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The truth is racist

Given all the pro-war rhetoric force fed to us by the corporate media, I can’t help but think this time the psychopaths might really do it. World War III! Or is it World War IV? To people living in places like Venezuela, Ukraine and Syria, it must feel like the end of the……

How the Left convinced me they’re right

I guess it was the forceful persuasiveness of the Left that finally changed my mind. And by forceful persuasiveness, I mean angry screaming and violent protesting. You can only hear yourself called a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, hate-filled Nazi so many times before you think “well, I suppose they’re right.”

I admit, in……

Contradictions indicating deception

When navigating through the murky waters of the mainstream media, we must look for indications of deception to see past their attempts to trap us in false reality. One such indication is the presence of contradictions in a heavily promoted narrative. Here are some examples.

Pussy grabbing
One of the funniest and……