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The curious lack of motive

The recent spate of mass casualty events have a curious common thread: the utter lack of a concrete motive.

Of course the media will speculate, jump to conclusions and interpret according to a particular political agenda or predetermined narrative—anything but investigate and report verifiable facts, incomplete though they may be. If there……

Why is the U.S. government staging mass shootings?

Mounting evidence suggests that the mass shootings/mass casualty events in the U.S. that have become almost a daily occurrence in recent years are either hoaxes, false flags or a combination of the two. Let’s start with a definition of those terms:

1. An act intended to deceive……

Obama: A better actor than Ronald Reagan?

This is the most disgusting piece of political theater in recent memory. Barack Obama is a mendacious phony. If you haven’t seen this already, get a bucket ready because it may make you vomit:

Obama shedding tears over the college kids at Blacksburg and Santa……