. If you find yourself explaining something to Tucker Carlson and you see this expression on his face, you are……

Diversity does not work

If you are like me, you are weary of hearing about how great diversity is and how it is a source of strength. This is not always the case. Even when we apply diversity to scenarios other than societal, it can be an utter catastrophe.

Companies engaged in manufacturing achieve economies of……

Today Europe…tomorrow Japan?

There are numerous indications Japan will be inundated with immigrants in the coming years. The same problems seen in Europe today are coming to Japan in the near future. There are several reasons why I think this will happen.

Declining population
First and foremost: Japan’s low birth rate. This is one of……