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The pizza is a lie?

A Gallup poll recently revealed that American’s trust in mass media has sunk to a new low: only 32% of Americans still trust the mainstream media. And that was before election day, which proved that the mainstream media are either totally inept or shameless liars. There is no doubt in……

The war on truth in a time of universal deceit

The recent claim that “fake news” is an existential threat to American democracy is particularly troubling for those of us that aim to shed light on the dark and dirty underbelly of the military-industrial-corporate-banking-political complex. Unsurprisingly, even President Obama is pushing this false narrative:

Post election thoughts

It’s finally over.

American voters stood up and gave the middle finger to the status quo. While I am no Trump supporter, I have nothing against those who voted for Trump. Given the choice we were presented with, it seemed like a no-brainer. But rather than excitement over the Trump win, I……