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The Woodstock psyop

The tumultuous decade of decline, destruction and death that was the 1960s culminated in “three days of peace and music” in August 1969 with the Woodstock festival. 2019 marks 50 years since nearly half a million young people swarmed a dairy farm in upstate New York for three days of bad weather and even worse……

Q—the plan to scam the weary?

This article is a detailed critical analysis of claims made in the video titled Q—The Plan to Save the World. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching it (above) before reading any further. I was unaware of the Q phenomenon until recently, and……

From a chill to the deep freeze

Someday, in the not too distant future, this website may be considered illegal in the EU. So keep reading, before it is too late!

I started this site in 2013 after the Edward Snowden psyop—which is exactly what I think that whole affair was. For several years, I had suspected that our……

More fake terror to fool the fools

We should be angry. We should be disgusted. We should refuse to take this shit anymore.

I am talking about our criminal, lying governments and their propaganda arm, the corporate media.

The Manchester Arena “terror attack” is total fucking garbage. It is a fake, phony, staged hoax.

The plot thickens

The Berlin truck attack and assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey appear to have been staged. I base this opinion on repeated viewing of the raw footage available from both events. I have not followed any of the mainstream news coverage on either event, and have only seen a limited amount of……

Good news, bad news

I’ve got good news and bad news for you, folks.

The bad news: It doesn’t matter who you vote for, or even if you vote at all.

The good news: It……

A rambling reflection on recent events

Weirdness abounds in the latest “terrorist” attacks in America, both of which were allegedly perpetrated by Muslim Americans, although President Obama stresses they had nothing to do with Islam. Even when the shooting was accompanied by the dread refrain “Allahu Akbar!”

The bombings in NY/NJ are suspicious because, like the Underwear, Shoe……

The phony war on blacks

In the wake of last week’s events, it is hard to know what to think anymore.

Both the shootings, particularly the one in Falcon Heights, look like they may have been staged. Then there is the curious change in the narrative of the Dallas police shooting, from multiple shooters, to two snipers,……